TDADP chapter 138

Chapter 138: comforting marifa
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*crackle crackle* (sfx for burning fire)

grilled under the low heat carefully, the meat was slowly turning into a wonderful color and there’s a sizzling sound coming from it. Along with the sound, there was a mouthwatering smell emanating from it and those who were waiting for the meal can only endured while swallowing their saliva.

“Marifa, I hope this can satisfy you.”
“Certainly master.”
Marifa said that as she received a piece of steak from Yu and he continued down the table. It was a heavy meal for normal people to eat steak but for adventurers, they needed the energy to support their daily activities. Nina and Lena gave a joyful smile when the meat was placed on their plates.

“Awesome! To eat a steak in the morning and this is the meat of 「Minotaur」
from the 「Devil’s prison」.”
Joseph exclaimed in a loud voice as he received his portion.

“Joseph can’t you eat a little quiet? You ruined the taste, not only the steak of the minotaur that should be praised. The potato and corn, the vegetables in the salad, these are of the top quality and can’t be find in the market anywhere. The choice of bread is also good. Wine please…”

Nungu who heard that immediately pour the wine for Mussu, Joseph on the other hand attempting to have some wine too. of course when Yu gave the steak to Mussu and Joseph earlier he frowned a bit because both of them were not invited. Marifa’s ear on the other hand were keep twitching.

“Both of you… what are you doing here?”
Yu spoke it with a flat tone but it showed a hint of an anger.

“Hahaha, I was bored and I decided to come here to eat good food.”
“As Joseph said. It’s for food.”
In a blink of an eye, without no sound Russ was already kneeling in front of Yu.
“Master, if you want I can eliminate these guys that comes without invitation.”

“Odono-san, how long till it’s my turn to get the meat?”
Namari could no longer be patient and shouted. Yu can only shrugged his shoulder and move.

“Here, you can eat this.”
“Yes! Thank you!”
At the moment Yu was still stuck behind Namari while Russ was saying “brats” but Namari without caring for anything started to eat.

“Yu, this meat is delicious!” (Nina)
“…there’s a delicious gravy on each bite.” (Lena)
“Here, you should eat the vegetables too.” (Yu)
Lena has been avoiding the vegetables but when a bowl of salad was presented by Yu, she can only puff her cheek. However after a small taste, she realized that it was a delicious salad and she continued to eat it all while staring at Yu silently.
On top of Yu head, Momo is also watching Lena while eating on her own vegetables.

“You don’t need to do it.”
“No master, I insist.”
Marifa then pour water because Yu glass was empty. Nungu on the other hand refused to eat and sit with them although Yu invited him many times. Nungu remained on Mussu’s side silently.

After the sumptuous meal in the morning, Nina was resting. Lena who ate so much was sitting with Namari on the sofa while patting their bulging stomach.

Joseph and Mussu on the other hand were drinking fish sake that Yu made and some garlic bread.

“I drank so much even though it’s still early in the morning. I hope I still can get through the day, also this garlic fries are good.”
“The meal that Yu make is always good, I can’t even stop eating this garlic fries. But I think I might have drank too much.”
“yeah… me too, I need to take a break.”
Joseph then walked towards the toilet while mumbling something.

After the breakfast, Namari, Lena and Nina were now hugging Yu all over his body but there’s always some place left to touch. Marifa on the other hand refrained from doing so but she was definitely happy since her ears didn’t stop moving and twitching. Momo was also playing with Yu’s hair and getting tangled. It was only a little break time before Yu stood up and prepared to go out.

“Yu, are you going somewhere today?”
“Oh, I just need to go to the adventurer’s guild and then there’s still the deal with the merchants and lastly I’m going to visit the old man’s shop.”
“Alright, I’m coming with you~”
“No need. You and Lena can stay here.”
“No way no way~ I want to come!”
Nina was insisting and hugging Yu like a small child.

Yu then took out something out from his item bag. He took out a big book and put it on top of the table.
“…what is this book?”
Lena stared at it interestingly as she lying down on the sofa.

“This book has information for each job and class that I found. You can read it while waiting for me to come back. After you finished, you can give it to Marifa and ask her to read it.”
“Alright, I will read it.”
“It’s not only a book. Wait.”
Yu said that and took out a treasure box from his item bag. This treasure box gave off a different vibe and full of mystery. It kind of ominous.

“Yu, what is this?”
“This is a treasure box that I find and there is a trap installed in it. Nina, when I come back I want to see how far you can disarm it. Anyway this is a treasure box from a B rank dungeon. So if you make any mistakes the consequences are gravely.”

