Chapter 143: Nana
(edited by ganjz)
(Author note: this time there is a cruel description)

Many of the receptionist working in adventurer’s guild have dreamed marrying an adventurer with high income. It’s like getting a palanquin set with jewels.

The average income of men in their twenties is around two hundred thousand Madoka, that is for D rank. C rank adventurers are around 150-2000000 Madoka. However, it was well known that with high income, the danger that they will be facing also increased.

However, the adventurers also are not that stupid. They will one day retired from their job as an adventurer. Usually, they decided to hang their sword and shield on the wall when they reached forty years old. At that time, usually they have gathered enough sum to have a peaceful and comfortable retirement free from trouble for the rest of their life. If they got enough talent, the will still continued on the path of the adventurer, however how many people are talented enough to keep striving as an adventurer?

“Collent, how long are you going to doze off?”

“Eh? Rebecca? Sorry about that.”

“So, why don’t you tell me how did it go yesterday? The picnic with Yu? Is that really good? You’ve been grinning since the morning; you must have lots of fun.”

“Yes, Rebecca! It was fun, even if it wasn’t just the two of us alone but it is still fun.”
Collet was speaking energetically while staring into the distance and Rebecca needed to do her best to make her return to her normal mind and start to work. At that moment, a man came to them. It was Bjorn, a D rank adventurer although up to this moment he hasn’t showed any significant ability to make him recognized.

Bjorn was also at the age that made it not weird if he decided to retire now.
“Collet, I see that you’re in a good mood today. So have you finally decided to be my woman?”

If anyone look at their age differences, it was like a teenager and middle-aged man. Their age differences were more suitable to be a father and the daughter.

“Hello, Bjorn! You should stop that joke!”
With her usual smile, Collet shook him off. Adventurers around immediately felt their heart was healed. However, Bjorn kept trying to get more attention from Collet, coming closer and rest on his elbow on top of the counter.

“I am not joking. I’m serious about it. I want to make you my woman. Why do you always think that it was a joke and brush it off every time? So, have you changed your mind today?”

Collet then put up a troubled look and on the other hand Bjorn still maintained his innocent look. It only increased the frustration from the adventurers and receptionists around.

“Stop it there!”

Faster than anyone else, Rebecca came between them and pushed Collet away from Bjorn.

“Rebecca, what are you doing? You’re not related to this.”

“Yes, but you’re violating the adventurer’s guild rules. You should not talk about personal business during working hour.”
Bjorn then walked out of the guild while spitting curses at Rebecca. All the other adventurers really thought that Rebecca deserved a praise for stepping up in such situation. However, she doesn’t care about such things, she then toke Collet to the break room.

“Rebecca, thank you for this.”

“Alright, I accept your thanks. But I want you to be more careful with Bjorn. I got a feeling that that man is trouble. Alright, then you should also absolutely careful when going back home later.”
Rebecca was showing concern to Collet as if she was her own sister.

“Don’t worry. I’m already sixteen years old. I’m not a small child anymore.”

“Is that so? But you still feel like 10-15 years old for me.”
At that moment, Rebecca was playing the fool and touched her own and Collet chest.

“Rebecca-san! Stop it!”
After seeing an embarrassed smile on Collet’s face, Rebecca was relieved and they returned from the break room to resume their duty.

When Collet has finished working, the sun was already starting to set. Rebecca was still at work and Collet was looking at the busy road, in one of the alley, she saw someone familiar.
“Namari-chan, what are you doing here?”

“Hi Collet nee-chan!”

Namari was drawing something on the ground using a stick, Collet was looking at him playing until she lost track of time.

“It’s already dark. It’s better if you go home soon.”

“It’s alright, I can take care of myself.”

As they are talking a shadow was approaching them unknowingly.

“Namari, listen to Collet, it’s better if you come home before it gets dark.”
Although Collet was surprised realizing someone talking and the approaching shadow but judging from the voice, she felt calm.

Namari then threw the stick and then hugged Yu. Momo jumped down from on top of Yu’s head and landed on top of Namari’s head and once again sent a light punch. Namari on the other hand still clinging to Yu foot and looked back looking at Collet.

“See, I tell you that it’s alright.”

“Yes, it’s alright…”
Collet however let out a sighing tone.

“Are you finished with work Collet-san?”
“Yes, I’m finished early today.”
Collet at that moment didn’t really pay attention when replying and her gaze was fixated at Namari’s hand that was hugging Yu with full of jealousy. Namari then has a teasing smile on his face.

