TDADP chapter 133

Chapter 133: who is coming?
Edited by BigYoshi and ganjz
After listening to Nina’s words, Tarim tried to move and strangle Nina using strings made of magic. However Nina suddenly appeared from below Tarim’s feet and executed 【dagger skill】, 《Shining strike》 directly at him. Nina was the center of attention as she suddenly disappeared from in front of Deriddo. Nungu and Joseph couldn’t even follow her movement.

Deriddo was the only one who realized what happened and tried to stop Nina. He was using rank 4【spirit magic】, 《bramble restraint》.
(Tl note: previous time it was black magic but it seemed the author change it to spirit magic)
However, Nina easily cut the roses that were growing using the black dragon fang on her left hand. The dagger sharpness combined with Nina’s strength easily break through the spell. After that Deriddo still tried to stop her by triggering rank 5 【spirit magic】, 《Rose Shield》.
It sprouted between Tarim and Nina as if to separated them by force. Nina didn’t care as her right hand was still executing 《Shining strike》 and at that point the black dragon claw in her right hand collided with the wall of roses, something incredible occurs.

Some parts of the 《Rose Shield》 disappeared. The 《Shining strike》 goes through he wall of roses.

(What happened? Is it a chant failure? Such a thing, I can’t believe it.”

At first, that is what Deriddo thought. A failure in chanting but he also wasn’t sure since Deriddo has a passive skill of 【no chanting】. Derrido can activate magic without requiring a chant so failing the chant procedures wasn’t an option.

At this time, Nina’s 《Shining strike》 was on its way towards Tarim neck. But the short time that Deriddo made for him was enough for him to raise his shield. Once again Tarim raised a shield and the dagger that was made from Damascus steel met a wall. It was only by luck that the black dragon claw dagger was caught in the middle of splitting the shield in two and rested there.

Really, it was only because of Tarim’s good luck that he was able to escape his death. It wasn’t because of Tarim skill, also not because of Deriddo that made the opportunity. Nina’s attack was stopped because it merely got caught on the shield. It was Tarim’s luck that he was able to escape without scratches as the black dragon claw now retracted from the shield.

A small cut from the black dragon claw dagger was enough to even kill a man. Right now it was coated with a powerful neurotoxin and will cause a person to bleed. A few minutes later if it wasn’t treated by a high level 【white magic】 or 【sacred magic】, the person will most likely be dead.

The ‘crimson meteor’ clan member has now realized the situation and trying to stop Nina in a hurry. Nina on the other hand already prepared to launch the next attack. She twisted her body and her back was facing Tarim. She drew both the black dragon fangs and black dragon claw in front and utilizing another 【dagger skill】, 《Spinning double sword strike》.
The ‘crimson meteor’ clan looked at Nina and her unnatural action, they realized that Nina is trying to do something as the 【dagger skill】 was going to be triggered.

At that time, however, a weird sound can be heard. Deriddo as a dark elf with excellent hearing couldn’t miss this thing.

The location of the source of the sound was near where the Nina followers are standing. The sound caused people to close their ears. It was like a cursed sound. The sound of countless glass and bottles being broken. Nina only heard it once but she could never have forgotten about it. On that day, it has been burned on her mind.

“What happened? This girl suddenly stopped moving.”

“Did she get scared?”

“No, wait, something is wrong. Over there!”

The ‘crimson meteor’ clan one by one noticed it. The adventurers and mercenaries that were rooting for Nina have taken out their weapons and scattered around making a circle. The people only know the rumor about it but they won’t mistake it. It was a special skill 【Open Gate】. Nobody knows what was going to come out from this gate and no one knew how much damage will be caused.

The crack in space became bigger and bigger, from a hole until it became an empty, vacant lot. Everyone was nervous from the bottom of their heart. They don’t know where the other gate was connected to and can only hope it wasn’t somewhere dangerous.

However, there were some people that were thinking differently than the others. Nungu and Mussu that were tense before were now smiling. Joseph only stared because he knew a demon may appear, Jozu was putting up an unpleasant expression while Kuro was kneeling.

“Something came out!”

One of the adventurers was shouting. His hand was gripping his weapon so hard that the color of his arm was changing.

Not long after, a hand came out from inside the gate. A normal hand will be full of flesh, skin, however, what came out is only bones, bare bones.

Seeing that hand, everyone felt horror and despair since it might be connected to a dungeon. Followed after is the skeleton’s face. In the place where the eyes should be located, it was changed by two red mysterious light. The skeleton wore a robe and it turns out to be an elder lich.

The voice wasn’t a scream anymore; it was like a sign of giving up. After all, elder lich is a powerful monster. Just a single glance and everyone knew how powerful it was. Who can blame them? If the first monster that came out was an elder lich, who knows what powerful monster will come out later.