“Is this serious?”
“If you don’t want to die then please do it seriously. Russ, you erect a 【barrier】 around her and look out for her.”

“Master, I won’t go with you?”
“I can’t bring you to the city with me, Russ. There will be a commotion if I bring you with me.”
Russ then gave a low acceptance voice.
Because Russ can’t refute anything to Yu words.

“Russ is sulking. Hahaha. Master, can Namari come with you?”

“yes, you can wait for me outside.”
Namari then jumped off from the sofa and walked to the garden happily.

“Hey, about the merchant…”
“Yes, what is it Mussu-san?”
Mussu who has been leaning against the couch staring at Yu.
“Speaking of merchant, could it be someone that few years ago opened another shop in the Samantha city and in the fortress city Morigur?”
“No, I think there will be some problem later on. Because the Viscount of Cipriano from Samantha city is well known of his greed and will chase anyone that has debt to him.”

“Don’t worry, we can do something about that.”
“Anyway, his stores lately have been increasing in numbers too. More than double in number. Where did he get the money I wonder.”
“probably because the merchant has been setting up his foundation in Comer city. It can be coming from his savings.”
“I see. By the way there was a story that a dragon in Houdon Kingdom, the 「Greed Drag-on」, Maguranarusu that loved to collect treasures, I wonder if that is true.”
Mussu then drank a wine to clear his throat. Joseph who was not interested in the talk was taking another garlic fries.
“well, what does that have to do with me? It’s not like I’m looking for money or wealth.”
“There’s no connection but financial power is always an advantage, who knows that you might be interested.”
“Well, the enemy won’t care and will easily defeat you if the power only come from your wealth.
“yeah but some of the top leaders are relying on money. Anyway, about the war specula-tion before, there is a rumor of a country will be made.”
“It was only a speculation right?”
From the start till now, Mussu was still smiling and Yu maintained his emotionless face. Only Nungu realizing what may happened and looked at both of them with sad eyes.

Yu then walked towards the front door. Marifa was already standing there and Yu opened the door.
“I feel useless without Yu around.”
Nina said that many times and Marifa felt it too but she can’t say anything.

However, after Yu finished opening the door, he release his hand from the door handle and grasp Marifa’s cheek with both hand.

Marifa was panic at the sudden action but Yu was looking at her seriously.

“Are you okay? I can’t read people’s feelings but I know that there’s something wrong with you.”
Marifa has lost her confidence and been completely out of it. She was one of the first servants of Yu but she was losing to the newcomer. Realizing the situation now, Marifa was trembling, she was afraid that Yu was angry at her for being so weak.

“I also don’t know how to cheer you up. So is there anything you want me to do?”
Yu released her cheeks and next thing, he grabbed her ears and pulled it. Every time he pulled it, she shrieked a bit.
“Aah, aah.”
The voice almost like a moan and she was panting.
“Ma…master, please stop. I’m alright.”
Hearing Marifa’s words, Yu was kind of relieved. Even fighting with a high ranked monster, Yu never felt a single ounce of anxiety but seeing these girls, he was worried. After he confirmed that Marifa was alright, he walked out and Namari was waiting while playing with Corro.

“Odono-san, you’re so slow!”
“Don’t worry. We’ll go now.”
“But, what happened? Mari nee-san face is bright red.”
“um… nothing?”
After that Namari and Coro followed after Yu but kept taking a peek to Marifa that has reddened up to her ear.


Status Window
Name: Nina Levers Race Human
Job: Thief, Assassin LVL: 40
HP: 936 MP: 420
Strength: 368 Agility: 513
Vitality: 299 Intelligence: 147
Magic: 134 Luck: 22
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Awareness 6(1↑) Discover Trap 6(2↑)
Dagger Mastery 6(1↑) Silent Step 5
Dual Dagger 5(1↑) Assassination Mastery 5(1↑)
Dodge 5(1↑) Agility Up 4
Stripping 2(1↑)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Steal 2 Stealth 5
Disarm Trap 5(1↑) Stalking 5
Body Enhance 3 Dagger Skills 5(1↑)
Assassination Technique 4(1↑) Unlock 5(1↑)
Appraisal 3(!N) Install Trap 3(!N)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Ground Shrinker
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Black Dragon Claw 3 A Chance of Inflicting Poison On Attack, Pierce Damage Up
Weapon Black Dragon Fang 3 A Chance of Inflicting Paralysis On Attack, Pierce Damage Up
Armour Holy Beast Leather Headband 3 Attack Up, Defence Up, HP Recovery Up, Holy Resistance Up, Holy Elements Up
Armour Black Dragon Leather Jacket 3 Dragon Resistance Up, Defence Up, Self-Repair
Armour Gauntlet of Rotting Shell 4 Corrision Resistance Up, Strength Up
Armour High Thieves Shoes 3 Agility Up, Thieves Skills Up
Accessory Demon Bracelet 3 Strength Up
Accessory Fairy Earrings 4 Stun Resistance Up
Accessory Shadow Pendant 5 Concealment, Disguise
Accessory Dragon Bracelet 4 Ability Up
Accessory Child’s Piercing 5 Agility Up
Accessory Golden Silk Scarf 4 Physical Resistance Up, Fire and Water Resistance Up


