Tdadp Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Children of the Demi-human (end)
(Edited by BigYoshi)

“Ugh, it hurts… what kind of monster is he?”

“Don’t ask me, my body is still hurting.”

In the village square of the demi-human village, the men who lost in the battle against Yu were either sat down or lying on the ground. The number of the demi-human men that lived in the 「Enrio of kusakai」 dungeon were approximately 100 people and all of them were taken down easily which destroyed many of the men’s pride and confidence. They refused to accept the reality that they were beaten by one boy.

“Oh, what is this? I think someone was looking down on Odono-san earlier but now you guys are such in a sorry state.”
One of the demi-human children, Camry, added insult to their injuries and not only him, the other children of the demi-human were doing the same.

“You, which side are you on?”

“I decided to choose Odono-san side. If I follow you, I will only embarrass myself in the future. I will go search for him now.”

“You, are you stupid? I already told you countless times that it is dangerous to wander around the dungeon.”

“You guys are so noisy. My name is Camry Ikarinbo, I am not afraid of monsters.”
The other children of the demi-human too soon followed after Camry as they left the village again.

“You just won’t listen to us no matter how many times we told you not to, it’s not only monsters that are dangerous out there.”

Camry put one of her hand on her hips and spit a sigh. Camry was one of the recent children that gained a name after reaching the age of 18. Because of that she still has that childish cheeky side.

“Hyahaha, don’t worry. I will be able to compelling my love to Odono-san and will have him protect our village. See you guys later.”


“Baba, I am worried.”

“It’s okay Lowe, it’s not her first time going out of the village so you shouldn’t have to worry.”
The sound of a 「Skull Spider」 head being crushed causing a loud sound and creates the sound of metal being ground. The skull spider’s body after losing its head is still convulsing several times before it finally stopped moving. Yu lifted his hammer of steel dragon and buried it in on the skull spider remains thrice until there was almost nothing left. Yu is also acting like normal as if nothing happened at the village of the demi-human and continue to hunt monster like normal and the children of the demi-human can now be found following him around.

“Everyone, dinner time.”

When he said that, Shiro knew that his meal has been prepared, and shook his whole body. Momo is only staying on top of Yu while he cooks.

The menu for dinner tonight is grilled bacon that has been cooked over fire until crisp and placed on top of the bread. The next step, he sandwiched the bread and added some cheese and melted it on top of a pan. The air is filled with the smell of burned cheese, and bacon along with the sweet smell of warm milk. On top of Yu’s lap, Momo was eating while making a crunching sound eating some kind of celery like vegetables that seems kind of impossible to enter her small mouth.

“Momo, this is delicious!”
The children of the demi-human were trying to feed Momo by offering a small pieces of the bacon but Momo doesn’t like meat and only averted her face.

“Now we know that Momo hates meat. Well done. As Baba said, everyone has their own likes and dislikes.”

Meanwhile Yu is taking a peek at the children of the demi-human while drinking milk.

“Odono-san, why are you looking at me? This bread is mine!”

“That actually belongs to me in the first place, so does the milk.”

“Haha, Odono-san is interesting.”

“The most interesting things is why you guys are here.”

“We’re here because the rice that you cook is delicious. Odono-san do you know that the food in the village was so bad that I spit it out sometimes, after tasting your cooking I don’t want to eat that anymore. Secondly, the water is muddy. Your food and cooking can’t be compared to that.”

The children of the demi-human don’t seem to understand the meaning of Yu’s question so they only continue to eat the food while some of the cheese is sticking to their face when they tried to eat the bread in one bite. While some of their cheeks was stained with cheese, Momo also realized at why the children acts that way. Yu can only pour some more milk to some of the demi-human children.

“But really, I am excited after seeing you rampage in the village.”
“Yeah it’s the first time we saw such a scene and now I am proud that I am Odono-san friend.”
“Did you see when the men are thrown around?”
“That was amazing! Odono-san is even strong bare handed.”

