TDADP chapter 132

Chapter 132: The strength
Edited by BigYoshi and ganjz
Raigo was using a weird sword called Shamshir and it was made from Mithril. As preparation, he exercises and swiftly performed some moves. The sword tore through the air and it was easy to discern that Raigo’s ability was exceptional.

Raigo calmly walked towards Marifa.

“Is this all? You’re going alone?”

It wasn’t only Raigo, Marifa’s words shocked everyone. They were showing an expression asking what are you saying because everyone understood what the meaning of her question was. Even Raigo was now standing a with red face full of anger.

“Alone? Do you think I need others to help?”

“Then, don’t make an excuse later. I already offered you to get some help-“

Raigo launched an attack to stop Marifa from completing her sentence. Of course, everyone was surprised because it can be considered as a sly attack but they can’t complain to anyone. This was not a formal battle like Knights do. There were no rules or referee here. Even life and death can happen in this battle.

The shamshir was directed towards Marifa’s neck. It will be the end. Once the sword rested in her neck, she won’t have any other option than surrendering. Secretly in his heart Raigo thought that it would be an easy job, however those thoughts were overridden when the sound of his sword clashing with another metal could be heard.

Raigo quickly stepped back and look towards Marifa. In front of Marifa, a black wall existed.

“What is that?”

The true identity of the black wall is 「Fog flying ants」 that lived in the deepest layer of 「Wood Garden」 dungeon. Despite their small size, they were heavy and their body are as hard as steel. Such an attack will be easily deflected by them. That is how the attack was stopped just now.

“So, you’re just a coward and your attack is bad.”

At that moment, Raigo targeted the gap between the ants using 【sword skill】, 《disturbance thrust》. It managed to break through the ants’ defenses however Marifa wasn’t there anymore. She was already ten meters away while riding on top of Coro.

“That’s quick.”

“This can’t even be considered as life threatening battle. I am surprised that you are so weak.”

Raigo realized what Marifa meant when she said that. He felt some pressure and in the next second, there was a pain coming from the back of his neck. It was torn off and there was a big wound. Raigo also look at his hand and screamed.
His hand was swelling up as big as 20 cm and in the middle of it, there was a small bite wound from an insect.

“Can I give you some advice? It is better that you take care of that wound or you will bleed to death.”

Raigo quickly sat down, and took out some ointment and he even kneaded some herbs. He treated the wounds on his neck and arms. Raigo, at first, thought this battle would finish quickly and it would be him who had the upperhand, however, the result was reversed and he can’t even do anything.

“Did you think you can win just like that? I will now be serious.”
Although Raigo said that, his appearance was awkward and the ‘crimson meteor’ clan members could only look at him worriedly. Raigo was now filled with anger. He didn’t realize that there was a white fog drifting nearing his feet. The true identity of the white fog was none other than the 「cloud panther」. Raigo had heard from Deriddo before the battle that there was a cloud panther Marifa had tamed. It wasn’t like any ordinary cloud panther; it has a special skill 【sea of cloud】. It has an ability to manipulate clouds. The clouds will make any detection and 【awareness】 skill unusable inside the sea of clouds. It can be a hiding place and if you are trapped inside, it is clear that the enemy will be the one that gains the upper hands.

The sea of cloud has spread several tens meters and it has piled up to the height of Raigo waist. Raigo realized that it was an obvious defeat. Facing Marifa under such circumstances, he can only feel a sense of panic rising.

Something suddenly approached him. His ankles are now wrapped by Orchid’s long tail. (Tl note: orchid is the name of the cloud panther)
Raigo tried to attack Orchid but under the sea of cloud, there was no way for him to find where is Orchid. At the same time, a black arrow came aimed at him. Raigo used his hand to grab the arrow and stop it.

“Bow skill of this degree, do you think- Gya!”
Raigo couldn’t finish his sentence.

“There’s nothing more stupid than grabbing my arrow.”
The true identity of the black arrow is a normal arrow that is covered with 「bullet ants」.
After that, the cry of Raigo that was attacked by the bullet ants’ poison could be heard. It was screeching and echoed around. Raigo wanted to push away the bullet ants using 【body enhance】. However, it was too late. His whole body had been bitten by the bullet ants and the poison was going to react soon.

Marifa calmly walked towards Raigo that can’t move because of the poison.
“Do you want to continue?”
“What? I can’t hear you.”
“I surrender…”
The first battle of ‘crimson meteor’ against a name less girl resulted in complete victory. Of course Marifa’s fans were cheering and dancing. After all, Marifa showed them her overwhelming strength. On the other hand, the ‘crimson meteor’ clan can only look and glare at Nina and the rest.

The smile from Deriddo’s face immediately disappeared. After all, Marifa officially was only a D rank adventurer and she only has two monster by her side. What made Deriddo despise her even more was she actually won by using the insects and Raigo couldn’t even put up a fight.

Next, the opponent will be Lena since she was prepared to go already. This time Deriddo was putting extra caution because he feels some anxiety. Once again he takes a look at Nina’s status using the magic glasses like what he did to Marifa. However, this time the magic tool was not successful after all Lena is always keeping up 【Barrier】 that is blocking it. The glasses have 【Appraisal LV5】 but still can’t tell.

“Kota, you go next.”

