TDADP chapter 137

Chapter 137: the differences in strength
(edited by ganjz)
(TL note: in the previous chapter it was mentioned four people but only deriddo mentioned throughout the chapter so I will check it again later. Probably the four are marifa, kuro, russ and deriddo.)

About one kilometer northeast from Yu mansion, although it was late at night and dominated by darkness, a golden hemispherical barrier illuminated the area.

Many monsters came because attracted by the light like some small animals and goblins but they couldn’t hear anything coming from inside. After they were tired waiting there, they also disappeared into the forest.

However, inside the golden 《sanctuary barrier》 it wasn’t calm and a fierce battle was occurring.
“Haaa!” along with the fierce shout, Deriddo used 【Shield technique】, 《shield burst》 towards Russ barrier. The power infused even enough to blow away a high ranked monster however Russ barrier easily took it.

“The barrier can hold up against my 《shield burst》?”
“You even think you can break it? Are you a fool?”

The next moment, there were thunder and fire surging out from the barrier and trotting Deriddo whole body. Deriddo affected by that immediately took a distance and heal his body using 【spirit magic】.

“Amazing, you are able to put more than attribute to the barrier.”
“Well, I have lived for several hundred years, it was normal. For you to be amazed at this level-“
Before Russ finished his sentence Kuro on the back was attacking. There was a violent roar echoing as if two huge rocks colliding each other.

“Oh, you barely even made a crack in the barrier with that kind of attack.”
Kuro who attacked the barrier was hit back by the fire and lightning and there is a black smoke rising from his left arm.

“Although there was a crack but it was only slightly. Your power seems to be comparable to rank 7 lesser demon however wasn’t it only a misunderstanding? You’re only that strong thanks to master!”

From Russ right arm, he executed third rank 【sacred magic】, 《holy flame》. As Kuro was an undead, he received large damage from the attack. Russ didn’t stop there as he executed third rank 【black magic】, 《iron bullet》 towards Marifa. If it was someone normal, the magic spell 《iron bullet》 at most will launches a dozen shots but Russ 《iron bullet》 actually expanded to several hundred shots.

From Marifa’s back, a form of black carpet was formed at a high speed. Marifa was trying to stop the 《iron bullet》 by utilizing the 「black ants fly」. Soon the spell met with the defence and sparks flowed as collision happened. At first the battle seemed to be on par but Russ had absolute confidence in it. On the other hand, Marifa didn’t show it at all on her face. The number of black ants fly soon reduced under the 《iron bullet》 barrage. Finally the black ants fly defense showed some gap and one of the 《iron bullet》 hits Marifa’s stomach.
Marifa’s greater demon leather jacket saved her as the 《iron bullet》 didn’t manage to pierce it but she still fell to her knees because of the impact.

“Oh miss, what do you think about that?”
“isn’t it better for you to worry about yourself?”

When Russ look at his feet, there was a dull silver beetle that was approaching. Russ himself had kept another layer of 【barrier】 around his body. However, that thunder and fire that were emitted by the 【barrier】 doesn’t seem to work on the beetle. The beetle that came in a flock quickly surrounding and reducing the 【barrier】 cover. The weird thing was the ground around Russ slowly sunk deeper.

“They are called osmium beetle. One of them weight approximately eight kg and surrounded by flocks of them, I wonder how long before you’re buried underground? Why don’t you just surrender?”

Although Marifa asked about the revenge, Russ was giving no reply. At this point you can hardly see him anymore.

“This woman, she got several powerful insects.”
Deriddo was an A rank adventurer but he was even startled seeing the scene caused by the beetle.

“Hahahahaha! Is this your strongest insects? Before the holy kingdom flourished, there were even more stronger insects master than you!”

Slowly the beetles shook one by one and fell down to the ground. They were dead immedieatelly.
“It’s 【Drain】!”
Deriddo remembered that Elder Lich has a skill called 【Drain】. It was able to suck out the life force from living things. Some powerful man may resist it but for a small beetle, they can’t resist it.

“How is it possible for Yu to have an elder lich in his party in the first place?”

