TDADP chapter 126

Chapter 126: chasing
edited by ganjz

Inside 「Enrio of Kusakai」 60F, Lalit was several hundred meters away from the location which now looked like a war zone. White smoke rising up while sand cloud was floating around due to the number of several thousand 「Carrion ants」. However, it was already hard to move among them without being trampled.

“Really, they’re moving like crazy!”
Lalit can’t even keep up anymore with the ant speed since he has to dodge too. After thinking for a while, Lalit decided to grab on one of the ant tails and ride on it.

“Hahaha, but, what is that?”

After an hour, riding on top of the ants, he doesn’t even scared of meeting any monster but right now they were heading into some kind of dome that only have a hole in the ceiling. It must be noted that this kind of shape must be made artificially and not naturally. The swarm of ants soon one by one entered the dome as if drawn in.

When Lalit enter the dome, the first thing he saw in sight was a pyramid of corpses. It was flocked at the center of the tens of thousands of ants and in the middle, a pyramid of dead ants.

“Yu is definitely over there.”

On top of the pyramid that is built over the dead ants, Yu was floating in the middle of the air. The sound of the 「Ant Queen Larva」 resounded throughout the dome. Not far from Yu, there were also some people floating.

“What that? Demons? No, demi-human children’s.”

Children of the demi human, led by a woman with a beautiful wing. The woman is one of the most beautiful girl Lalit has ever seen. However, on top of her head, there was a big crystal floating. That crystal can be used as a backup regeneration power or to cast powerful magic. When Lalit was busy looking at the incredibly beautiful woman of the demi-human, more ants coming from the entrance that he just passed. But suddenly they stopped coming more. Someone was guarding the entrance and killing everything that’s going in. The one who was guarding was only made of bones.

“Is that an elder lich? And also, the one that’s been noisy is the queen ant larva. However, is that really an elder lich?”

The elder lich didn’t seem to hear what Lalit was saying. However, it seemed to say something towards Yu. Yu waved back and the elder lich lowered his head, and in an instant was already standing behind Yu.

Lalit was now anxious at what was going to happened. Suddenly the dome was brightened.
In the middle, Yu cast a 《Fireball》 with the size of several tens of meters in radius casually with his right arm. Then the fireball easily swept away and crushing each of the ants that colliding with it. Sea of fire immediately covering the swarm of ants in the next moments. Lalit which just entered the dome could already feel the hot air and tried to move away. It was scorching hot, even his cheek started to become lack of moisture. The smell of scorched bones entered his nose.

At that moment, all of the ants from 「Enrio of kusakai」 60F turned into corpses one after another. Even if their strong shell protected them, but the heat will still kill them. What remains was only black cinders that resembled the ant.

“Who are you?” (Elder lich)
(did he notices me?) – Lalit
Elder lich noticed that there was someone that looked like a scout and moved towards him. Lalit only noticed that someone was approaching him and prepared his Damascus dagger, when their weapon met, Lalit noticed that it was actually the elder lich.

“Answer me or die? Choose answer or die?”

It was like meeting the grim reaper, thirst for blood could be felt on Lalit’s back.

“Silence also means death.”

“Stop, that person is my acquaintances.”

The thirst for blood that was pressing on Lalit back suddenly gone. Lalit felt relieved and involuntarily vomited a large sigh.

“Lalit, what are you doing here? Anyway, I won’t stay here for long. I will go to another level to hunt.”
Lalit hardly understood what Yu was saying. More importantly, he was stunned. Usually hunting in a specific ground and monopoly the area was called monopoly hunting but he never heard of one-floor dungeon monopoly hunting.

“Anyway, I need to ask you too, what are you doing here? In a place like this.”

“Don’t you see? Leveling.”
(Tl note: best line so far throughout the series)

Yu saying it nonchalantly. Gathering tens of thousands of ants and call it leveling. Even if it was a full party, they won’t believe this kind of method.

“Look. This guy here is the queen ant larva so they will just run chasing after it.”

Yu placed the queen ant larva on his arms and poked at it. Only after several times, he poked it, it kind of moving.

“Alright, can you carry this thing for a while? But don’t go near the anthill.”

“I won’t do that even when you don’t tell me.”

Lalit was going to grab the ant queen larva before someone prevented him.

“Are you going to hurt master?”

Lalit is surprised at the coldness of the elder lich hands and the parts where was gripped hurting and turned cold and the color of the skin even changed already.

“Russ, what are you doing?”

“Odono-san, why it’s so noisy?”

Russ is the name of the Elder lich that is grabbing Lalit hands. Holding some shell of the ants on the side, one of the demi-human children was coming over tu Yu side.

“Is that the enemy? You, what have you done! If you do something to Odono-san I won’t forgive you? Even though I’m small, I’m strong.”
The children of the demi-human threw a punch at Lalit but stopped when he hears Yu.

“Russ, he is not an enemy. More importantly, Namari it seemed your hand is burned. Come, I’ll treat you.”

“Odono-san, thank you.”
Despite Yu tone was kind of scolding him, Namari held out his hand that was burned and happily stretch it to Yu.

“Russ, you can let his hand go.”
The elder lich also released Lalit arm and stand next to Yu while kept on glaring at Lalit.

“Lalit… surely you don’t tell anyone I’m here alright? Not even to Nina?”

“I didn’t tell them of course, but… do you know what kind of state is the girls in?”

“Nina? I heard she is now dungeoning with high spirit. What else?”