“Deriddo-san, the opponent this time is only C rank. Aren’t you afraid that people will call us cowards?”
“I rather be called that than have the ‘crimson meteor’ clan disbanded. Are you going against my order?”
“Ah, no. Alright, I’ll go.”
Lalit saw that Kota was the one that was going to battle next.
“That is Kota. He is a B rank that specializes in damage output.”
“Derrido is sending out B ranker, do you think Lena will lose?”
“Lena-chan will not necessarily lose, however, it will be bad if Kota injures Lena. If that happens, I will send him to hell.”

Lena and Kota are now standing 30m away from each other however it was already within each other’s killing zone.

“Miss-chan, don’t think bad of me but this is the vice-leader’s instruction. Please.”
“…rather than talking. I will defeat you.”
Kota gathered some magic power and took out his own staff. Without even chanting, his magic was completed. It was the fourth rank 【black magic】, 《explosion》. Even though it was only fourth rank magic, the scariest factor was the speed that exceeds other B ranks.

“Joseph, although Lena can chant so fast, but this time he did it without chanting? Or is it only my imagination and he actually had it prepared before?”
“be quiet and just watch.”

Kota actually does what Mussu thought. Lena also knew that Kota is able to use 【no chanting】 skill and in this kind of battle between magic, it was obvious that victory and defeat was decided by who can cast their skill faster. However, Lena was still standing there expressionless.

“Miss, my magic has been completed. Will you surrender or die?”
“…is that the best you can do?”
Hearing Lena’s words, Kota’s pride as a B ranker was hurt.

“Don’t blame me if you die!”
When the 《explosion》 skill was launched towards Lena, Nungu and Jozu (editors note: i thought Jozu passed out?) had already come in front of Mussu to protect him. The 《explosion》 made contact with Lena’s 【Barrier】 and the ground around it turned up by the blast. Causing some dust cloud to formed. When the dust was cleared, Lena was still standing there unmoved.

“My, that explosion was stopped by the 【Barrier】?”
Lena’s fans were all ecstatic. They are shouting that little girl is the best. Of course, Lena didn’t miss the fans reaction and paid their expectation.

“…now it’s my turn. Pumpkin hat…”
Lena then took out a pumpkin hat from her item bag. The other was looking, but she did that surely not for a joke. The men of Lena’s fans however were excited, Lena looked so cute with her pumpkin hat and so lovely.
“Kota, what are you doing? Prepare another magic!”
“This is… miss-chan’s power suddenly increased!”
Kota was trying to unleash his strongest spell but he was surprised looking at the enormous magical power that has gathered at the end of Lena’s milled staff. Kota was in panic and tried to chant another stronger spell.

“Stupid. He’s panicking seeing the opponent’s spell.”
Kota who’s been acting strange seeing Lena’s magic can’t be missed by Deriddo.

Kota started casting after Lena but the spell was completed at the same time. It showed just how fast Kota was with his chanting and he really deserved respect.

Kota’s magic was sixth rank 【black magic】 《Heavy Blizzard》. Lena’s magic was sixth rank 【black magic】, 《Dancing Thunder》 however under the pumpkin hat’s ability, the mana consumption was increased by ten-fold for the price of increasing the magic by one rank. The result of that pumpkin hat, Lena is unleashing seventh rank 【black magic】, 《Wind and Thunder》.

In front of Lena, a huge ice spear filled the view. It was as if a wall of ice was coming and approaching her. Lena wasn’t worried, however, the spectators were screaming. Lena only focused on her own spell so it will hit.

Disaster was the exact words to describe it.
Thunder and wind came raging from Lena staff and in an instant blew away the ice wall. After seeing his best magic beaten, Kota quickly made a hole in the ground using earth spell and hid in it. He was saved in a nick of time.

The thunder and wind was raging and violently moved pass the top of the hole where Kota is hiding and was now heading towards Deriddo.

“It will hit Deriddo-san.”

“There is not enough time to escape. Raise the 【barrier】!”
“Are you stupid? Do you think that 【barrier】 can stop it?”
The members of ‘crimson meteor’ clan are now in panic. They are even trying to flee before Deriddo escaped.

“Don’t panic. All stand behind me.”
Deriddo’s words made the ‘crimson meteor’ clan members regain their composure and stand behind him.
Deriddo casted Seventh rank 【Spirit magic】, 《world tree》. It was a tree that protects everything underneath it’s branch. It then defended against the 《Wind and Thunder》. The tree shuddered and there was an echo of fierce abnormal noise as if the wood was being carved with a sharp knife. The 《world tree》 was now competing against 《Wind and Thunder》.
The ‘crimson meteor’ clan members were relieved and truly Deriddo was worthy to be praised. When the 《world tree》 disappeared, Lena was already standing in front of the hole where Kota was hiding. From the hole, a figure of a man can be seen, that seems to be surrendering.
“Well… does that mean we lost?”
“It’s a lie right? Does it mean… the ‘crimson meteor’ clan will be disband?”

Of course one by one the members of the ‘crimson meteor’ clan were shocked. Even Deriddo. He never imagined that the clan will lose to three girls. He was already dreaming about the plan when those people joined the clan. Deriddo who didn’t think that it was possible became stunned. Even Lalit’s voice that was declaring victory of Nina’s side can’t be heard by him anymore.

At this point, Nina is standing in front of Deriddo.
“So… this battle is over and it’s my win.”
The girls that didn’t even speak a word since the battle started were now speaking with a hint of anger.

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