“Watch out for your words, you’re only a small fry who dares to slander my master? None of you can hold a candle to my master. Also what’s with this elder lich, elder lich? I’m not an elder lich, when did I introduce myself as one? After training under my master I have become an 「Undead King」.”

“Undead King!? Impossible…”
Undead King was basically one of the top monster among the undead. Previously Deriddo has defeated the 「ice wyvern」 however it was still inferior when compared to the undead king.

“Right now, Kuro, Marifa how about we help each other to defeat the monster?”
“I refuse. How can I listen to someone that was trying to harm my master?” (Marifa)
“I also refused, in the first way my way of thinking and belief are different from someone that use bow.” (Kuro)
“Are you trying to pick a fight with me?” (Marifa)
“Both of you, are stupid!”

Deriddo seeing that working together won’t be easy casted a rank 5 【summoning magic】 and called out a rank 5 subspecies of 「elder treant」 called 「Bloody treant」 . this rank of monster won’t even be considered as a threat by Russ. However the bloody treant actually spread its branches like a spider web and binds Russ with a rank 6 【black magic】, 《prison of flame》.

Russ who has been deprived of sight didn’t see Deriddo shot his seventh rank 【spirit magic】, 《earth dragon》.

“Eat this! Go forth my dragon!”

After that, a dragon made up of trees rooted up and devour Russ figure.

Cloud of dust drifted by and Marifa used her hands to block the dust from entering her mouth. However, when it was cleared up, Russ was still there.

“What happening? My seventh rank 【spirit magic】 didn’t do anything? No matter how powerful and undead king is, at least my 《earth dragon》 should do some damage.”
Deriddo face paled as his expectation was betrayed. Russ was standing there calmly without worrying about anything.

“Hmm… about five layer of 【barrier】 were broken. You’re not too bad for a small fry.”
Russ was standing there calmly and the 【barrier】 around him looked like impenetrable and he was looking at Deriddo as if he was smiling. Marifa and Kuro then looked at Deriddo with a look of surprise. Actually Deriddo’s skill has some power behind them. So the question was whether they really need to work together to defeat Russ.

“Do you think you guys can defeat me if you work together? Hahaha! You can only create a disturbance on my 【barrier】. How about the 《sanctuary barrier》 ? hahaha. You can’t even do anything to it.”
Russ was laughing out loud but then there is a drilling sound coming from his back.

“Hahahaha- what is happening?”

Marifa gaze also fell towards that direction behind Russ. There was a drilling sound and moments later the 《sanctuary barrier》 have a small hole on it. And then one after another the amount of the small hole piles up. Right now it was as big as the size of a human face.

“Odono-san, they are inside!”
Namari looked from the hole and he look at Russ with a smiling face.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”
Namari then punches the 《sanctuary barrier》. There was a loud sound and another hole formed, it was big enough for a person to pass through. Yu then walked inside accompanied by Nina.

“Master! Namari!”
Russ was startled when he saw Yu coming behind Namari.

“Russ, can I ask what is this?”
Towards Yu’s question, Russ immediately kneels.

“This servants believe that there are some people that isn’t suitable to serve master. For example that goblin and dark elf, they aren’t even worthy to serve you so I just try to get rid of them.”

Yu also took the time to glance at Deriddo and he saw his equipment.
“Oh, you have an equipment set?”
“Master, that kind of degree of set equipment is bad.”

Usually every weapon or equipment have a skill but it was only a basic skill. Some equipment has a set of skill that is enchanted on an equipment and when they are used as a set will enhance the wearer by leaps of bounds. For example is the Houdon kingdom, the famous holy sword Excalibur and the sheath is considered as a set item. The set only gets activated if the sword and the sheath are wielded at the same time and the effect was a ridiculous unlimited regenerative power and it almost made the wearer an absolute victory.

“Anyway, let’s just go back because we still have lots of things to do. Let’s just go home for now.”
“Master, what about them?”
“Marifa and Kuro clearly has gotten stronger from the last time I saw them.”
To Yu answer, Russ didn’t dare to ask anything more.

