TDADP chapter 130

Chapter 130: 3vs3

(edited by ganjz)
(Tl note: review the last attack from Nina didn’t reach Tarim neck yet, it was directed at the neck, chapter 129 has been edited too. sorry about that.)

Nina performed 《Quick slash》 towards Tarim and just in time, he defended using his prided Damascus steel shield. Tarim was a member of the ‘crimson meteor’ clan and was an expert on using the shield. Using his experience, it was easy for him to defend from Nina’s attack.
However, the next scene shocked everyone. Tarim Damascus shield has been torn in two. All the adventurers around can’t hide their shock from this. There are many C rank and above adventurers present. They all knew the hardness of Damascus steel. Even a shabby armor made from Damascus steel, the hardness was more than enough to be called reliable. That’s why the scene where Nina dagger easily split the Damascus shield was spectacular. The onlookers were witnessing some kind of incredible scene.

On the other hand, Tarim managed to defend himself from Nina’s attack using the shield but there was still some scratch about 15cm long on his hand.
“You… your dagger cut through my shield?”
Tarim was surpriced, because it was a shield that he was so proud of. Nina called her dagger black dragon fang and black dragon claw respectively from the one on his right and left. She pulled back the black dragon fang and the black dragon claw was ready to be launched.

Without even a hint hesitation, Nina launched the attack at his fatal point. Tarim noticed it a little bit too slow. At that time, anyone knew that his late reaction will mean his death. The black dragon claw was now coming at him but rose flower grew from the floor and blocked the black dragon claw. One after the other roses grew until it entwined Nina body.

“You think I will let you?”

It was Deriddo fourth rank 【black magic】, 《bramble restraint》. The ‘crimson meteor’ clan was relieved seeing that Tarim was safe but other adventurers were looking at them with an unpleasant look.

“Bloodshed in adventurer’s guild is a serious violation. Nina even without a clan dares to attack Tarim of the ‘crimson meteor’ clan. Without a doubt, she was at fault and everyone here were the eye-witnesses.”

“Damn it! It was because he harassed her first.”
“It’s was some chatter, not something big.”
“It’s not just a chatter!”

Many of the adventurers around were biting their lips holding back their anger, but under Deriddo’s gaze, everyone fell silent.

On the second floor, the commotion and a glimpse of Derrido were attracting attention. Jozu silently popped and push through the silent adventurers.
“Deriddo, what is the meaning of this? On the other day aren’t you agree that you won’t step in between Nina and the ‘crimson meteor’ clan member dispute?”
Jozu was asking at Deriddo however his heart was full of insecurity. Deriddo thought for a while before answering.
“Ah, I certainly promised to the earlier that I won’t be involved but, the condition isn’t that good. So, I think I will just cancel that agreement?”

Nina was restrained by the rose plants and it doesn’t show any sign of lessening. Lena at this moment was already holding her staff and prepare to unleash her spell. Marifa still putting a straight face but from both of her arms and elbow, countless black insects were crawling and prepare to be launched at any time.

“If you bring Yu Sato in front of me, I will forgive it if he apologizes while rubbing his head on the floor.”
“…there’s no need to apologize.” (Lena)
“Are you asking for my master to apologize? You are inferior to him in every aspect, he will rather be dead than to apologize.” (Marifa)
Inside the girls’ heart, they don’t feel obliged at all to apologize.

“Oh, I would take the apology before but now, it seemed that the leader Yu Sato is running away?”
Nina killing intent raised again under Deriddo provocation. Once again he was showing a gloating look because it’s all going according to his plan.

“Joze, as you can see that this matter can’t be settled in the discussion. How about we settle it in a battle. Since we can’t do it in the adventurer’s guild, let say, we do it in the grassland. It was around 1km from the Comer city north gate. Therefore, are you agreeing? We will settle it in 3 versus 3. I don’t want to be called bullying with my clan’s number. So, are you agree or you want to turn the tail?”

“…running away? It will be good if you do it because it’s your defeat.”
“As Lena said it. You guys better be prepared to run away.”

Deriddo then released Nina from her constraint and soon, the battle between ‘crimson meteor’ clan and the girls will happen.

Nina without saying anything took the dagger in her hand that has a trace of fruit wine, clean it with a cloth and hugged it to her chest. Jozu felt that the situation has worsened but the worst was yet to come. The ‘crimson meteor’ was the largest clan in Comer city. In order to keep their powerhouse, they kept on recruiting rookie adventurers from surrounding village. Now, the total number of their member is exceeding two hundred.

On the grassland on the north of Comer city, the ‘crimson meteor’ clan adventurers are already gathering. However, there was no sign of Siam and his two lackey. They were busy training around the dungeon in Houdon kingdom. Aside from them, ‘crimson meteor’ clan member that were not present are only around forty people which were busy doing quest.

“Deriddo-san, do you want me to participate?”
“No, do you want to do the dirty work?”
Tarim won’t differentiate even if he was facing woman or children however the decision was on Deriddo as the acting leader. Tarim himself know that he has harassed Nina but now his shield is broken so he is not allowed to say something else.
“Deriddo-san, they are coming. But what’s with that number of people?”

The ‘crimson meteor’ clan members behind Deriddo were faltering seeing the number of adventurers that were coming behind Nina. The number is approximately five hundred people.

“Kukuku, it’s as planned. They are just small clans that are trying to lure them in.”
Once again Deriddo gave a gloating look while rising his glasses using his middle finger.

Inside Comer city adventurer’s guild, it was always crowded however at the moment it was as if it was closed. Collet has heard of what’s happening from another receptionist that is why she is in a bad mood. She wanted to go but with such a strong sense of responsibility, Collet can’t abandon the workplace. Only cold hearted one like Rebecca saying “Collet, I will leave for a while” without thinking much and following after Nina.

“Uuh… I’m also worried about Nina.”
At that time, Collet heard the sound of adventurer’s guild door opened. Collet tried to cheer herself up by giving a greeting.

“La, Lalit? You’ve returned?”
Lalit suddenly disappeared from the guild and no one knew where he went. As if seeing a ghost, Collet confirmed several times until she accepted the fact that indeed it was Lalit. However, Lalit’s expression was disheartened.

“I’m a useless guy… leave me alone.”
“No, there’s something more important!”
“No, I want to hide… Collet-chan, please hide me.”
“Don’t joke around! Nina is in a dangerous situation!”
Lalit hearing the words about Nina immediately shocked as if his eyes going to come out. After that, he listened to what happened from Collet.

“I won’t allow this… ‘Crimson meteor’ clan, those bastards! If they dare to do harm Nina-chan.”
“Anyway Lalit, they are in the grassland in the north of Comer city gate. Do you also know where Joseph is? Hey Lalit, wait!”
Without even a second of delay, Lalit came out from the adventurer guild. He even opened the door by force and causing it to break while ran and left behind a cloud of dust.

“If only Yu-san was around at times like this, everything will be okay…”

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  3. That last line… I want to interpret it as Lalit is on his way to get Yu somehow, but maybe that’s just me wanting Yu to come back and kill that annoying guild 😦 … well, who knows, maybe Yu told Lalit a way to contact him if something happens to his party…
    And didn’t it take Lalit far too long to come back? He met Yu when he was still in a B rank dungeon and now Yu is on the 77th floor+ of an A rank dungeon(based on 2 chapters back)…
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