TDADP chapter 131

Chapter 131: mask
(edited by ganjz)

“You all, what do you want coming here?”
The ‘crimson meteor’ clan members were screaming towards the group of adventurers that were grouping behind Nina.

“Speak for yourself! It’s not like we’re not allowed to come here. We are only here to see just in case you’re doing something cowardly like bullying my Lena-chan!”
The fans of Lena spoke out and it was clear that they are not a clan that backing them up but the fans club. People from other fans club, Nina and Marifa faction was spouting things like “You guys are ugly” or “perverted men” towards the ‘crimson meteor’ clan.

“Hey, they are not our opponents. Anyway, we just need to win the battle and they can’t do anything. Since it was 3 vs 3 , only two win is enough. It’s simple. Even if you’re now only an outer member of the clan, if you win you’ll be promoted to an inner member.”
On Deriddo words, that the winner will be promoted to the inner circle made the member of ‘crimson clan’ elated. Nina battle opponents will be Tarim, everyone can tell that. However, Lena and Marifa opponents were still not decided so everyone wanted this chance or at least take this opportunity to be promoted, but what’s going to happen if they lose?

“So, stop your bullshit and battle. You guys are only hiding behind Nina. You don’t even dare to offend us directly.”
The ‘crimson meteor’ clan showed some bossy attitude.

“Are you saying that we’re afraid? We’re not.”
Those words were said by Brit of the ‘steel’ clan. Not far from him you also can see Eckart and Muga.
(TL note: muga appear in chapter 63 for more details, Eckart is there on C rank test and Brit at marifa first dungeon chapter 68-71)

The words from Deriddo was like a threat but Brit and others didn’t care even when they received glares from the ‘crimson meteor’ clan members.

“So, Nina, if we defeated you, you will also have to join to our clan. How about that? And all the people behind you too.”
Of course, this was also Deriddo’s hidden plan. If Nina joined the ‘crimson meteor’ clan, it will be clear that other adventurers can’t interfere again with their own clan member management. At this time, Deriddo also examining the people that were gathering behind Nina and the girls. It was an unbelievable amount of people to be gathered in such short amount of time.

Of course, he didn’t know that it was actually Nina, Lena and Marifa fans. The number of people was so varied, from merchants to adventurers, from mercenaries to high-rank adventurers and it was like of a mix of every clan. So Deriddo can only think that there was someone that is pulling all the strings behind them,

But if they agree to the condition and becoming a part of ‘crimson meteor’ clan later, with the addition of around five hundred more people, ‘crimson meteor’ clan will be a much bigger powerhouse and they can expand their influence even more further throughout the Houdon kingdom with their numbers. If that happens, fame and glory is possible to be achieved by utilizing the momentum.

“If Nina and the girl lose we need to join the ‘crimson meteor’? it’s a damn trap.”

The one who said that was Cerro, he was a high-rank adventurer but also a mercenary.

“Oh, you talk big about supporting but deep down you also don’t believe in Nina? If you don’t have the guts, you better be silence. You guys are just cowards.”
Of course, those who came with Nina, there were a high-rank adventurer but they know that this is not their battle.

Deriddo was of course giving no chance to reject the request, in this case, he took a glance at Nina to see her reaction but she didn’t seem to have any intention to say anything. More importantly, Marifa and Lena seemed to be prepared to go to battle anytime.

“Fiuh, I’m glad I make it in time. All of you, what do you think you’re doing? Please stop it now.”
It was Mussu that come and appeared from the side of the two warring factions. Behind him Nungu, Joseph and Lalit can be seen.

“Deriddo-san, sorry for the wait, Joseph is now here. If you want, you can ask about what happened to him.”

“Hahaha, Mussu-san the matter about Joseph we can talk about it later. This is another problem that isn’t related to that.”
Deriddo looks at Joseph with hostility and it was clear that there was some kind of dispute between them but Joseph ignored it.

