TDADP chapter 125

Chapter 125: Impending Nightmare
(tl note… tdadp vol 4 is out but I can’t buy it since I need CC… T_T…)
Edited by BigYoshi and ganjz

“What is this?”
When entering the 60F of 「Enrio of kusakai」 dungeon, Lalit was stunned by the breathtaking view in front of his eyes.

The rotten ground didn’t change but throughout the earth, there was a hole with 1-2m diameter. It was basically a giant ant nest and this will continue from 60-63F. Not only that, there is even a hill the size of 400m towering to the sky and, without a doubt, it wasn’t a tree but an anthill. Furthermore, there’s one with a height that reached up to 800m. The sight even makes Lalit mutter impossible.

Even now, there are many 「Carrion ants」 patrolling, searching for prey. Although it was not a threat if there was only one ant and up to the 60F it wasn’t a big deal. But in this colony, if you attacked one, thousands of them will come out. Looking at the size of the anthill and the amount of ant holes around, it wasn’t a wise thing to do.

There were also 「anthill soldier」 and 「ant queen」 which gives birth to countless 「ant larvae」 inside the anthill which was heavily guarded and they will eliminate any threat that comes close to their nest. Once a fight happens, one can imagine how many ants will come out.

“Everyone, if we’re forced to engage in a battle, don’t ever hit the ants on their upper abdomen where their odor glands are. What we should do is constrain the ants with water magic. If you are forced, try to cut their neck and torso. Rear guard should prepare to heal any other vanguard that is injured. If we defeat an ant, quickly inform me so I can dismantle their odor glands before they re-lease their pheromone and call other ants. Do you understand?”

There are also several ways to deal with the odor glands and to fight the ants. One of it is to freeze the odor glands with ice spell or even fire to vaporize the pheromone. It will be all good if it was done be-fore the other ants catch the smell but it must be done really quickly. So, slowly, they move as a group and tried to take the shortest path while defeating the smallest amount of enemies.
Led by Kennett, the party was slowly moving forward.

“Kennett, do you want me to take the lead?”
“Jimugo, why?”
“I’m also a scout, so I wonder why Lalit is trusted so much even though he is an outsider? And the strategy, this time, is relying on him as the core. I also can do something like taking out the odor glands.”
“Leader, I also think the same thing.”
Some of the members also spoke but hearing that, Kennett only raised both hands and smiled.
“It might have aroused everyone’s curiosity. Those of you who’s also in a scout position and can do 【stripping】 are a lot. But there’s one thing that becomes his advantages. He is a male. You are all fe-male. It will be too dangerous and let us let Lalit do that.”
“I know but…”
“I didn’t say that girls can’t be a scout but it was too dangerous and, this time, let Lalit do the job.”
When they hear that, some of the men put an uncomfortable face and the ladies in reverse have a bright look and they put more confidence in their leader.
“Hehe, if that’s cleared up, I think that you guys also understand that Lalit skill is needed and he agreed to take the front position without being scared. Isn’t that right Lalit?”
Kennett looked at Lalit and send a wink.

(Editor note: I’m pretty sure that Kennett is gay)

However, that kind of thing isn’t important for Lalit. Seeing the wink, half of the men reveal discomfort looking at Lalit. It’s kind of jealousy. After all, the members of the green guardian was a unity force when it comes to making a decision, only when Lalit came in their vote divided by two.

“Alright, enough talking! We need to do well today and, later on, we will have a banquet in Comer city.”
Hearing Kennett’s words, all of the ‘green guardian’ yelled in response except Lalit.

“Trap my enemy in a strong cage, don’t miss anything, layer by layer, 《Water Bind》.”
One of the Carrion ants were trapped by Kennett third rank 【Black magic】, 《Water Bind》. It was a spell that binds the enemy in a water cage so they aren’t able to move. The carrion ants tried to bite the cage that was made of water but it was futile. From the back, Dorogosu used his Battle axe and split the body in half. Afterwards, he quickly throws the carrion ants’ corpse towards Lalit.

Lalit dismantled the carrion ants’ joints and from the belly carefully looking for the odor glands. They were also able to see how impressive his skills were.

“Dorogosu-san, you can go hunt to your heart content, just be careful not to hit their odor glands in your rampage.”

“Oh right, sorry.”

“Right, just continue.”
Jimugo then came next to Dorogosu and dragged him away. Given such a cold treatment, Lalit didn’t care much. After all, he has shown the difference of ability between them yesterday. Without even given thanks or anything, Lalit was carefree. While walking away, Dorogosu was hit in the back several times by Jimugo.