“Just eat.” (Yu)

“Eh, why?”

After that the group begin to eat again without much talking. When Momo finished her meal, she flew towards Yu’s flight cap. Yu was about to wipe her mouth first but it was too late as she had fallen asleep immediately. The children of the demi-human are also wiping their arm on their mouth after the meal.

“Odono-san, I’m done. I really want to stay longer but if I don’t go back Cmary Ikarinbo is going to be noisy. See you later.”
The children of the demi-human then ran away into the darkness without even hearing Yu’s reply.

Shiro was resting under the ground and stayed silent until Yu called him. Yu burns a dead tree nearby to increase the illumination of the lights and there can be seen there are traces of people being burned and Yu with the back of his hand rubbed his eyes where there are signs of blood.


“You have woken up?”
In the morning, Momo came out form Yu’s flight cap while yawning. Yu in the meantime was preparing tea with honey and milk in a pot. The sweet smell of the tea entered Momo nose and it made her sit down straight on top of Yu lap immediately.


Yu once again take a small amount of the milk on a spoon and offered it to Momo. Once she had a taste of the honey milk tea, as if her face had melted and returned to be sleepy. Looking at that, Yu wryly smiled and drunk his own portion.

“Today we will go down to the 57th floor.”
Yu at this point has almost completed exploring the 56 floor. He also decided that there is nothing more that he can do here. Momo didn’t show any refusal towards Yu decision and nods as she drink another spoonful of the honey milk tea.

After finishing breakfast, Yu started his plan to go to the 57th floor. Momo is sitting on his shoulder but she immediately realized that the direction that Yu headed to was the secret place that was shown to them by the children of the demi-human. Momo wanted to say something but when she saw Yu is glaring at her she immediately closed her mouth in a hurry and instinctively turn it into a smile.

“After this, we’re done.”

However when he arrived at the rotten land location, something was wrong. The demi-human were approaching him, not only the children but the adults. Some of the men that had been beaten by Yu were present there but they kept silent. At the center of them, there is a skull spider that is dead already because some sword and spear had pierced its body. But there are children of the demi-human lying down beside it.

“Odono-san… you guys, give some room.”
When the old woman that is called Baba by the children of the demi-human said that, the group of the demi-human opened a path for Yu. For her, there is no risk in letting Yu see their condition because he seemed to care for the children to a certain degree.

“Don’t come near me. I hate weak ones.”

After that Yu casted 《heal》 on the children of the demi-human. The scratches and wounds slowly closed and they returned to their normal appearance.

“Hey, do you want to sleep forever?”

“It was probably his way of asking them to wake up.”

After that Yu tapped on the children’s cheek.

“Odono-san I am afraid that it won’t do anything.”

Yu continues to hit on the children of the demi-human cheek as if he didn’t hear Baba’s words.

“Odono-san, Bow is dead… they should have realized that a monster was approaching and decided to fight against it.. they protected this land which they loved, I am sure they died happy..”

No one dared to say anything else as the silence wrapped the air.

“This is why I hate weak guys.”
Yu’s murmur was small but it could be heard clearly by everyone. However no one was able to talk back to him.

“It’s alright… after all we’re demi-human.”
The rest of the demi-human tribe accepted the death of the children just like that. Everyone’s face was showing that they had given up completely. However there was still someone that has a face that hasn’t give up.

“Are you giving up? Are you joking with me? You guys even drink muddy water… you can’t have decent meal.. are you guys satisfied with that? The children, even with this kind of rotten land, they didn’t give up. Unlike you grown ups~”

As he said that, Yu executes his 【Specter magic】 through his hand that is holding the dead children. When that happened the children of the demi-human eyelid fluttered and opened. They get up and rubbed their eyes sleepily.

“What happened? Odono-san? Why the others are gathering here? Was it a dream? I remember I was fighting with a monster.”

“That is… the power to control life… 【Specter magic】.”
“It’s a blasphemy against God.”
“Reviving the dead is an unforgivable sin.”
“We can’t let it go… God won’t accept such scourge.”