“Jozu, are you there, come and explain to me.” (Joseph)
At that time when Mussu appeared, Jozu who has been hiding all this time was grabbed by Joseph on the neck.
“So, what’s the story?” (Joseph)
“It was probably another attempt to find out where is Yu.” (Jozu)
“Do you think I don’t know? Don’t lie to me.” (Joseph)
“I,I’m not. You can ask Claudia. I met her when she was shopping.” (Jozu)
Jozu quickly said what is in his mind.
“Alright, I’ll confirm it later.” (Joseph)
The pressure coming from Joseph on his neck made him want to vomit, it was even hard to breathe and he want to lose his consciousness.

“Lalit, and where are you all this time? You’ve been missing!” (Joseph)
Joseph also doesn’t miss the fact that Lalit is there.
“Joseph, I just returned from searching where is Yu. Let’s talk about it later.” (Lalit)
“This is bad. If the ‘crimson meteor’ clan does something to Nina-chan, even Yu won’t stay quiet.” (Joseph)
“That moron doesn’t even worry about offending a whole clan. Even if it was you, Joseph, he won’t hesitate to fight.” (Lalit)
Lalit than glanced sideway but Joseph now was looking at Deriddo.
“It’s useless to argue now.”
“that’s right, Lalit.”

Deriddo and Mussu now were looking at each other.
“I am asking; do you have any intention to stop the fight?” (Mussu)

“Mussu Earl, if we stopped now, we will lose our reputation so I’m sorry I don’t have that intention. Considering that the ‘crimson meteor’ is a big clan, we have our pride to uphold.” (Deriddo)

“I didn’t mean it like that. But it will be a trouble.” (Mussu)

“What trouble? You’re making us lose face here.” (Deriddo)

“worse than losing face. If Yu knew about it, it will be serious.” (Mussu)

“Yu? Yu Sato? He is no longer staying in Comer city.” (Deriddo)
Although Mussu was trying his best to calm it down but he didn’t think Deriddo will change his mind.

“We can’t waste time like this. We need to prepare.” (Deriddo)

After that, Deriddo is talking to the clan.
“Marifa is D rank but we can’t get complacent. Raigo, come out!”

Mussu that heard that noticed.
“Lalit, Marifa opponent will be C rank adventurer Raigo.”

The one that was called forward by Deriddo is C rank adventurer Raigo. His job is 「Gladiator」 and 「Light Swordsman」, a typical melee combatant.

“Raigo, the enemy is a 「Tamer」 and 「Insect master」. Do you know what you have to do?”

“Leave it to me. I’ve fought several times against tamers and insect masters. Certainly the insects going to be annoying but I can deal with it using the basic technique.”
Hearing Raigo words, Deriddo made a smile.

After all, Deriddo has a magic tool that is equipped with 【Appraisal LV5】. Deriddo has been examining Marifa’s status using the glasses power and determined that her skill isn’t losing from Raigo. However since the two demons that Marifa tamed also has some dangerous skill, he also explained about it to Raigo.

“Joseph, can you stop holding my neck?”
It was spoken in a sorry voice because he has been strangled all along.
“Oh, what are you going to do? Are you going to sneak again and try to attack someone?”
After that, Joseph increased the pressure and while foaming Jozu muttered and lost his consciousness.
(Who even want to fight with a muscle brain like you?)

“Miss-chan you better be prepared.”

“Are you talking to me? You’re the one who should be prepared. If we win, we want the whole ‘crimson meteor’ clan to give Nina apologies and you should dissemble your clan. If you can’t do that, I won’t feel content as my Master’s subordinate.”

“This, this is amazing!”
Those who heard Marifa’s words is cheering and excited. Even a girl was showing her bravery, they can’t be losing to her.

The ‘crimson meteor’ clan member was starting to curse at Marifa after hearing that. At that time, even Lena was cheering for Marifa but soon she noticed that there is a strange person wearing a weird equipment standing next to her. However, no matter what that person was wearing, she knows who it is. The helmet made from bamboo cover the person face entirely but Lena knew well.
“…Kuro do you think you can hide with that?”
“Lena-dono, this is something made to show my mark.”
“…mark? What is that?”
“I think I can be a hero in bamboo mask.”
Lena thought that it was stupid for her to ask about it in the first place. Since the battle between Marifa and Raigo were about to begin, she started to cheer and didn’t listen to Kuro again.

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