After that, the party continued to hunt Carrion ants in such manner with the help of 《Water Bind》.

“It wasn’t a big deal, even I can do that much.”
Jimugo muttered that while watching Lalit dismantling the corpse.

“Leader, we’re doing good today.”

“Yeah, on this trip we have gathered 70% of the materials. It’s also because Lalit dismantled the corpses without wasting any. However…”

“What are you thinking about leader?”

“From the information I got, the number of ants here is less than normal. It wasn’t even 1/10 of what’s been reported.”

“Well, maybe they’re looking for food or moving elsewhere, after all 「Enrio of kusakai」 dungeon is big and there’s so many floor inside.”

“Yeah, I won’t worry too much about it. Just to make sure, get some people to reinforce the entrance later just in case they manage to come out of the dungeon.”


After Kennett issued the command, the rest of the party resumed the hunt. The carrion ant is a rank 6 monster but under Kennett’s 《Water Bind》 they were killed easily. Even six or eight of them at the same time can be handled easily. Kennett dealt with them one by one without any sign of rushing. The members had complete confidence in Kennett, after all, Kennett was one of the top B-rank adventurer.

“Lalit, don’t hurt your leg.”
“Fan-san, I don’t need such concern.”
Hearing those words, Fan burst out into laughter. Fan was younger than Lalit and was meddlesome so he was troubled handling Fan.
“Why Lalit?”
“Isn’t it because you and I are strangers?”
“So, we’re just strangers?”
Fan said that while giving a teasing smile and Lalit was definitely in trouble on what to do and at that time a carrion ant’s corpse was thrown to his feet.

“What are you doing Lalit? Chatting? If you got so much time why don’t you go home. Even I can do it.”
Jimugo said that as she threw the corpse but Lalit immediately realized. The corpse was split into two and on her hand was the odor glands.

“Jimugo-san… you, do you know what you have done?”
Lalit suddenly used honorific when calling her because his mind was blank. Kennett left the job to Lalit to carefully dismantle the odor glands, but at the moment Jimugo did it on her own and the odor glands were broken.
“What did I do? I don’t know anything. You won’t hurt me because of this right?”
“Fan, please inform Kennett immediately that Jimugo broke one of the odor gland.”
Fan noded and starts to run towards Kennett’s direction. Jimugo however, now looked anxious and clumsy.
“So, how long before it spread, ten minutes?”

Lalit then checked on the odor glands, it was only a small scratch.
“It’s already leaking.”
It was a small scratch but still it’s already leaking. The size was not the problem. Lalit wanted to hit Jimugo for this but this was not the time. He started to shout towards everyone.

“We have a leaking pheromone from one of the odor glands! Prepare to retreat!”
At the same time, Kennett who also received the report from Fan instructed the same.

“Everyone, listen to Lalit. Prepare to retreat.”
“Kennett-san, don’t you think Lalit is exaggerating? I perfectly dismantle -.”
Before Jimugo was able to finish the sentence, some clouds of dust could be seen in the distance, it was formed by the countless carrion corps that crawled out from the hole and was heading towards them.

“It’s because you’re clumsy. Now we got a swarm of carrion ants heading here, even carrion soldier and 「Carrion shooter」.”
Carrion shooter was different from the others. Rather than using their strong chin and attack by biting the opponent, it can spit acid from its mouth. It was also much bigger than the rest and a carrion sol-dier is able to mount on top of it like a knight on a horse.

“Fan, get everyone ready to use teleport stone.”

“Kennett-san, but if we do that…”
“There’s no time. Here, pass everyone the teleport stone.”

“Leader, the enemy is coming.”
“Alright, everyone prepare!”

Kennett cast a second rank 【Black magic】, 《Water wall》 in front of him. The 《Water wall》
Is around 5 m in height and thickness of 1m, the radius reached a tremendous 200m. The ants aren’t able to climb on top of this wall.
“Use the teleport stone now, what are you guys waiting for?”

Some of the carrion ants, seeing that they can’t climb or break through, decide to dig and try to go from under the ground. After that, the members of ‘green guardian’ were surprised since the ants suddenly crawled up from under the ground. It was like an impending nightmare.

“Quick all, retreat!”
“Fan, how many people have escaped using the teleport stone?”
“We have distributed it but there’s not enough time. We need someone to hold back the enemy.”
“Morris, you take the other to leave and use the teleport, I’ll hold them back.”
“Leader, but…”
“Please think about it carefully. Does it have to be you?”
Morris is the vice leader and, of course, he wanted to stay by Kennett’s side and share the responsibility, but the best course was by sacrificing others.

