TDADP chapter 123

Chapter 123: Second Approval
(edited by: bigyoshi and ganjz)
Inside the 50F of 「Wood Garden」 dungeon, it was nearing the end of the 「Wood Garden」 dungeon which only has 52F in total, Nina and the rest of the party were already there.

“Heh, with this, I’m sure Wood-san will recognize me.”
“That’s right, also, Jozu-san how do I do this?” (Nina)
“Nina, take your dagger from the side and take it out carefully.” (Jozu)

As instructed by Jozu, Nina carefully moved her dagger to the side and it easily went towards the end of 「Fire Dragonfly」 that was defeated earlier. Nina successfully stripped the wings without any problem.

“Lena, you also need to practice it. Due to the contract, I am the leader and you need to obey my order.” (Jozu)

“… but Nina is doing it so I need to keep watch.” (Lena)

“There is no need to do that. Nina’s 【Awareness】 can cover the area and Marifa’s insects are also wondering around.”(Jozu)

“…uuu…” (Lena)
“Inside the dungeon, everyone has their own role. But just in case they can’t do it, every member should be able to subbed in and do their part. You need a minimum amount of knowledge about everything.” (Jozu)
“….chibi…” (Lena)
“ha ha, are you talking about me? I’m pretty tall for a dwarf, but with your height, among humans, you’re the one who is chibi.” (Jozu)

Lena can’t talk back and only looked at Jozu with a sharp eye. After that, Lena can only lower her hat to hide her face while sulking. Nina continued to dismantle the monster while wryly smiling at the two people bickering. Marifa on the other hand was already stripping monsters without even needing to be ordered.

“When I see you guys, I can see how much Yu spoiled you. At least now Yu is free-“
Before Jozu could finish his sentence, Lena’s third rank 【Black magic】, 《Storm Lance》 was already shot three times towards Jozu. Seeing the invisible wind spear coming at him, Jozu doesn’t panic. He calmly took some throwing knives and threw it to defend against the three invisible attack.

“Really, Lena do you think that Yu didn’t spoil you? Nina, you too?”

At this time, Jozu’s passive skill, 【Crisis perceive】 was ringing. He immediately jumped back to make some distance. Due to his exceptional leg strength, he already moved back around ten meters to dodge Nina’s attack.

“Marifa… don’t tell me you’re going to attack me too?”
Jozu’s head had been sweating a little. It’s already hard dodging Lena and Nina’s attacks. However, Marifa’s hand stopped from stripping the monsters and looked at Jozu.
“Jozu-san, I don’t care about your remarks.”
“I’m just asking because I don’t want to be suddenly attacked by an arrow.”
“Yeah, but I will let it go this time… it’s a warning. You better stop talking bad about master.”

Jozu knew that Marifa controlled several types of insects and he doesn’t even know what she can do with the full extent of her power. Her control over the bow and insects were really hard to dodge. In Jozu’s mind, Marifa was already on par with an A rank adventurer.

“Kukuku, hahaha.”
“Joseph, what’s funny?”
“A famous A rank adventurer, Jozu, is having a hard time trying to dodge an attack from C rank and D rank adventurers, I wonder if that’s not funny?”
“Ugh Joseph, you need to experience it on your own.”
Jozu wanted to say something more but it was pointless. For Joseph who was mainly muscle for brains, he can’t teach Nina and the girls about the basic things about adventurers, so he was just standing guard while Jozu was the one that teaching them. However, on Yu’s whereabouts, Joseph also didn’t know anything and Jozu didn’t say a thing.

“Sorry Jozu-san, I attacked earlier based on my reflex.” (Nina)
“… next time?” (Lena)

Jozu then felt relieved and watched over the party. After all, he has been teaching the girls about the ways to be an adventurer. For example, Nina as a C rank 「Scout」 was responsible for finding traps and monsters. She was also able to find some treasures, but a scout needs to tell to the party about the situation and communicate.

Lena can unleash high-level magic while she is still around fourteen years old and she can be the main damage dealer when defeating a monster.

Marifa, on the other hand, is the best on all aspect out of all the girls, but she sometimes acts alone. She should be the supporter with her long range attack and supplement the party. Even though right now they were able to reach deep in 「Wood Garden」 dungeon, it wasn’t because of their coordination but because their individual fighting force was exceptional.

Jozu looked back at the path they just took. There were dozens of monster corpses that were killed by Nina here and there. If it was ordinary adventurers, they wouldn’t move recklessly like that. Moving carefully and killing monster one by one was the way since potions and food are not infinite. After the battle, gathering the loot also took some time rather than killing them one by one. However Nina just ignored it and killed monsters one after another.

