tdadp chapter 168

Chapter 168: 3rd job
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“Ugh, the meat is almost gone.”
“Master, all of the wine is gone.”
When Yu returned to the mansion, the first thing he did was went to the basement where he kept the cured meat and wine. Almost all of the meat and wine were gone. It was definitely Joseph that consumed it.

“This must be that gorilla that ate all of it. He really did ate all of it, even though I specially left the meat to be cured to get a deeper taste.”
“As master said, he is a gorilla that doesn’t understand human speech so he ate all of it.”
Marifa even called Joseph a gorilla too because she’s in a bad mood. Despite all of that, he seemed to be eating in a well behaved manner since there’s no mess in the kitchen which is still neatly organized.

Only at the place where they used to keep the cured meat and wine, there’s a little memo from Joseph. It said that ‘it was delicious’ and immediately they can picture Joseph saying that. The memo was however written beautifully and it only further made Yu and Marifa angry.

At the entrance to the basement, Nina saw their expression and became quiet and frightened.

“Well, for now let’s just prepare breakfast.”
“Yes master.”

Nina who was frightened can only follow Yu and Marifa to the kitchen.

“I am really scared.” (Nina)
“…don’t offend the both of them for now.” (Lena)
“Oh, it’s alright since I’m a good child.” (Namari)
Momo then sat down on Namari’s shoulder while giving him a ‘really?’ look. Namari suddenly have no confidence in his statement before and looked away from Momo.

Yu and Marifa prepared breakfast perfectly even though they are full of anger. The dishes for their breakfast has been laid out perfectly at the table. Baguette that has been cut, various vegetables, salty-sweet sauce for chicken and ham sandwich. They also make some corn pottage from the corn that are grown in the mansion garden. Drinks for that day were made by mixing water which was collected form the aquatic trees with black tea and another serving of fruit juice. Fresh salad from the vegetables that were grown in the mansion was also served as a side dish. Especially for Lena, the amount of salad for her serving was enormous.

“…why I feel that the vegetables are a lot.”
“I have a lot too.”
“It’s because Lena is small, so you have to eat more vegetables.”
“Lena nee-chan is not tiny. After all she’s older than me.”
Hearing Namari’s remarks, Lena can only glared at him with cold eyes and asked if he wanted to be shoved down with vegetables. Momo can only fidget around seeing them.

“Have you finished?”
“Namari, have you wash your hands?”
“Mari nee-chan, yes I’ve washed my hands.”
Namari and Momo alternately showed their hands to Marifa.

“Yu-san, do you want to eat more?”
“No Nina, I’m full already.”
“Nina, are you’re getting another serving?”
“Is there something wrong? This is delicious so it’s a waste not to eat it.”
“Ah, Nina nee-chan is so good in making excuses.”

Namari sat down at the table and took the piping hot baguette and eat it. Momo on the other hand was staring at Yu’s face. Yu understood when he looked at her eyes and took a small spoon of salad and fed it to her.

“After the meal, we will change jobs. You guys can do it in order and no need to discuss it with me.”

Nina however came forward and asked him where did he got the crystal for changing jobs. Because usually adventurers have to change jobs in the guild while revealing their level, status, skills and the other stats and it was leaking various information when they did a job change. Their status card will be revealed to the guild and that’s the norm.

“Yu, what job are you going to take?”
“Eh? Yu is so petty.”
Nina is pouting with inflated cheeks she pierced the salad using a fork and threw it as she opened her mouth big.

“I also want to see.”
“Namari, be quiet when eating.”
After being chided by Marifa, Namari apologized and obediently obeyed Marifa. Momo was also clamoring but she remembered that Yu will scold her if she kept behaving like this so she didn’t follow Namari’s steps.

“Momo, your mouth is a mess.”
The corn pottage has been spilled around Momo’s mouth. Looking at her, Namari was smiling and grinned.

“Hoo, Momo will also be scolded for eating untidily.”

Namari had been scolded by Yu once for eating untidily and he looked at Momo whom will face the same fate. Momo in a hurry wiped her mouth with a handkerchief. This handkerchief was made by Yu specially to fit Momo’s size. After that she jumped up and sat on top of Namari’s head.

“Momo, stop it.”

Namari’s hair was obviously being pulled by Momo and he was asking help from Yu with pathetic voice.

“That’s what you get Namari.”
“…fufufu, Namari is so silly.”
“Lena, eat your salad. If not, you won’t get to change your job.”
“Lena nee-chan, Mari nee-chan is scolding you.”
“…even though I’m older.”
In one word, it was a lively breakfast. Although Marifa keep on asking everyone to behave well, she was still having fun. Lena was struggling to eat the salad until the end and wiped her forehead when she finished as if it was a hard task.

After cleaning up, Yu put a crystal on the table in order for everyone to change their job.

“You guys can do it after me.”

Yu put his hand on the crystal while Nina and Lena were watching him from behind. Marifa also stood from behind however even if her status as a slave, Nina and the others didn’t look down and treated her differently. Namari and Momo were also looked at the crystal with full of curiosity. After that, the jobs that were available to be taken were shown on the crystal and Yu selected『Master Swordsman』 from that list. It was a master job and have a mastery in using all kind of swords.
(Tl note: who agree with me that the job that Yu took is kind of disappointing?)

