TDADP chapter 124

Chapter 124: Clans

Edited by BigYoshi and ganjz

The Wind carried a putrid smell, the earth was gray as far as the eyes could see and the ‘green guardian’ clan that was led by Kennett has been staying the whole night at the middle point between 57F and 58F and was taking an early breakfast. Despite two attacks at night it had been repelled without much trouble by the night shift guard.

Lalit then took a bowl of soup and put a bread inside to soften it. He sat beside Kennett afterward. People of the ‘green guardian’ had been looking at Lalit with hostile eyes. Because even though Lalit had been making friends with them, he always acts too relaxed.

“Yo Kennett.”

“Good morning Lalit. That’s some story you told us yesterday.”

“About the kingdom?”

“Yes, one thing that you should know, is that we ‘green guardian’ clan are also serving the capital kingdom. Although we’re all balanced we are a little bit lacking in scout division.”

“So what’s the point?”

“Well. I was just looking at the adventurer’s guild and turn out we found you who’s just been promoted to C rank. The only thing I want to ask is, why have you always kept yourself at D rank for a long time? Didn’t you have ambition to climb up earlier?”
Kennett was looking for party members through the guild recruitment post. Kennett can tell that Lalit’s experience was far more than the others but for him just to be recently promoted to C rank was a big mystery.

Higher rank in guild means more fame, more rewards and they give a sense of superiority. Even major clans might recruit them. As for why Lalit was doing what he did, it was a big mystery. From Lalit’s performance a few days before, he has left a deep impression and probably is going to be lured in to be a member of ‘green guardian’.

“Chemie, they seemed to be talking about something important.”
“Jigumo, be quiet.”
Jigumo also immediately fell silent. She wanted to hear what they were talking while Chemie and Dorogosu looked at that scene with a grin.

“Kennett seemed to try to invite him but he looks like a carefree person.”
“Yeah, but I am sure that Kennett won’t give up easily.”

They keep on talking but they can see the outcome from Kennett’s facial expression. After they finished breakfast, Kennett moved from Lalit’s side and went to a big tent to discuss with the other members about their future plan.

“Lalit… the hell, he dares refuse the invitation!”
“Jimugo, stop, even Kennett didn’t say anything.”
Dorogosu said that with a calm face.

“Chemie, you know that it is a hard thing to be invited personally. How could Lalit refused it.”
Jimugo was contemplating and making a scene when suddenly Lalit appeared. Under Jimugo’s neck, Lalit’s Damascus dagger was already there. Only a little push and there will be a lot of blood spewing from Jimugo neck.

“You… when did you?”

“It’s bad talking about someone else behind their back…”
Lalit then released his hand and retracted his Damascus dagger. Seeing the tense situation resolved, both Dorogosu and Chemie who had been watching let out a sigh. It wasn’t strange for this kind of attack to happen, but to get it done wasn’t so easy and Jimugo was not someone who’s weak. Of course when battling against another adventurer a scout position like Lalit will use poison, paralysis, or surprise attack and trap. There were even the methods of using sharp thread that can cut limbs immediately, however their movement won’t be as quick as Lalit.
Lalit was considered as one of the weakest in the group since he was just a scout but seeing his attack on Jimugo makes his position at the bottom of the group go up.

“Lalit, I’m sorry. Jimugo was probably just jealous and the way you refused the leader is upsetting.”

“Is that so? But I don’t care.”

Inside Comer city adventurer’s guild, Mofisu was sitting with a tired face.
“I don’t know about this, where is this rookie from?”

“Don’t play jokes, you know the ‘crimson meteor’ clan has a rookie that was taking the C rank test. You can tell it yourself.”

The man that was sitting infront of Mofisu was a silver haired dark elf with brown skin. The dark elf man stared at Mofisu while adjusting his glasses with his middle finger. Of course the glasses itself wasn’t a normal item. It can only be acquired from the imperial city auction and this item was very rare. It looked like normal glasses but it has 【appraisal】 skill on it.
Mofisu turned his head to escape from the glasses line of sight. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Alright, let’s stop this pointless talk and call Joseph here. I want to know the details directly.”

“What are you saying?”

“Recently there had been a dispute between someone in the guild with the ‘crimson meteor’ clan. I want to know where is Yu Sato!”

“Eh? What does it have to do with Yu Sato?”
“You know? I got a promising rookie on a quest. Two of them died and only one came back. I heard that they encountered a Goblin King and at that time they had a party with a girl that was Yu Sato’s companion. Also on the C rank promotion test, Joseph was there. So, can’t I deduce that Yu Sato, the girl and Joseph have a connection?”

