TDADP chapter 144

Chapter 144: Security Company
(edited by ganjz)

Comer City, besides the main glamorous avenue, it was filled with branching back alley that almost connected to everywhere. One of them was the slumps which were dominated by hoodlums and rogue that was full of violence. Even Mussu can only take control of the noble area because it was too hectic.

The group also divided into some small and big group, one of them was the Daniel family.

“The rumor about you has even reached this place. Even if you are strong, what business you have with us here?”
One of the man while placing his foot on top of the table, send a menacing glare. Around him, a group of men were also standing straight while giving a hostile look.

“So, do you recognized someone called Bjorn?”

“Oh, what if I know about him?”

After Yu asked that, the people in the room emitting some blood thirst.
Yu after taking care of Bjorn that tried to kidnapped Collet, immediately head to the Daniel family’s hideout.

The man that tried to stop Yu at the entrance underestimated him ended up with a broken arm, and because of that, most people of the Daniel family came to surround him because of the commotion. After that finally he was taken to the head of the Daniel family now, along the way, they were only silently escorted him without asking anything.

“So, do you have some gold prepared?”

“Gold? What for?” (Yu)
“Of course, it was for an apology. Do you think that you can come and get away just like that? No matter how strong you are, you’re alone. In here, I have lots of henchmen and they are all prepared to fight until death.”

“So, even the leader is so stupid.” (Yu)

“What did you say? Do you know the situation you’re in?”

Without responding, the Daniel family already taking out their weapons. Yu counted the number of people around him.

“Daniel family, around a hundred members. The main source of income is extortion, racketeering, human trafficking. You even do anything including rape and murder just for gold.” (Yu)

The men around Yu then smiled hearing that, it was also because at this point Yu didn’t show any fear to them.

“Hmm but right now it’s only around eighty-seven that is here.” (Yu)

The men around then at this point were also wondering, what was Yu’s purpose for come here.

“So, I was wondering what is your purpose to come here and why are you keep counting our number? Do you think that if the number is lower you can win?”
Daniel then asked while grinning.

“No, I just want to have you all in the same place and kill you all in one sweep.”
Yu emitted a killing intent and nobody at that time realized that they will meet their ends.

It was a strange occurrence that one of the most influential hoodlum group disappeared overnight.

“Leader! Leader!”
“You’re so noisy! Did you find out anything?”

“About that, we can’t find any information yet.”

“Why nobody knows about what has happening? The Daniel family was crushed in one night yet no one knows anything!”

The leader of the group was impatient. To tell the truth, the slum of Comer city was dominated by 6 big groups but since the Daniel family disappeared into thin air in one night, only five groups remain. They also have their own networking however they couldn’t even find a clue where has the Daniel family members gone to.

“There must be a clue somewhere!”
The leader was impatiently smoking a cigarette while being cranky. Suddenly one of his subordinates’ barges in with a pale face.

“Leader, there is someone that want to meet you.”

“Who is it? Don’t you know that I’m busy?”
The leader without even hearing the subordinate’s answer, ignored him but not long after following the subordinates to the meeting room.

The leader soon knew why his subordinates having a pale face. Inside the room, the leaders of the other four families were standing there. Of course, it was such an impossible feat to gathered them up altogether because each one of them always competing with each other.

Not only that, none of them were sitting down. The leader was thinking was it the number of chairs were not enough, but clearly the number was enough and it was strange that they were just standing. No, there is someone who is sitting down, however, it was only a boy with black hair.

(Is this boy is the rumored Yu Sato? There is also a rumor saying he is last seen heading towards the Daniel family base) – leader

Other than that, he naturally knew that the figures that were standing beside Yu.

“Everyone, could I know what is the reason that you come here?”
The leader was saying it politely while observing their reaction. However, no one reacted or answered. Of course, the leader noticed that each one of the men in this place has enough power but they didn’t react.

“Leader, it wasn’t us that want to talk to you. It was Sato-san here.”

The leader didn’t hide his shock, other than because it was actually Yu that wanted to talk, also because the man addressed Yu politely.

“So, do you have the time?”

Although the leader was talking to someone younger but never in his life he was thinking hard about his choice of words.


“What? You want to make a security company?”

“Oh, I am just thinking of giving you guys some job.” (Yu)

The leader when hearing Yu’s words, he can feel the weight of it. At the moment, he can be said to be proud of his job, however, his field of work didn’t contribute anything towards the Comer city.

“in other words, a security company, is like guarding the streets and shops? You must have experience as a bouncer right? It wasn’t that much different.” (Yu)

“Yes, in other words maintaining safety. But do you think it was possible?”

It might be a good idea but the leader has some doubt about it.

“As you know, right now the Comer city soldier mostly are coming from Mussu earl faction. However, he still doesn’t have enough personnel to cover the entire Comer city. At most he can only guard the noble area and at night they even lacked personnel.”

Of course, it wasn’t talking bad about the lord who was governing the city but it was a fact.

“What I want from the security company is guarding the streets and shops and others that made a contract with us for twenty-four hours.”

“Twenty-four hours?”

The number of the jobless adult male in the slums are around a thousand if combined with woman and children it reaches tens of thousands. If the manpower resources were used to guard the entire Comer city for twenty-four hours every day, not only it generates a lot of employment but the profit from the security fee contract will be enormous too. the leader in his mind already started to calculate the loss and profit.

“Sato-san, however there is still one thing in my mind. Just to recruit some people and building reputation, we need a lot of money since it will also be a big cycle of money circulation.”

“Don’t worry. Of course, in the future we can also get some nobility to hire us. I can get some recommendation from Mussu earl, also from the slave merchants.”

Of course, after hearing that the leader seemed to be a little bit at ease. He knew that Yu Sato has a special closeness with Mussu earl and he was surprised that Yu didn’t hide it at all. Also, the slave merchant has a good reputation among the nobility and other merchants.

The reason Yu did this, is because Houdon kingdom laws and their city management were weak. Yu also explained it to them.

“So, since it is settled, I want to know… Sato-san, how will the profit divided?”
Of course the other four families’ leader curious about it.

“I don’t need any money.” (Yu)

“What? You don’t need any money?”

“Of course, since this is all going to be managed by you guys. I’m only suggesting a plan here. As long as you guys do your job properly and didn’t do anything stupid, that is enough as my profit. You can discuss on how you split the profit among yourself since the slum is originally under your control.”

At this time, the other family leaders were discussing with him about the gain and loss about this plan. By this time, they also share the fact that the Daniel family was eliminated by Yu. If they refused the offer, the same fate can happen to them and they will be removed from the world. So it will be better to accept this offer and do their best.

Not long after, the slums arranged their security company. They started to get some basic lessons about guarding and was given a uniform. The leaders of the slumps were surprised that the lecturers, uniform, and other necessities were all paid by Yu and as Yu said, the nobles and merchants didn’t even resent them and even supported them.

Because of this new security company, Comer city transformed into a city in Houdon Kingdom that has one of the best safety and security.

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  2. Well that’s one way to clean up a city; use the mafia as your soldiers to enforce public safety. XD

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    • Well since it was “strongly advised” by him to pick up this job i think they will do it properly. Especially that it was said that it worked in the end. I guess those who couldn’t change their way among the former criminals were dealt with by the leaders of the organizations, since this is their source of profit now. After all they have a reputation to spread/uphold now as a security company.

  4. Well that is one smart way to protect your weaker acquintances from normal criminals in the entire city while making connections with the whole Comer city underground. Rather than threatening them, which would make them to resent him, now they are indebted to Yu 🙂
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