There has been discomfort among the demi-human tribe seeing Yu had used 【Specter magic】.

“You say that God won’t allow this? Then what does He do when you are in this kind of condition? I am too lazy to think of God now. I mean, did these children do anything wrong? So you will just let him die like that? I believe what I did was better than any of you can do.”

Finally the demi-human crowd couldn’t hold back their anger any longer.

“This guy is so arrogant.”
“How cocky can you get?”
“This guy’s real purpose might be kidnapping the children of the demi-human. He even dares to go against nature.”
The demi-human men tried to take out their weapon again but Baba come and pushed them aside and those who make a fuss.

“Odono-san, please understand…”

“What do you want?”

The demi-human tribe are surprised hearing Baba words.

“Baba-san are you out of your mind?”

The crowd went wild as Baba move slowly closer towards Yu and grabbed his arm.

“If Bow is dead, it might not be seen now but later the children that grew up with him will feel sad. Odono-san, thank you for what you have done.”
Baba thinks of every child as her own grandson. The demi-human tribes were also surprised at Baba words.

“Odono-san, I also wonder why you came to the field today?”

“Ah, Shiro.”
As if he has been waiting for Yu commands, Shiro comes out from the ground and create a crater.
The demi-human seeing a huge 「Carrion caterpillar」 that appeared suddenly entered a surprise combat mode.

“What is it now? A variant carrion caterpillar.”
“Wasn’t it a normal carrion worm? How can a carrion worm turn out this big!”
(Tl note: in this context the author mentioned Shiro as caterpillar in one sentence and worm in the next.. so for now I can’t decide on which one.)

“Baba, it’s dangerous!”

The demi-human looked worried but Baba saw the children of the demi-human is waving at it.


She then determines that it wasn’t an enemy and settle down the demi-human group.

“White, look for a suitable ground.”
Shiro then moved his body again and swallowed the rotten land using his mouth and after some time, it comes out from his bottom.

“Wow, Shiro is doing something interesting!”
The demi-human are scowling but the children of the demi-human seemed to enjoy it. Saying interesting, and go kyaa kyaa while laughing.

“Okay, let’s do the next plan.”

Yu then connected the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon with the mansion using 【spatial magic】. It was as if creating a special space in the air that is absent of other disturbance and there are a lot of high pitched voice coming from the other side of the space.

“Oh, what is this? The little one is here! Momo, it’s Momo!”
“It’s Momo? Is that true Genki?”
“Oh, what are you doing there? Is it fun? I want to go there too.”
“Eh? Yu-san?”

The fairies the from the other side of the space tried to look at Yu, including a black wolf but it’s all pushed because of the number of fairies crowding.

“Correll, you know I don’t want you guys to come here. Can you call Jade?”

“Yes! I’ll call her.”

The fairies didn’t even show any complaint as they called the dryad whose name is Jade.
Yu is also surrounded by Baba and the other demi-human that are shocked at the scene.

“Jade, in this place I want to grow some plants. Is it possible?”

“Mmm~ All right! Please make some room.”
Jade then replied with a nonchalant smile, moved to the blank space and cast some magic in front of her.
【Word Magic】, it was a magic that is channeled by singing and charmed everyone with the voice.

“The sprout-lings… I can not believe it… In the rotten groud… The plants will always grows on earth…” (Tl note: Jade the dryad singing lol)

“Look, the plants are rapidly growing. I want to see it,”
the children of the demi-human immediately watched the growing plants with shining eyes.

“Yu-san, how can there be such a bad land.”

“Oh, I’m inside the dungeon so this much is possible.”

“Oh, is that true? I am worried about you. Why didn’t you tell me?”
Although Jade is usually shy, this time she placed her hand on her cheeks and the other one on Yu’s arm. Causing her to involuntarily cling into Yu.

“Hey, enough hugging.”