(If it is combat ability, they have surpassed C rank.) – Jozu

Jozu calmed his mind and welcomed back by Joseph grinning.
“Lalit, don’t space out”
Lalit was already at the 55F of 「Enrio of kusakai」 dungeon. Lalit was staying with the ‘green guardian’ clan that was led by Kennett.
(So, was it possible that Yu has reached deeper than 60F?) – Lalit
Lalit thought about the possibility while stroking his chin. The rumor he got was at the 43F someone saw a boy that looked like Yu inside the 「Enrio of kusakai」 dungeon. That’s the reason why he applied as a scout in this group. However, so far he hasn’t seen Yu and from 60-63 the monsters will only get stronger.

The ‘green guardian’ clan proceeded to the 40F using the shortest route and it took around seventy days. One day per level after that which lead them to the 48F which took the longest amount of time since it was the rotten swamp. Until the 55F, they kept on engaging in combat that’s why some of the member even gave up on the 43F so at the 55F it was only the elite of the elite.

“Kennett, why don’t we take a break?”
“Yeah, Lalit, that’s a good idea. Everyone, let’s take a break.”
Hearing Lalit’s proposal, Kennett was somehow relieved. He was the leader but somehow he didn’t give orders and the others were listening to Lalit more than him.

“We can’t find something to eat around here.”
“Jimugo, calm down a bit.”
The person called Jimugo kicked the ground and as it was a rotten world, only dust scattered around.
“What are you doing? Are you looking for attention? As a woman you’re jealous aren’t you and want some more attention?”

“What are you saying?”

“I mean; we can only take a break after Lalit proposed it.”

“Chemie, what are you trying to say?”

“Come on, I know you’re jealous of him Jimugo.”

“It’s not like that. They are male and we’re female, I mean for us to go to the toilet it will be hard and we can only do it when Lalit gives us some breaks.”

“I see. So do you think Lalit is that kind of guy that doesn’t pay any attention to women? Or do you want him to pay attention to you?”
Hearing Chemie words, Jimugo’s face reddened.

“Oh, that man can’t even see a girl around him.”
Chemie can only shrug while Jimugo lets out a sigh while looking at each other helplessly.

On this day, Kennett led the ‘green guardian’ clan to clear the 57F at night. At this time the 20 person team member has been brought with level of 30-40. They were all veterans that have cleared other dungeon like the 「Wood Garden」 dungeon and 「Golgo labyrinth」. Kennett then set up the camp at the middle point between the 57F and the 58F. He divided the group to take their meal and eventually Lalit ends up in Jimugo’s group.

“Lalit, I heard you just turned into a C rank recently.”
“Dorogosu? Your point is?”
The man who was called Dorogosu was saying that while hitting Lalit’s back. He wore heavy equipment and under such conversation, Jimugo silently ate while not showing any signs of interest.

“No, I was just jealous. In fact, you have been doing very well.” (Dorogosu)
“What? Do you think I am a pick pocket thief?” (Lalit)
“Haha, I’m just jealous that Kennett our leader seemed to like you too.” (Dorogosu)
“I don’t need that kind of attention.” (Lalit)
“Oh? But I think Jimugo is jealous too?” (Dorogosu)
“Who said that?” (Jimugo)

At that time, Jimugo exploded but Dorogosu only laughed. Jimugo wanted to refute but even if they engaged in a battle here, she who was wearing light equipment can’t match up to Dorogosu’s strength that used to wear heavy one.

“Anyway, Jimugo can rest easy, I won’t take Kennett away from you.” (Lalit)
“What are you talking now? Are you spouting nonsense?” (Jimugo)
(Editors note: we are not sure of the gender and sexual orientation of these people. This is confusing as fuck!!! Is Kennett a guy? Girl? Okama? Is Jimugo lez?bi?)
Lalit can only quietly look at Jimugo and raised two fingers.

“What does that mean? Two?”
“It’s my appraisal.”
“Two approvals?”

“Well, there’s two kind of people that I approved of as a scout. One is an expert that can see through others.”

“And the other one?”

“Have you ever heard of a story? There was a ridiculously beautiful woman in a country. The king from another country looked at her and fell in love at the first sight. Because of that, a war broke out. One after another, countries were destroyed. This was because the beauty requested 1 country for 1 centimeter.”

“Well, that doesn’t explain anything about the second approval.”

“It’s chest size. I like big breasts.”

“Lalit… you…”
Jimugo and Dorogosu immediately fell silent while looking at Lalit. However, the other men give nods without saying anything.