Status Window
Name: Lena Forma Race: Human
Job: Magician, Witch LVL: 42
HP: 488 MP: 2316
Strength: 89 Agility: 121
Vitality: 119 Intelligence: 601
Magic: 647 Luck: 16
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Staff Surgery 5(↑1) Casting Speed Up 5
MP Recovery Rate Up 4 Magic Strengthening 7(↑2)
MP Consumption Halved(evolved MP Consumption Reduction) (↑)  No Chant  5(↑3)
Staff Equipped – Increased Magic 3(↑2)  Magic Resistance  5(↑3)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
White Magic 6(↑1) Black Magic 6
Barrier 6(↑1) Magic Awakening 6(↑1)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Milled Cane 4 MP Consumption Reduction, Magic Strengthening
Weapon Mithril Broom 4 Magic Strengthening, Casting Speed Up, MP Recovery Up, Can Be Mounted
Armour Black Dragon Hat 3 Dragon Resistance Up, MP Recovery Speed Up, Defence Up
Armour Mithril Robe 4 Magic Resistance Up
Armour Holy Beast Gloves 3 White Magic Effectiveness Up, Holy Elements Up
Armour Arch Demon Cloak 3 Magic Resistance Up, MP Recovery Speed Up, MP Consumption Reduction
Armour Grand Witch Shoes 4 Magic Up, MP Recovery Speed Up, MP Consumption Reduction
Accessory Yugu Amulet 5 Defence Up
Accessory Ring of Life 5 HP+50, HP Up, MP Up
Accessory Gorudoba Necklace 4 MP Consumption Reduction
Accessory Rock Dragon Ring 4 Defence Up
Accessory Ring of Life Force 3 HP+500, HP+8%
Accessory Holy Angel Earrings 4 White Magic Effectiveness Up, Holy Elements Up, Holy Resistance Up
Accessory Darkness Earrings 4 Darkness Resistance Up, Curse Resistance Up
Accessory Dark Necklace 3 Darkness Resistance Up, Curse Resistance Up
Accessory Darkness Anklet 4 Darkness Resistance Up, Curse Resistance Up
Accessory Demon Lord ‘Saen’ Ring 3 Magic of Up to 5th Rank Can be Absorbed At the Cost of MP

Darkness accessories set effect: increased wind and darkness resistance, Mp + 300


Status Window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf
Job: Tamer, Insect Master LVL: 40
HP: 879 MP: 523
Strength: 296 Agility: 305
Vitality: 316 Intelligence: 249
Magic: 264 Luck: 3
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Archery 3(↑1) Magic Eye 4(↑2)
Tamer 6(↑1) Insect Control 5(↑1)
All Physical Ability Up (evolved All Ability Up) (↑)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Bow Technique 3(↑1) Spirit Magic 3(↑1)
Pack Enhancement 6(↑1) Friendly Ability Up 4(↑2)
Demon Strengthening 5(↑2) Riding 3(!N)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Spirit Tree Bow 4 Attack Up, Hit Rate Up
Armour Greater Demon Leather Jacket 4 Magic Resistance Up, MP Recovery Rate Up, Physical Resistance Up
Armour Spiritual Tree Shoes 4 Magic Up, Depression Resistance Up
Armour Iron Beetle Gauntlet 4 Strength Up, Darkness Resistance Up
Accessory Black Dragon Choker 6 Strength Up
Accessory Black Dragon Bangle 6 Defence Up, Magic Resistance Up
Accessory Artis Amulet 4 Darkness Resistance Up, Depression Resistance Up
Accessory Healing Bracelet 5 HP Recovery Speed Up
Accessory Magic Beast Ring 4 Pack Enhancement Up, Friendly Ability Up
Accessory Pack Leader Ring 4 Party Ability Up

(Zhaernon:Tables Added)


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