tdadp Chapter 18

Chapter 118: Children of the Demi-human (middle)


“Ahaha! Shiro, go go~.”
Children of the demi-human were now riding on the back of Shiro who was moving around. In the process, Shiro actually crushed a 「Red Skeleton Knight」 under him. At first, Shiro was let out to make sure the children of the demi-human were aware of the danger of the battle while Yu and Momo were battling, but it resulted with the children riding on his back.

“Odono-san, it is slow.”

“Why are you calling me Odono-san?”

“Odono-san is Odono-san, Baba told me that in the old days it was the nickname of the strong people that fought against demons.”
Because of that, Yu has been referred as Odono-san according to the children’s Baba story. In the beginning, the reason they called Yu that was when they watched Yu battle the monsters along the way. Multiple 「Skeleton」 attacked Yu and he handled all of it alone, the eyes of the children of the demi-humans were sparkling.

“We’re not there yet?”

“Fufufufuf, we’re here. I can feel it.”


In front of Yu, spread a rotten field of soil that doesn’t even have a single plant growing on it. Yu’s reaction showed some discontent but the children of the demi-human pulled on his hand after they jumped down from Shiro.

“This is our land! You know, that we’ve been plowing the land. This is done by us alone.”
On the land, there was a trail of the soil being plowed by the children however as Yu said, the earth was already rotten. He used his eye ability to check the soil while taking a handful of the soil and shook his head.

“Okay you guys, you need to stop plowing this land. No matter how you try, this land doesn’t even have any 「Earth spirits」 left inside.”
Although what Yu said should have brought their spirits down, the children’s eyes were sparkling.

“Odono-san, you said that there are no earth spirits, you can see spirits? That blessing was a better one than eating a stomach full of delicious food. It was good luck.”

The children of the demi-human were now jumping around Yu happily. Even Momo that was on top of his head was now skipping around like playing.

“Do you guys have any idea of what I just said?”

“Yes, we will work hard to plant the food so Odono-san will cook it.”

“Who said that you are going to plant?”

“Odono-san, what are you saying?”

“With this kind of soil, there is no way you can grow anything.”
The children of the demi-human at first mistook Yu’s words and when they realized it, tears were forming at the edge of their eyes and finally all of them cried and creating a muddy stream on the ground.

“Impossible… Odono-san… WHAAA!”
The children let out a tremendous cry and even Shiro was surprised and escaped into the ground while Momo was closing her ears using her hands.


“But… our secret place… whuaa!”
After Yu realized he couldn’t make the children stop crying, Yu took out a small seed from his item bag. It was one of the loot he got from the 「Wood Garden dungeon」. It was a kind of vegetable that isn’t tasty but has a strong resilience to grow. The species of the plant that Yu took out is called 「Potorito」 and finally he planted it on the ground.

“Odono-san, *hick* what is that?”

“Well, possibly, something might grow out.”
The children of the demi-human then looked at the seed that was planted on the ground, they started to show a smile and clinging to Yu.

“Odono-san, thank you.”

“What, your nose are runny.”

Because all of them suddenly hug him and cling to him, Yu’s armor was now covered in slimy nose fluid. Even when Yu went to move his arm, there was a transparent thread that was formed and of course at that moment those who tried to touch Momo were scolded by Yu.

Although there was a bit of turmoil, the children of the demi-human carefully watched and followed Yu’s way of planting the seed. When all of the seeds were planted in the ground, the children came back to gather around Yu and make noise.

“Don’t you understand that the results can’t be seen in just a day. It will take time like a bird that will not be able to fly right away. Also, from now on don’t follow me around. I have something to do.”

Yu was about to leave but the children of the demi-human were all clinging to him. Momo who was on top of Yu’s head can clearly see the uneasy expression shown on his face.

“Odono-san, you have to come and visit my village first.”

“I’m busy at the moment and how many times must I tell you that you should keep your distance from adventurers because not all of them are good people.”

“It’s alright if it’s Odono-san because we trust you.”

After that once again the children of the demi-human persistently pulled on him to go to their village.


“This is going to be troublesome!”
“What are you saying?”
“The children brought back a human.”

When Yu arrived at the village of the demi-human dragged by the children, the women of the demi-human children immediately tried to drag them away from him and protected them. Not long after, the men of the demi-human who heard the commotion raised their guards around Yu and surrounded him.
(Tl note: it wasn’t stated as mother and father of the children)

“Don’t hurt Odono-san.”
The children of the demi-human were going on a rampage even though the women were holding them. They were half crying and all kneeling with their head on the ground.

“Do you realized what you have done? You brought danger to the village safety and peace. It’s not a joke.”
That statement was said by a man from one of the men that surrounded Yu. Although his body wasn’t large, his face was full of scars showing his enormous battle experience. It was clear that he holds an influence here.

“You guys, what do you want to do?” (Yu)

“This is the ‘paradise of the demi-human’. It is our safe house, we can’t let anyone of the human tribe know about its existence.” (demi-human man)

“You called this a paradise? This rotten place, hidden underground. Even a goblin can freely breathe fresh air outside.” (Yu)

“That’s different!”

Hearing Yu words, the men of the demi-human were roaring in anger.