“It’s okay, if my spirit is up, the plants will grow faster too, and Momo-chan, don’t pull on my hair it’s not nice. Momo-chan has been hogging Yu-san all the time. Let me be spoiled this time.”
Momo driven by jealousy is trying to pull Jade’s hair away but it was somehow more to playful rather than seriously pulling.

“Yu-san, is there something wrong?”

“It seems like I was using you only.”

“Ehehe, don’t worry. If Yu-san needs something you can ask me anytime. Wow, Momo, no need to push me away, I know, I will go back home.”

After that Jade walked back to the other side of the space while being pushed by Momo. The other fairies and the black wolf can only watch the scene with envy.

With Shiro processing the ground and Jade’s powerful dryad ability, the barren land showed signs of revitalization.

“Odono-san, this is….”

“It might take some time, and the muddy water was most likely because of the monster corpses. I have taken care of it and planted some rose could help purify it faster.”

Yu then handed to Baba a plant, the appearance was like a red watermelon and the taste was not that bad but the real purpose of this fruit is that it has high water contents. The demi-human tribe was surprised at first but after seeing what he did and how close he is with the demi-human children, they started to get along with him.

“Odono-san, so this can be eaten?”

“Oh, my stomach is full.”
“Fuh… one day we can also grow this plant and let you eat it Baba.”
“Bow, this chance for you is given by Odono-san, work hard okay?”
“Yes, I will try to be useful for everyone and let everyone eat good food.”

After that Yu start to walk away without even saying farewell to Baba or the other demi-human. Baba noticed him and tried to call out but she stopped as she saw Yu off with a frown.


Inside the Licorice tavern at Comer city, this place is always crowded with adventurers like today. People dividing dungeon loots, eating food, even try to flirt with others, all gathered here but quietly in the back table, there are people who are seriously discussing rumor.

“Is that story true?”

“Lalit, you don’t need to pressure us like this. This is just some rumor that I heard. At the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon, some people saw a black haired boy that was soloing all the monster.”

“How about Nina-chan?”

“If Nina-chan got a wind of this, she would immediately take off.”

Lalit and the others then enjoyed the meat that was only simply seasoned with salt and pepper while drinking some more ale.

“Good, don’t let anyone know about it.”
Lalit then stood up from his seat and put a piece of silver coin on the table.

“So, what is your plan?”

“Of course I will enter the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon.”

“Wait, you, wait! You just reached the C rank, the place where they saw Yu is at the 43th floor.”

“ The ‘green guardian clan’ is looking for a scout position.”

“But, the ‘green guardian’ is a big guild and the guild leader Kenneth is a B rank adventurer. You just reached the C rank, do you think he will accept you?”

“I don’t know.”

After a few days, Lalit had become a member of the ‘green guardian’ and will enter the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon.

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  1. Damn it yu…. So many people are doing a lot of reckless things just for you. You need to at least show yourself and tell them that you just need some time to enchance you strength (lvl up) and return once you reach the s class level.

    • Who asked them. His only request were to disperse for safety and to Joeseph to watch over the girls. Lena needed to die a dozen chapters ago. Nina needs to move on just be happy to see him when they cross paths. Only his chinese obligation of Marfi the slave, has right to request being in his presence. Think how many months they mooche off him, obsessed on him, broke up his sleep, forced hin to kill far more people than he normally would have and caused his already crappy life to be worse because anxiety and his slow slide to darkeness for the amount of people he has to punish to keep them safe. On their own they could stand to take some risk management courses!. Very little trade off, he has become more human as companion with monsters than ever with Nina or Lena. He doesnt need to have things that can be easily “taken” around him. They are selfish in their attempts to force contact. It still has not been a year. They are NOT close family, they were just comrades…on his end. The only ones that do not want anything complicated from him were the wolves and monsters he hangs with. Even the fairy is another crappy Tsun-sama and losing the cuteness tho she is still a pet in his view. Lol.. I am so opinonated. But still the general concept by author is entertaining. So I have not given up yet.

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