“Oh, just from the name it seems to be powerful.”
“Odono-san will be even stronger!”
“Namari, please be quiet.”
“I prefer a rear guard position…”
Lena was muttering her disappointment towards Yu’s choice.

“Now, come.”

Yu is ready to let the next person go and it should be Marifa. However, she wanted Yu to choose the job for her.

“Odono-san, wait. I want to go first!”
Namari and Momo walked forward in a hurry. Marifa also wanted to come right away but they haven’t fulfilled the requirements to change job.
“…I’m first then.”
“Eh? I am my master subordinate, it was normal for me to go first and let master decide for me. I will change jobs really quickly.”
“…I will change job quickly if the job that I want appears.”
It seemed that Lena already have a job in mind, different from Marifa who was undecided yet. After that Marifa looked at Nina and asked. “it’s nice if Lena already decided so she can go first. Next will be Nina?”
“I will be the last to change job.”
“Ah, it seems like my nee-chan is trying to act nonchalant.”
“Who is your sister? Just change your job quickly.”

Lena knows about it and put her hands on the crystal.
The jobs that were available is displayed. 『priest』, 『enchanter』, 『teacher』, 『perfumer』, 『mage』, 『arch bishop』, 『arc wizard』, 『great witch』, 『magic tool scrivener』, 『bishop』, 『great healer』, more and more job were displayed and finally 『sage』.
(Tl note: previously it was said that Lena want to be a wise man but in a better translation, it was translated to sage.)

“You did it! Lena, there’s the 『sage』!”
Nina was more excited than Lena, went forward and hugged her. Becoming a 『sage』 was Lena’s dreams since she was a child. Nina was showing a happy expression for her. Whether she became embarrassed because of Nina, Lena can only mutter a weak “yeah” while lowering hear head.
“…I’ll choose 『sage』.”
Lena selected the 『sage』 and changed her job. The 『sage』 job gave mastery of 【white magic】, 【black magic】, 【enchantment】, and depends on the person they can be an expert at 【summoning magic】 or 【spirit magic】.

“Lena can be a 『sage』 it’s all thanks to master.”
“it’s not… stupid. I’m going out.”
Under that calm guise, Lena was really looking forward to test her new skills. Before going out, she looked at Marifa. “Marifa is like a mother.” After that, she ran away from Marifa using her broom leaving Marifa with a bright red face.

“Really! Lena is still behaving like a child.”
“Haha, Mari-chan is being told like a mother by Lena.”

Marifa in a hurry put her hands on the crystal to hide her embarrassment from Yu. After that, the jobs that can be taken appeared in the crystal. 『Magician』, 『magic master』, 『maid』, 『summoner』, 『great summoner』, 『archer』, 『magic archer』, 『beast tamer』, 『devil fighter』, 『insect summoner』, 『poison master』, 『poisoner』, 『puppeteers』, 『spiritualist』, and aside from the normal jobs that can be taken by adventurers, most of the jobs that were shown were really unusual.

“Mari-chan’s jobs are a ton. Won’t it take a long time to decide?”
“fufufu, don’t worry. There are a lot more jobs than Hisui and this is the proof that I can greatly help master.”

After that, the job that was taken by Marifa was 『Spiritualist』. It was a job that isn’t listed by the adventurer’s guild and there’s no information about it.

“Nina, master, if you will excuse me.”
“Yeah, have a nice day.”
While looking at the smiling Nina, Marifa grasped her end of the skirt and gave a low bow at Yu. Only Nina remained and took out a paper with jobs that were marked by Yu before.

“I wonder if there’s a 『mercenary』 job listed here.”
Nina said to herself and put her hand on the crystal.
『bounty hunter』, 『seeker』, 『merchant』, 『light swordsman』, 『treasure hunter』, 『hermit』, 『light swordsman』, 『ninja』, 『high assassin』, 『arc assassin』, 『shadow』. Of course, some of the jobs listed complimented her two previous job 『thief』 and 『assassin』 which was 『ninja』.
“Oh, this is good.”
Nina without hesitating chose the job 『shadow』 and went out.
(Tl note: The Japanese name for this is cool, Kagebōshi or shadow maker, can also means doppelganger)

Nina headed out to Comer city but it wasn’t for looking for Yu. She moved among the alleys and forest of Comer as if she was a winding pursuers. After that, she arrived at the Comer city underpass where her secret hideout was located.

“It has be years since I met Olivier-san but I’ll know about it when I meet him later.”
Nina then learned the skill that was unlocked by her job 『shadow』. One of it was 《shadow transition》, by deciding on an object, it can move through its shadow and up to three object can be registered.
(Tl note: kind of teleport, another teleport skill aside from her special skill)

Once Nina was inside the room, she looked into the mouth of Benantosu that was located there. It was also the same one that was used by Olivier Durarando and she found a paper written in cipher which was addressed to her.
(Tl note: betrayal foreboding is real. Wonder what will happen next)

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