Demi-human, due to their mixed race, were not accepted as a human or a demon. Since they have nowhere to go and no place to belong, they are continuously searching for a home and finally they each found their own safe place. One of the groups decided to settle here, they have reached this place, surviving countless persecution and had enough of it. Mental and physical fatigue due to continuous escape and survival was enough for them to be happy living a life like this. Some country also attacked the demon race to eliminate the number of demons but the demi-human races often became the victim since they are weaker than actual demons.

Those who seek refuge here mainly consisted of the demi-human that were born in this place. Only some of the elders had met with a human. For the children today was the first time they met with Yu. Due to the harsh environment, the children weren’t even given a name unless they reached adulthood. After receiving Yu’s hospitality, they kind of got attached to him.

“Stop it! Odono-san is our friend!”

“Hyahaha, I never imagined I would ever hear you guys calling someone Odono-san.”

Suddenly next to the children of the demi-human that desperately trying to stop the adult demi-human from attacking Yu, an old looking woman appeared.

“Baba-san, you’ve come!”
“Baba-san, help us!”

When they saw her, the group of the adult demi-human stopped their attempt and the children eyes became watery again.

“Children, is that human strong?” (baba)

“Odono-san is strong. Even when he was surrounded by many monster.”

“Alright then, brat, come over here.” (baba)

“Don’t call me a brat, I don’t like it.” (Yu)

“I am free to call you what I want, wimp, come over here.” (baba)

Although Yu’s appearance was like a little boy, his haughty attitude brought anger to the demi-human adult. They even carried spear, ax, bow and other weapons in their hands by now.

“Why are you guys still carrying your weapons? Put it down.”

“I may have to refuse your order. I need to see the boy’s strength.”

The man of the demi-human that was wielding spear stepped forward. He had successfully fended off monsters and defended the safe place inside the 56th floor of the 「Enrio of kusakai」 dungeon and to handle normal adventurers, he had more than enough skill.

An air splitting sound emanated from the spear as it moved towards Yu. However in the next second, the roaring sound disappeared. The reason was because the spear has been stopped by Yu’s left hand.

“That boy… stopped Machupi’s attack with one hand?”

In the next second, the demi-human that was called Machupi disappeared from sight. Yu kicked him upward and now he was high in the sky. Although it was only a simple kick, Machupi was sent flying high in the air and didn’t even land near Yu. Machupi was sent flying several meters backward and landed in the middle of the demi-human men. They looked at him in panic and Machupi current state was foaming at the mouth and had lost consciousness.

“Is there anyone else? If not, I will take my leave.”

“Don’t be cocky.”
The demi-human men were now agitated. They despised Yu and started to attack him from all around. They were also not regular demi-human since they also fight against monsters inside the dungeon.

However, Yu easily dodged all the sharp objects that were aimed at him. Even when one of the demi-human men tried to attack him using fourth rank 【Black Magic】, 《Raging Thunder》 it was blocked by Yu’s 【Barrier】.

“That 【Barrier】 stopped the attack, impossible!”

Soon the demi-human men that tried to attack Yu were taken down one by one. Some received a direct punch of Yu’s 【Martial arts】, 《Wind punch》 on the face. It was enough to show them that Yu wasn’t an easy enemy to beat. One after another, 【Martial arts】 skill was unleashed on the group. 《Round sweep kick》, 《shadow punch》, 《wind punch》, 《three hits combo》, even the veteran fighters of the demi human group fell victim without even able to retaliate.

“Isn’t Odono-san amazing?”
“Yeah, I am really amazed seeing his strength. It was as if the men were pathetic and useless.”
“Baba, why are you giving that boy compliments? Won’t it be more troublesome later?”
The group of women were now blocking the children’s mouths that were cheering Yu on, however, they were still watching the scene of the men thrown around by Yu in amazement.

“Don’t worry, it is just showing that the men are actually pathetic and useless, only against a human boy they can’t do anything. This is also a good experience for the children that will be the future hope of this place to know how strong they should be.”


After a few minutes, only Yu was left standing there. All of the men of the demi-human were lying on the ground in a sorry state. Vomiting, loss of fighting spirit, some even playing dead from embarrassment. Of course after this incident, there will be a big change in the demi-human village after Yu leaves.

The children of the demi-human waved at Yu when they looked at the scene however only Momo that was on top of his head that returned the waving.

“It seems like Odono-san is strong.”

“I tell you before Baba-san, he is strong.”

However Yu decided to leave that place and the children of the demi-human could only watch him disappear in the distance.

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  1. Okay… I think this is where im quitting this novel. You translators have been awesome, the novels been merely okay. I was initially okay with his one made crusade to get stronger, but a, for a depriver your twlling me he got no new skills from 40 levels of thos dungeoun? Plus, why did he leave his harem behind if hes just going to surplant it with a fairy and a carrion worm. Mind you, it was one of the dogs, not a person, that sent him on a crusade in the firt place. Plus he leveled up so slow… and… blah, im just done with this ln.

  2. the way MC is acting is so pathetic…rly… Spat some nonsense “i hate weaklings\ i have some staff to do\ dont get close to me” but still get dragged by children, get huged by children and postpone all of his plans for nothing… It seems he dont have backbone and already lost his fuse (seems he dont love sheep wolf as much as we think). Its quite annoing… Why he dont beat the crap from dat stupid children? Throw hundred kicks for each of them in order to teach them a lesson = “Adventurer is scary, u cant close them without any precaution” and it defenetly will help him to shoo them all, this is much more effective than just constantly saying something in order to convince someone who not listen to you. If words is not working – actions will work.

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