TDADP chapter 129

Chapter 129: gloat man
(edited by ganjz)

After Jozu left the room with a dark face looking at the list of work that he has to do, Mussu face had a sudden change. There was no sign of his dignity and aristocracy anymore.

“Nungu, what do you think? With this, Jozu has told us about Yu’s household.”

“I think you should refrain from taking action and don’t be an enemy with Yu. That’s my advice but I’m just a butler.”

“I am thinking about Yu’s party. There was Yu, Nina, Lena, Marifa, the Elder lich, the carrion caterpillar subspecies, goblin, fairies, dryad, and in the garden there were high-level undead made using his 【specter magic】, and also some black wolf. I don’t know how powerful it was since it seemed to be ranked up recently. I wonder if we should count the children of the demi-human. Anyway, do you remember what rank was the goblin?”

“I remember Yu said that it was rank 6, weak and not suitable for combat.”
“yes, it can be considered as a weak monster of rank 6. But what to do with that elder lich? If we go, my forces will be led by Joseph, Devin Princess Lara Tonbura, blade dancer Claudia, the promised puriri, Scleractinian killer Madari, the mercenaries Yakumu, Victory bringer Lauren, Ice block Gonroya, Keeper Ranpou and the sharp Jozu. But I am not sure of Joseph will stay on our side when we are fighting with Yu.”

“Instead of a possibility, I am pretty sure that Joseph definitely will be our enemy if we’re fighting against Yu since Joseph-san seemed to be fond of him. We will be in even bigger trouble if Lara-san and Claudia-san were defending him.”

Mussu listened to Nungu words without refuting. If Joseph joined with Yu, Lara and Claudia that has a crush and are in love with Joseph will also turn their backs and the outcome can be easily imaginable.

“That is why for now I don’t suggest to turn Yu-san into Mussu-san’s enemy.”
“Nungu, it’s not that I want to be his enemy but sooner or later, Yu will become our enemy. After all, Yu is…”

“Is it because of the founding of a new country?”

Mussu confirmed by a nod and drank a glass of wine all at once instead of the milk. It was also some-thing that Yu have told to Mussu when they were discussing inside the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon.
“Do you think Houdon kingdom and the surrounding nations will allow the establishment of a new kingdom?”

“Probably not, even if it was happening it won’t be recognized since they need to have a land and resources and the new kingdom won’t have such things.”
“But the thing that Yu told us, there’s a wandering merchant. I believe that is already a rebellious act and most likely a war will break out sooner or later. I will also be forced to join since I’m a nobility. However, who is ordering that merchant I wonder.”

“I just want to believe that it won’t happen.”
Mussu also agreed that the best course is if that it doesn’t happen at all.

“Me too but the worst thing is that Yu will be our enemy if things continue like this. I don’t want that.”

At that time hearing Mussu words, Nungu can only stood in silence by his side.

As Jozu said, the harassment of the ‘crimson meteor’ clan towards Nina has been increasing. Jozu has given his report to Mussu but he isn’t ordered to do something. Jozu managed to learn that the harassment was done under Deriddo’s order.
Everytime Nina reached out her hand and try to take a request form on the quest board, someone always took it first before her. At first, they always pretend that it was only happened by chance but nowadays they do it in the open.

Behind Nina, adventurers of the ‘crimson meteor’ clan was standing by and they mocked her from time to time. This level of harassment was unbearable but despite all of that Nina still act normally.

“…Nina, aren’t you angry?”
Marifa didn’t say anything more since what she want to say is exactly the same as what Lena just asked.

Actually, Nina has talked with Joseph about it before. It was because the enemy was a big clan. If it was solved by force, it will be simple but it wasn’t that easy so Nina continued to endure based on Joseph suggestion.

Nina wasn’t a patient girl but she signaled to Lena and Marifa not to do anything. If a fight occurred, then all of her hardships enduring all of this will be nothing.

“Angry? Why?”
Lena and Marifa were stunned hearing Nina words. Although Lena and Marifa were ready to break out but they can’t even see a hint of anger on Nina’s face.

“Oh, that’s right. I’m really angry! Maybe I will hit the limit of my patience soon.”
Seeing Lena and Marifa expression, Nina pretended to be angry and ended the act in a hurry as she went up to the second floor.

“Nina, does she think it was a joke?”
“I don’t know… however we need to stick with Nina till the end.”
Marifa replied shortly and in her mind she makes it clear that she should stand on her side.

Nina then went up to the second floor and took a seat in the corner. She took out the dagger that she got recently from Woods and lined it up on the table.
It was two daggers, one made of Orichalcum and one from adamantium the similarities between the two was that they are made from black dragon fangs and claws. Even if it was hidden by the sheath, anyone can tell that it was a very sharp dagger.

But what made it special for Nina was that the dagger was made from black dragon material that Yu acquired. Even though they were separated but through the weapons which were made from black dragon material that Yu gathered made her feel a special kind of connection with Yu.

“…Nina, why are you grinning?”
“Please be careful, since it looks like an expensive equipment, someone might steal it even though we’re here.”
Lena and Marifa who came up to the second floor look at Nina appearance that was different than usual and she was actually relieved that Nina was cheering up.

“Ehehe, it’s because I’m happy right now~”
Nina then started to polishing the dagger using a piece of cloth. She was polishing it carefully until it was shiny.

However, at that moment, a red liquid coming down from above her head.

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t see you here. Earlier I am stumbled and messed up the liquor. Sorry, right now you’re soaked.”

The true identity of that red liquid was fruit wine that Tarim was drinking. The sweet smell of the fruit wine emanated from Nina body which was now wet. Even her hair was sticking to her cheeks because of the tacky of the fruit wine.

Lena was frenzied and wanted to complain to Tarim but Tarim apologized, even though while laughing and giddy. His attitude was like pouring extra fire at Lena’s anger. Even the adventurers around can’t put up with the ‘crimson meteor’ way of treating Nina. Some even shouting so Lena will go and fight.

“This dagger…is from Yu…”
Nina didn’t feel sad or dirty at all because of the fruit wine on her body. The fruit wine was sticky and caused an uncomfortable feeling. Hair stuck on the cheeks, clothes sticking to the skin. However, it all can be cleaned after a bath.

The weapon that Nina got from Yu on the other hand, armor, decoration were now dirty. It was her limit and she might let it go but what Tarim said was unforgiveable.

“Look, such a dirty dagger. It’s better if you threw it away.”

At that moment, Nina clenched the black dragon handle that was made by Woods after pouring his heart and soul on it. At that instant, it was already launched directed on Tarim’s neck.

Among the abuzz ambient, Deriddo was looking with a gloating look.

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