Low-level adventurers around the gate can feel cold sweat dripping and just by the gaze of the elder lich, it was as if there is something gripped their hearts. The next scene makes everyone even more surprised. The elder lich was kneeling towards the gate. As if it was waiting for a king.

“Why is it acting like that!”
“I don’t know but you listen to me! That elder lich is kneeling! Don’t you think a more powerful monster will come out?”
“A stronger monster than elder lich?”
“It must be a demon lord.”
The face of everyone around turned ugly. They know that if they make a single mistake, they will be minced to pieces.

“Master, it’s okay. There are only some small fish around here.”
The Elder lich spoke and it wasn’t uncommon. Many high raking magicians that studied monsters knew that elder lich was intelligent. As a high-level monster, it can even command many undead under it. But that sentence only increased the horror. The elder lich was calling for its master. Only those who knew about the lich including Lalit don’t felt worried.

“Is that true? Aren’t you exaggerating?”
“No, there will be no one here that could harm you.”
“Alright then please for a bit. I will come out.”

“… that voice.”
“I am not sure but…”
When hearing the voice that was coming from inside the gate was a boy, Joseph ears begun twitching. Marifa, her body was trembling. Lena was using her staff to support her body to stand.

“Shiro, I told you, shiro, wait! Ah, Odono-san, wait!”

From the gate, a boy emerges along with a couple figures. However, the voice that was coming from the gate sounded familiar and made people wanted to see who that boy is.

“So, it seems like we have finished leveling.”
“I still need around 5-6 percent more.”
“Yes, master.”

After knowing that it was Yu, Marifa immediately ran to his direction but she was blocked by the elder lich.

“Back away or I’ll kill you.”

“Master, is that goblin is your slave too? A goblin is useless, from now on you only need me to protect you and you will be safe.”
“Are you saying that I’m useless? A pile of bones like you, do you want me to send you back to the netherworld?” (kuro)

“Russ, stop that.”
The elder lich who was quarelling with Marifa and Kuro stopped when his name was called. Yu was not really worried as he looked at the three and then look at the crowd and found Lalit.

“Lalit, where are Nina and Lena?”

“They are over there. But I advise you to not do anything.”

Yu walked towards Nina and Lena. On the way, his gaze met with Joseph and nods. It was as if Joseph was saying that he has kept his promise. Then Yu walked again ignoring him.

“Aren’t you going to say anything to me?”
The first one that he approached was Lena. He noticed that she was trembling and on top of her head, she was wearing the pumpkin hat that increases mana consumption.
“Ah, it seemes that we have to talk later.”

When Lena heard that she was confused and looked at Yu. Behind Lena, the ‘crimson meteor’ clan member was approaching. In the front was Tarim that was running towards him while shouting.

“That black hair. It’s the brat, Yu Sato! You can’t run away now.”
Tarim was still holding the damaged Damascus shield and utilizing 【shield technique】, 《Shield charge》.

Russ who was standing on the side could hardly catch Yu’s mutter. The next seconds, everyone is thinking that Yu will be hit, but in fact, Tarim is now moving across the air. Tarim’s physique was like a giant. 264cm tall and weighing around 250 kg. If all of the equipment was taken into consideration, he easily exceeded 300kg, but right now he was blown away in the air.
Everyone can only see how high was he was blown away by the only thing that they can hear were Tarim’s screams. The next second, a tremor occurred with a large hole made in the ground. Tarim was in the center of that hole faintly breathing. The shield of Damascus now has a hole in it. On the mithril armor that he wore, there is a mark in the shape of a fist.

“Hey, it’s only a joke right?”

Everyone knew how strong Tarim was. He was a C rank adventurer and with his robust physique, his strength isn’t so bad but at this moment, he was one shotted by a punch. Every one of the ‘crimson meteor’ clan was stunned. From the gap of the horde of ‘crimson meteor’ clan, Nina can be seen.

As if she doesn’t believe it, Nina called him many times. Suddenly she sprinted forward and charged with confidence.

“Oh, is she your friend master? I was just about to stop her.”
At that point, Nina was running as fast as she can. She was stumbling and fell many times because she was in such a rush and the grassland was now covered in mud due to Lena’s magic clash. However, she doesn’t care and kept on moving forward after each fall. Finally, she found Yu and jumped straight at him.

“Huwaa… Yu! Yu! Yu is back…Huwaaa..!”

While hugging Yu, Nina’s face was now full of tears and runny nose as she kept on hugging Yu. Those who looked at this scene felt a bit of warmth in their heart and couldn’t help but let out a few drop of tears. However, it doesn’t apply to everyone. The ‘crimson meteor’ clan members don’t know about the circumstances.

“Nina, why are you crying?”

Soon, ever since the ‘crimson meteor’ clan was established, they will meet their biggest crisis.

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