“Mari-chan are you okay?”
“…don’t worry about her, she is strong.”
“Well, even if you believed in her Lena, we still need to check.”
Nina rushed to go to Marifa and Kuro but the two of them had a heavy and gloomy look.

“It’s okay. You can still be stronger.”

After Yu and the rest left, only Deriddo left inside the barrier. He was in a deep thought because it was a great humiliation to be defeated twice a day.
Yu returned to the mansion and entered the bath with Namari. They both soaked in the warm water and Momo at this moment was lying on top of Yu’s head.

“So, Odono-san you will create a country?”
“I don’t know if you can call it a country. I only want a small village, a place where everyone can live safely, no matter the race.”
“if that happen, will you bring Baba and the rest here too?”
“But, there will be full of enemy. Are you sure you want to bring them?”
“Then, I just need to make sure I can protect them all right?”
“yes, but let’s just be patient. We also need to wait for Nina and the girls so that they will become stronger.”
“It’s alright, Odono-san, I will follow your decisions.”

When Yu came out from the bathroom, Kuro was waiting there.
“What do you want?”
“Master, can you bring me with you to fight?”
“In a place where I hunt, you will be killed instantly.”
Hearing Yu words, Kuro was looking down and fell into silence.

“Then, I ask you to go to the 30F of 「Demon’s prison」.”
When he heard that, Kuro smiled.

“Yes master.”
“You have done a good job guarding the house, it was alright if you leave for a while.”
“When I come back I promised I will be stronger master.”

After that Yu give Kuro some rules and tricks just in case he came across some adventurer in the 「Demon’s prison」 dungeon and he sent him away.

“Well, now it’s time to sleep.”

Yu looked at his bed. The bed was wide but on top of it, Nina, Lena and Namari has lined up and making it looks tight. Momo raised her hands as if getting troubled about what is happening.

On the other hand, in the mansion basement, usually it was used as a storage room. Russ at the moment was sitting there kneeling and on top of his head, there are magic tool documents that is piled up and he was ordered to reflect until tomorrow morning.

“Why did this has to happen to me! NAMARI! I’ll remember this!”


Status Window
Name: Deriddo Bagu Race Dark Elf
Job: Spirit Magician, Summoner, Magic Knight LVL: 52
HP: 2363 MP: 4088
Strength: 540 Agility: 492
Vitality: 593 Intelligence: 697
Magic: 98 Luck: 63
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Archery 4 Spear Mastery 7
Spirit Eye 4 No Chant
MP Recovery Speed Up 4 HP Recovery Speed Up 3
Shield Mastery 6 Mind’s Eye 3
Heavy Equipment(Strength Up) 4 Abnormal State Resistance 5
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Bow Skills 4 Spear Skills 6
Spirit Magic 7 Summoning Magic 7
Shield Technique 6 Body Enhance 3
Barrier 7
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Nature Elements
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Holy Flail 3 Holy Attributed, Holy Element Skills Strengthened, Strength Up
Armour Adamantite Full-Plate Armour 3 Physical Resistance Up, Enhanced Defence
Armour  Rei-ju Morugotia Shield 3 Spirit Resistance Up, Stamina Up, Defence Up
Armour Rei-ju Morugotia Shoes 3 Spirit Resistance Up, Agility Up, Physical Ability Up
Accessory Peeking Glasses 4 Constantly Unleash Analysis Lvl 5
Accessory Rei-ju Morugotia Amulet 3 MP Recovery Speed Up, Spirit Resistance Up
Accessory Rei-ju Morugotia Bangles 3 Spirit Resistance Up, Physical Resistance Up, Physical Fitness Up

Rei-ju Morugotia set effect: HP+ 2000, Agility,Strength and Vitality stats + 200

(Tl note: I think the equipment effect wasn’t added to the basic stats by the author)

(Zhaernon: Tables Added)

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    • Yes and if you look at his stats he is close to Yu. The differences are in Magic (711 for Yu and 98 for Deri), approximatively 1000 HP less, 100 less in vitality and strength, and 100 more agility, intelligence and MP are close. And to this you put the set enhancement and all Deri’s stats expect Magic are better (+2000 HP and +200 all stats help ! ^^).
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