tdadp 168.5 (stats table)

Name: Yu Sato
Race: Human
Job: Magic swordsman, Enchanter, master swordsman
LV: 56
HP: 3647
MP: 4535
Strength: 736
Agility: 684
Vitality: 806
Intelligence: 742
Magic: 764
Luck: 1

Passive Skills:
Swordsmanship LV8
Axe mastery LV7
Dagger mastery LV4
Spear mastery LV6 ↑4 UP
Strong body LV8 ↑4UP
Spear technique LV7 ↑UP
Hammer mastery LV8
Shield mastery LV7
Throwing LV7
Brute arm LV5
Physical ability up LV8 (idk why author put lvl 4)
Agility up LV4 (idk why author put lvl 3)
Awareness LV7
Leadership LV7
Intimidation LV6
Night eyes LV6
Fire-resistance LV4 becomes Attribute resistance LV8
HP recovery rate up LV4 (it also returned to level 3)
MP recovery rate up LV5 (this to level 4)
Darkness resistance LV2
Search trap LV6
Silent step LV3
Abnormal state resistance LV8
Stripping LV5
Casting speed up LV3
Skinning LV3
Discerning Eyes LV3 ↑ Magic Eyes evolved
Duel LV6
Gourmet LV3
Thunder resistance LV 4
Magic Resistance LV 7
Light armor = Agility up LV3
Heavy armor = Defense up LV4
Dodge LV7
No chanting LV7
Magic Strengthening LV7 ↑ 2UP (or can be called magic damage increase)
MP consumption reduction LV3 (why it returned to lvl 1)
Staff mastery LV6
Heavy armor = strength up LV 5
Riding LV5
Torture LV7
Sword equipment = damage up LV1 !NEW
Critical probability up LV1 !NEW
Critical damage up LV1 !NEW
Divine light protection !NEW (no level)
Darkness protection !NEW (no level)

Active Skills:
Sword strike LV7
Holy sword LV1 !NEW
Dark Sword LV1 !NEW
Body Enhance LV6
Dagger strike LV4
Magic equip LV4
Spear strike LV5
Martial Arts LV5
Body Strike LV7 ↑ 2UP
Spear technique LV6
Shield skill LV6
Axe skill LV5
Hammer technique LV7
White magic LV7
Black magic LV8
Specter magic LV7
Enchant magic LV7
Spirit magic LV5
Space-time magic LV6
Magic sword LV7
Blacksmith LV4
Alchemy LV7
Steal LV4
Stealth LV4
Appraisal LV4
Warcry LV6
Unlock LV5
Release trap LV5
Barrier LV8
Magic awakening LV7
Breath attack LV5
Poison attack LV3
Charge LV 3
Analysis LV3
Install trap LV3
Close combat LV4
Paralysis attack LV4
Combat Maneuver LV3
Staff Skill LV5
Dark Magic LV4
Summoning Magic LV7
Party strengthening LV7
Party enhancement LV7 ↑UP
Abnormal state attack LV8
Ancient magic LV5
Dragon magic LV5
Sacred magic LV1 !NEW

Special skills:
Eye of another world LV3
Depriver LV3
Pack Leader LV3
Beast killer
Increased hearing
Herculean strength
Spirit Whisper
Gate Open
Parallel thoughts
Insect Killer !NEW (the author didn’t say its new but its new lol)
Dragon Killer
Holy Beast Killer

Black Dragon Sword (grade 3): Increased damage, auto repair, black dragon breath skill

Flight cap (grade 3): Blind and Stun resistance up <<< (it was said grade 4 on the new stats but we still don’t know higher grade better or not so I’ll leave it at grade 3)
Adamantite Armor (grade 3): Physical resistance up, Hp recovery up, Mp recovery up
Black dragon Gauntlet (grade 3): Physical resistance up, magic resistance up, darkness resistance up
Holy beast boots (grade 3): holy resistance up, holy elements magic up
Black dragon shield (grade 3): Physical resistance up, magic resistance up, darkness resistance up

Mirage ring (grade 3): Display falsely against analysis.


Name: Nina Levers
Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin, Shadow
LV: 40
HP: 1338
MP: 737
Strength: 421
Agility: 604
vitality: 335
Intelligence: 161
Magic: 324
Luck: 22

Passive Skills:
Awareness LV6
Discover trap LV6
Dagger mastery LV6
Silent step LV5
Dual dagger LV5
Assassination mastery LV5
Dodge LV5
Agility up LV4
Stripping LV3 ↑ UP

Active Skills:
Steal LV2
Stealth LV5
Disarm trap LV5
Stalking LV5
Body Enhance LV3
Dagger skills LV5
Assassination technique LV4
UnlockLV5↑ UP
Appraisal LV3 !NEW
Install trap LV3 !NEW
Shadow Transition !NEW (no level)
Shadow Arts LV1 !NEW

Special skills:
Ground shrink-er (literal translation = magic * earth)

Black Dragon claw (grade 3): chance to inflict poison when attacking, increase pierce damage
Black Dragon fang (grade 3): chance to inflict paralysis when attacking, increase pierce damage