“Ah, that is possible.”

“But, that Yu Sato is nowhere to be seen. He doesn’t even have a clan. It is natural as the biggest clan in the Comer city for us to make acquaintances.”

“Is that so?”


Mofisu’s eyes and the dark elf man’s met and the air became heavy as if a spark was created when their eyes met. It was some kind of illusion but no one was able to interfere with them. No one.

“Why are you two putting on such a scary face? Here is your tea.”
Between Mofisu and Deriddo, Edda suddenly butted in as if nothing was happening. She excellently poured the tea with one hand.

“What? You pour it using one hand? It’s bad manners.”

“Grandpa, you’re annoying.”

“Edda, we’re talking about something here. Please take a seat just in case you know about it.”
If it was an ordinary people, Deriddo’s words sounded intimidating and they can’t refuse it but Edda just smiled.

“Is that so? However your face is so scary, even a child will cry just looking at it. I don’t want to sit and see such a scary face.”
Edda has known Deriddo since he was an adventurer and her remarks made him red to his ear, not only his face.

“Edda! I’m an A rank adventurer. Don’t you think you should be careful with your words?”

“Whoa, scary. So scary.”
Edda pretending that she was scared and Mofisu who knew that it was an act sent a cold gaze.

“Anyway, Deriddo-chan, please enjoy the talk with guild master.”

“What’s with the chan? And you stay here.”

“That’s right Edda, even though he wants to talk to me, you can join right?”
However, at that time, Edda’s left arm took out something that looked like a potted plant.

“Ah, about the rookie, I can tell you about it Deriddo. No need to let Edda stay. However, I don’t remember about it. How about I tell you about it later?”

“You don’t remember? Are you stupid?”

Mofisu then pushed Deriddo out from the room and immediately locked the door.

“Edda, what’s with that?”

“Please tell me where Yu-chan is.”

Mofisu’s eyes rolled once again when Yu’s name was mentioned however Edda didn’t stop and put the potted plant on the table.

“I am too busy with the adventurer’s guild business; how can I know where he is?”

“Lies. Die. Plant. This pot, I have hundreds of it. What did you say again?”
Mofisu remembered that all through his life, he never won an argument against Edda.

Comer city adventurer’s guild first floor, there were some people standing in front of the D rank bulle-tin board to take some quest.

“Do you know, Nina-chan has been hunting in the 「Wood Garden」 dungeon?”
“You’re so slow. The newest information, Joseph was there and even Jozu was there to teach the,.”
“Oh, Nina-chan is trained by strong people.”
“Know your place, you’re just a D rank adventurer but Nina-chan is going to be C rank soon. Anyway, what quest should we take?”

“A clan from the capital, ‘silver moon’ is having an expedition to 「Urumi mine」 to subjugate 「Ice dragon」, even the ‘grace sun’ and ‘crimson meteor’ clan had failed.”

“Even the ‘crimson meteor’ failed? So what do you think will happen? It is ice dragon.”
“But really, ‘crimson meteor’ failed? Wasn’t that clan was led by Deriddo?”
“Don’t you know, he has a nephew and recently that person failed a C rank promotion test. Also with the goblin king quest they took it with Lena-chan and end up in failure with two dead rookies.”

Of course the adventurers around were joining the conversation and it was more like gossip.

“You guys, so are you going to go against the ‘crimson meteor’ and siding with Lena-chan?”
“Of course, it is also possible the other girls will be threatened. We’re going to inform the others.”
“Wait for me!”
Of course when going against the girls from Yu’s party, one of the scariest part was the fans behind them.

“We won’t let them touch a single hair strand of Lena-chan.”
“Marifa-san too, ‘crimson meteor’ clan can’t touch her.”
“Ah, if only Marifa-san will look at me with that cold gaze of hers.”
There were even men that took pleasure in Marifa’s cold look. And the last group who commented was, of course, the Nina faction.

“Leader, have you heard about it?”
“Yes, we need to protect Nina-chan if they’re going against her!”
At that time, Lalit was already at the 60F.

“Lalit, we have reached the 60F already, we need to be careful.”
“I know, I know.”
At that time, Lalit and the ‘green guardian’ clan were also moving deeper.

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  1. I still think that Edda is the traitor/spy inside the guild. She is insisting too much to know everything related to Yu.
    It looks like soon another clan will be destroyed by a certain adventurer party 😀

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