Lalit can only put blank expression hearing Yu’s reply.

“That is… a lie…”
“No, that’s true.”
Then for five minutes, Lalit fell on all fours. He was going here in desperation searching for Yu for Nina. However, Nina has regained her composure and was dungeoning. Lalit wanted to kill himself when he heard that.

“Well… cheer up. However please don’t tell about my location to Nina. Because I need to level up in this dungeon if not, I will change dungeon.”
After that Yu gave Lalit some full magic ball of the ants of rank 6 to Lalit but he didn’t react.

“I don’t know what happened uncle. But please cheer up. I was also scolded by odono-san like leaving the vegetables unattended but I will keep on working hard!” Russ hit Lalit head several times but Lalit was like a stone statue.

“Alright, let’s move. Lalit, you can’t stay in this place forever.”
After Yu was gone, Lalit finally move.

“What, who’s an uncle… damn…”

“Look over there, Nina is back.”
“really, they come back? They just crushed the nest of 「Wyvern」.”
Outside of the Zanrikku village, three people were standing. This time, the mission that they took was subjugation of wyvern.
“Ah, truly my Rena-chan is amazing.”
“What’s with this your Rena-chan did you make her pregnant? Are you courting death?”
“Eh, Rena-chan of course still a virgin. Who said about pregnancy before?”

After each mission, Nina and the girls were always welcomed like this by the adventurers. However slowly the number of their fans were increasing. After that, they entered the adventurer building.

“I am going to the second floor. Lena, are you coming? Mari-chan are you coming too?”
“No… tired.”
“You can go; I have some business to do.”
After reporting about the quest, Nina moved up to the second floor. However, before she stepped up to the second floor, three people came from behind and teased her with some vulgar language. Not long after, the three people that teased her has been disappeared from the adventurer guild. In a nearby back alley, there was a familiar figure of three people but they are in a tragic state.

Status Window
Name: Yu Sato Race Human
Job: Magic Swordsman, Enchanter LVL: 50
HP: 2478 MP: 3766
Strength: 598 Agility: 527
Vitality: 608 Intelligence: 653
Magic: 678 Luck: 1
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Swordsmanship 8↑1) Axe Mastery 6(↑1)
Dagger Mastery 4 Spear Mastery 5(↑3)
Strong Body 7(↑3) Spear Technique 7(↑1)
Hammer Mastery 8 Shield Mastery 7
Throwing 6(↑1) Brute Arm 4
Physical Ability Up 7 Agility Up 7(↑3)
Awareness 7(↑1) Leadership 6(↑1)
Intimidation 5(↑2) Night Eyes 5(↑1)
Fire Resistance 4 HP Recovery Rate Up 6(↑2)
MP Recovery Rate Up 5 Darkness Resistance 2
Search Trap 5(↑1) Silent Step 3
Abnormal State Resistance 6(↑1) Stripping 5(↑1)
No Cast(no chanting and casting speed up) !N Skinning 3
Magic Eyes 3(↑1) Duel 3
Gourmet 3(↑1) Thunder Resistance 4
Magic Resistance 6(↑2) Light Armour(Agility Up) 3
Heavy Armour(Defence Up) 2(↑1) Dodge 6(↑1)
Instant Recovery 4 Magic Strengthening 6(↑1)
MP Consumption Reduction 3 Staff Mastery 6
Heavy Armour(Strength Up) 5 Riding 4
Torture 7
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Sword Strike 6 Body Enhance 5
Dagger Strike 4 Magic Equip 4
Spear Strike 5 Martial Arts 5
Body Strike 6(↑2) Spear Technique 6(↑1)
Shield Skills 6 Ax Skills 5
Hammer Technique 7 White Magic 6
Black Magic 7 Specter Magic 6
Enchant Magic 6(↑1) Spirit Magic 5
Space-Time Magic 4 Magic Sword 6(↑1)
Blacksmith 2 Alchemy 6(↑1)
Steal 4 Stealth 4
Appraisal 4 Warcry 5
Unlock 5 Release Trap 5
Barrier 7 Magic Awakening 6
Breath Attack 3 Poison Attack 3
Charge 3 Analysis 3
Install Trap 3 Close Combat 4
Paralysis Attack 4 Combat Maneuver 3
Staff Skill 5 Dark Magic 4
Summoning Magic 7 Party Strengthening 7
Party Enhancement 6 Abnormal State Attack 6(↑1)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Eye of Another World 3 Depriver 3
Pack Leader  3 Beast Killer
Improved Hearing Rebirth
Herculean Strength Spirit Whisper
Gate Open Parallel Thoughts
Insect Killer (!N)
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Black Dragon Sword 4 Increased Damage, Auto Repair, Black Dragon Breath Skill
Armour Flight Cap 4 Blind and Stun Resistance Up
Armour Damascus Armour 4 Confusion Resistance Up, Sleep Resistance Up
Armour Black Dragon Gauntlet 3 Physical Resistance Up, Magic Resistance Up, Darkness Resistance Up
Armour Damascus Boots 4 Magic Resistance Up, Abnormal State Resistance Up
Armour Black Dragon Shield 3 Physical Resistance Up, Magic Resistance Up, Darkness Resistance Up
Accessory Mirage Ring 3 Displays Falsely Against Analysis

(Zhaernon: Tables Added)


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    “Ah, truly my Rena-chan is amazing.”
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    “Eh, Rena-chan of course still a virgin. Who said about pregnancy before?”
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