Holy Beast leather headband (grade 3): Attack up, defense up, HP recovery up, Holy resistance up, Holy elements up
Black Dragon leather jacket (grade 3): Dragon resistance up, defense up, self-repair
Gauntlet of rotting shell (grade 4): corrosive resistance up and Strength up
High Thieves shoes (grade 3): Agility up, thieves skills up

Demon bracelet (grade 3): Strength up
Fairy earrings (grade 4): stun resistance up
Shadow pendant (grade 5): prevent analysis up to LV3 and able to hide some status (changed from old effect)
Dragon Bracelet (grade 4): Ability up
Child's piercing (grade 5): Agility up
Golden silk scarf (grade 4): physical resistance up, fire and water resistance up


Name: Lena Forma
Race: Human
Job: Magician, Witch, Sage
LV: 42
HP: 664
MP: 2736
strength: 113
Agility: 169
vitality: 138
Intelligence: 649
Magic: 647
Luck: 16

Passive Skills
Staff Mastery LV5
Casting speed up LV5 (the author downgrade it again to level 4)
MP recovery rate up LV4
Magic strengthening LV7
MP consumption halved (no level)
No Chant LV5
Staff equipped = increased magic LV3
Magic Resistance LV5
Intelligence up LV1 !NEW

Active Skills:
White magic LV6
Black magic LV6
Enchant magic LV1 !NEW
Barrier LV6
Magic awakening LV6
Staff technique LV1 !NEW

Specific skills:

Milled cane (grade 4): MP consumption reduction, magic strengthening
Mithril broom (grade 4): magic strengthening, casting speed up, MP recovery rate up, possible to be mounted

Black dragon hat (grade 3): Dragon attack resistance up, Mp recovery speed up, defense up
Mithril Robe (grade 4): magic resistance up
Holy beast gloves (grade 3): White Magic effectiveness up, Holy elements up
Arch Demon cloak (grade 3): magic resistance up, Mp recovery speed up, Mp consumption reduction
Grand Witch Shoes (grade 4): magic up, MP recovery speed up, Mp consumption reduction

Yugu Amulet (grade 5): defense up
Ring of Life (Grade 5): HP+50 , HP up , MP up
Gorudoba necklace (grade 4): MP consumption reduction
Rock dragon ring (grade 4): defense up (Tl note: I wonder if there's a difference between earth and rock dragon)
Ring of life force (grade 3): HP + 500 , HP + 8%
Holy angel earrings (grade 4): white magic effectiveness up, holy elements up, holy resistance up
Darkness earrings (grade 4): darkness resistance up, curse resistance up
Dark necklace (grade 3): darkness resistance up, curse resistance up
Darkness anklet (grade 4): darkness resistance up, curse resistance up
Demon Lord ‘Saen’ Ring (grade 3): up to fifth rank magic can be absorbed at the cost of MP

Darkness accessories set effect: increased wind and darkness resistance, Mp + 300 (the darkness set effect was removed by the author on the new stats)


Name: Marifa Nagutsu
Race: Dark Elf
Job: Tamer, insect master, Spiritualist
LV: 40
HP: 1093
MP: 864
strength: 358
Agility: 383
vitality: 384
Intelligence: 310
Magic: 418
Luck: 3

Passive Skills:
Archery LV3
Magic Eye LV4
Tamer LV6
Insect control LV5
All physical ability up LV2 ↑ UP
Divine Tree Protection !NEW (no level)

Active Skills:
Bow technique LV3
Spirit magic LV3
Pack enhancement LV6
Friendly ability up LV4
Demon strengthening LV5
Riding LV3
Spirit magic LV1 !NEW
Summon Insect !NEW (no level)

Specific skills:

Spirit Tree bow (grade 4): Increased damage, hit rate up (it said Yu’s damage increased somehow)

Greater demon leather jacket (grade 4): magic resistance up, MP recovery rate up and physical resistance up
Spiritual tree shoes (grade 4): magic up, depression resistance up
Iron Beetle Gauntlet (grade 4): Strength up, physical ability up

Black Dragon choker (grade 3): strength up, darkness resistance up
Black Dragon Bangle (grade 3): Defense up, magic resistance up
Artis amulet (grade 4): darkness resistance up, depression resistance up
Healing bracelet (grade 5): Hp recovery speed up
Magic beast ring (grade 4): pack enhancement up and friendly ability up
Pack Leader ring (grade 4): Party ability up


(Namari stats is the old one since I was updating stats so I’m including his old stats here too so you can see the party's stats here. Momo, Russ, Hisan and Hisui stats are not updated till now)
Name: Namari
Race: Immortal
Rank: 1
Lvl: 1
Hp: 9
Mp: 6
Strength: 8
Agility: 10
Vitality: ∞
Intelligence: 6
Magic: 9
Luck: 1

Passive skill:

Active Skill:

Unique skill:
Demon Killer
7 lives

-flight cap (grade 5): holy resistance increased
– dragon outfit (grade 3): magic resistance up, self-healing, overall resistance up
– holy beast leather shoes (grade 3): holy resistance increased

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