While they’re talking, one of the carrion ants was going to pounce on Kennett but Lalit threw a knife and it hits its eye.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about but this area is already covered with the smell. You should run now.”

“Why are you here? You’re only an outsider, you shouldn’t have to do this.”

“If I didn’t do this then I will hate myself.”

“Hehe, that makes me want to recruit you even more.”
In this kind of situation regardless, Kennett was laughing.

In the first place, the reason Lalit joined the ‘green guardian’ was to look for Yu, however, it seems that he will die before he is able to find him.

“Oh, you can still laugh in this kind of situation?”

“Haha, pardon me.”
Kennett then started to chant after that. It was like their last stand so the other can flee.
Jimugo too, felt bad that this situation was caused by her. She tried to kill some ants but there’s no end to them. If this went on further the other members will most likely lost hope.
Kennett at that moment was chanting rank six 【Black magic】, 《Water dragon》. When it was complete, a dragon made of water swallowed the ants and they were swept away. They were pushed back towards the 【Black magic】, 《Water wall》 where they were crushed under the pressure.

“Now… this is your chance! Use the teleport stone.”
However, Kennett’s expectations were once again betrayed as some more new ants sprung up from the ground. The number was even more than before.

“This is the end… Kennett-san… we’re dead.”
“Don’t give up Jimugo! Men! Defend and do your best!”
Even while Jimugo was crying, due to Kennett scolding, the others were also starting to wipe their tears and regain their fighting spirit again.

“Everyone, never give up. Jimugo, are you with me?”
Jimugo then regained her spirit and prepare for battle but she looked at Kennett and the others with a weird face.

“You guys, what’s wrong?”
“Look, over there Kennett-san.”
Jimugo pointed to the direction that she was looking.

It wasn’t just her and the other, all the ants were looking that way.

“What? What is happening? Even all the ants.”

Not far from them, a tremendous amount of sand cloud was produced. It can be seen that it was several thousands of ants that caused it.

“Look, carrion ants, carrion soldier, carrion spitter, more than several thousand ants. What is happening? They are all coming out from the ant hill.”

“Leader, do you have any idea of what’s happening?”

All of the ants that are battling with Kennett, immediately, are no longer interested and joined the thousands of ants flock.
“I can’t see anything. Does anyone have a 【clairvoyant】 skill?”
The man with the 【clairvoyant】 skill then used his skill to see through the sand cloud.

“There is a kid running in front of them. More importantly, he is carrying a larva. Ant queen larva! Is he going to suicide? That’s the reason all the ants are running after him.”

Lalit hearing that as if seeing lighting in a clear sky.

“You say a boy? Is his hair color black?”

“Yes yes, the kid’s hair is certainly black. But he is alone.”

The ‘green guardian’ show many expression, relief, delight, however, Lalit was different.

“Alright, we should use this chance to escape.”

“Kennett, can I move on my own from here?”

“Lalit, we’re going to go back to Comer and celebrate. Where do you think you’re going? Are you saying you’re going to continue alone?”

Not a single person can believe what Lalit just said. Not even Kennett.

“Everyone, thank you. It was a short time but you took good care of me. Let’s meet at a later date to drink some liquor in Comer city.”
After saying that Lalit was chasing the horde of ants with a smile. Kennett looked at his back that disappeared in a flash with a sad face.


Status Window
Name: Lalit Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin LVL: 33
HP: 832 MP: 380
Strength: 289 Agility: 351
Vitality: 201 Intelligence: 107
Magic: 83 Luck: 59
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Awareness 4 Discover Trap 4
Dagger Mastery 5(↑1) Silent Step 3
Assassination Mastery 3 Agility Up  4(↑1)
Stripping 2(!N) Night Eye  2
Weapon Throw 3(↑1)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Steal 4(↑1) Disarm Trap 4
Stalking 3 Body Enhance 3
Dagger Skills 4 Assassination Technique 3
Unlock 4 Appraisal 4(↑1)
Install Trap 4(↑1)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Bag Steal
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Damascus Dagger 4 HP Absorbtion on Attack, A Chance to Poison on Attack
Armour Black Hood 4 Increased Tolerance to Darkness
Armour Gale Jacket 4 Agility Up
Armour Thieves Gauntlets 4 Agility Up
Armour Thieves Shoes 4 Agility Up
Accessory Hidden Bracelet 5 Reduced Chance of Surprise Attack
Accessory Demon Bangles 4 Abnormal State Resistance Up
Accessory Dyed Amulet 5 Darkness Resistance Up

(Zhaernon:Tables Added)

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