At this point, somehow the evaluation of ‘green guardian’ clan for Lalit has changed.


Status Window
Name: Nina Levers Race Human
Job: Thief, Assassin LVL: 37
HP: 799 MP: 368
Strength: 324 Agility: 469
Vitality: 258 Intelligence: 135
Magic: 126 Luck: 22
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Awareness 5(1↑) Discover Trap 4(1↑)
Dagger Mastery 5(1↑) Silent Step 5(1↑)
Dual Dagger 4(2↑) Assassination Mastery 4(1↑)
Dodge 4(1↑) Agility Up(the author put level 2, how can it fall back) 4
Stripping 1(!N)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Steal 2 Stealth 5(1↑)
Disarm Trap 4(1↑) Stalking 5(1↑)
Body Enhance 3 Dagger Skills 4
Assassination Technique 3 Unlock 4(1↑)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Ground Shrinker
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Mithril Dagger 4 MP Absorption On Attack:
Weapon Damascus Dagger 4 Hp Absorption On Attack
Armour Black Headband 5 None
Armour Orc King Leather Jacket 4 Defence Up, Abnormal Resistance Up
Armour Gauntlet of Rotting Shell(and the author made It grade 5 lol) 4 Corrision Resistance Up, Strength Up
Armour Thieves Shoes 4 Agility Up
Accessory Demon Bracelet 3 Strength Up
Accessory Fairy Earrings 4 Stun Resistance Up
Accessory Shadow Pendant 5 Concealment, Disguise
Accessory Dragon Bracelet 4 Ability Up
Accessory Child’s Piercing 5 Agility Up
Accessory Golden Silk Scarf 4 Physical Resistance Up, Fire and Water Resistance Up


Status Window
Name: Lena Forma Race: Human
Job: Magician, Witch LVL: 37
HP: 386 MP: 1986
Strength: 79 Agility: 97
Vitality: 100 Intelligence: 524
Magic: 546 Luck: 16
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Staff Surgery 4(↑1) Casting Speed Up 5
MP Recovery Rate Up 4 Magic Strengthening 5(↑1)
MP Consumption Reduction 6(↑2)  No Chant  2(!N)
Staff Equipped – Increased Magic 1(!N)  Magic Resistance  2(!N)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
White Magic 5(↑1) Black Magic 6(↑1)
Barrier 5 Magic Awakening 5(↑1)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Milled Cane 4 MP Consumption Reduction, Magic Strengthening
Weapon Mithril Broom 4 Magic Strengthening, Casting Speed Up, MP Recovery Up, Can Be Mounted
Armour Bishop’s Hat 5 White Magic Effectiveness Up
Armour Mithril Robe 4 Magic Resistance Up
Armour Bishop’s Gloves 5 White Magic Effectiveness Up, MP Consumption Reduction
Armour Salamander Cloak 5 Fire Resistance Up
Armour Ogre Shoes 5 Magic Resistance Up, Poison Resistance Up, Paralysis Resistance Up
Accessory Yugu Amulet 5 Defence Up
Accessory Ring of Life 5 HP+50, HP Up, MP Up
Accessory Gorudoba Necklace 4 MP Consumption Reduction
Accessory Rock Dragon Ring 4 Defence Up
Accessory Ring of Life Force 3 HP+500, HP+8%


Status Window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf
Job: Tamer, Insect Master LVL: 35
HP: 631 MP: 433
Strength: 198 Agility: 223
Vitality: 207 Intelligence: 189
Magic: 204 Luck: 3
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Archery 2 Magic Eye 2
Tamer 5(↑1) Insect Control 4
All Ability Up 2(!N)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Bow Technique 2 Spirit Magic 2
Pack Enhancement 5(↑1) Friendly Ability Up 2(↑1)
Demon Strengthening 3(↑1)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Elven Bow 6 Attack Up
Armour Greater Demon Leather Jacket 5 Magic Resistance Up, MP Recovery Rate Up, Physical Resistance Up
Armour Spiritual Tree Shoes 4 Magic Up, Depression Resistance Up
Armour Training Gauntlet 4 Physical Ability Up
Accessory Leather Choker 6 Strength Up
Accessory Leather Bangle 6 Magic Resistance Up
Accessory Artis Amulet 4 Darkness Resistance Up, Depression Resistance Up
Accessory Healing Bracelet 5 HP Recovery Speed Up
Accessory Magic Beast Ring 4 Pack Enhancement Up, Friendly Ability Up

(Zhaernon:Tables Added)


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