“Odono-san I think it will be better if we go back together with Collet nee-chan.”

“yeah, that is a good idea. What do you say Collet?”
“yes! it will be my pleasure.”
Collet replied instantly with full of energy. Namari on the other hand took Collet’s hand and smiled. Momo on the other hand was blocking her ear because Collet’s voice was too loud.

“Do you always go back at around this time?”

“No, today it was a little bit more slower than the usual so I can leave early.”

The adventurer’s guild work hour is divided into three shift. Because Collet was still young she mainly do morning shift and also the adventurer guild is one of the best employers in Houdon Kingdom. Sometimes however if it gets really busy, it wasn’t strange if they need to stay and work for one or two more hours.

“Then Collet if you’re leaving early nowadays, I don’t mind if we go home together.”
“Well, you couldn’t possibly turn down Odono-san offer right?”
Namari saying that while putting Collet hands on top of Yu’s. Collet immediately turned red and smiled.

“However, I can’t do it tomorrow. How about you do it Namari?”
“Me? I can do it but it will be better if Odono-san is the one who do it. I believe Collet sister also want it.”

However, Namari stubbornly tried to ask Yu to be the one that takes Collet home and she felt enough.

“Then how about Namari-chan? Why don’t you take me home tomorrow?”

“Alright then leave it to me!”


The next day, because she was helping other receptionist, by the time she got off from work, its already dark outside. Collet was going to head home and the road was only illuminated by simple streetlights and it barely lit anything. When she was on the road back, moving towards her usual alley, she heard someone.

“I’m sorry. Young girl over there, can you help me?”
Collet froze in place hearing that. Someone was asking for help? She looked at the back and saw a man that was walking limply and suddenly he fell to the ground. It was the back alley and it wasn’t a funny matter because people rarely walked by pass at this hour. Whether the man was wounded or hurting, at this point Collet only thought that she should help him before it was too late. Collet can’t abandon him.

She tried to help the man to walk and he guided him to one of the house in the back alley.

“Here, this is the place that I live, can you help me to get inside?”

At the same time when Collet entered the house along with the man, someone was strangling her from behind.

“What do you want from me? Is it cash?”

“Hahaha, ojou-chan is stupid. If we want something that simple, we can take that on the main street.”
Collet was struggling to break free but her movement was stopped when someone light up the room.


“Hahaha, Collet, we finally met.”

Bjorn wasn’t alone there and the one who has been tricking Collet to come here took a rope and tied up Collet in a flash. Then vulgar laughter of the men can be heard.

“Sir, please don’t forget about the reward.”

“Yes, I know. No, you can leave first. I will have my fun.”

“But sir, you will also share her after this, right?”

The two men were looking at Collet as if they are eating her whole. Collet can only shiver in fear.

“If it was any other woman I won’t hesitate to share it but this woman is mine only and I only want her to belong to me. I will add more rewards later.”

“Is that so? But at least can I watch?”

“Alright then, you can watch from there.”

The men then showed some disgusting smile to each other and when Bjorn iwas about to touch Collet, a sound can be heard.

“Collet onee-chan! Where are you? Ah, there you are! Sorry, I am late; I’ve been searching for Collet nee-chan everywhere. You shouldn’t have went home without me.”

In front of the doorway, Namari stood there with inflated cheek and approached Collet while looking angry with his hands folded.

“Namari-chan! It’s dangerous, run!”

“Boy, you can’t escape now.”
Then man then hit Namari and he was flying across the room and hit the wall.

Collet at this point even more worried about Namari more than she worried about her own situation.

“You hit him with full power?”
“Don’t worry about him, he is clearly a demi-human.”
“Oh, that’s right. But, are you okay? Your hands!”
“What about my hands? Argh!”

When the man looks at his hand because Bjorn mentioned it, he screamed. His fist that he used to hit Namari, it was as if he was hitting a wall of steel. The bones of his fist were broken and even popping out from under his skin.

“Sir, what is really happening? Did he hide some trick?”
While he was confused because he didn’t understand what was happening, there was another strange thing that was happening. It was because when he looked at Namari, there was a viscous black substance that was covering his body. It slowly becoming a spherical ball and in total, there are seven of it. The black ball then suddenly grew what looks like a human’s mouth and even has teeth.

“Nana! How can you come out on your own?”
“But, master is in a dire situation, so do you want to use Hange, Kino, Gad, Nico, Bruno and Al too?”
“No need, since the opponent is alone I think one is enough.”

The black slime called Nana however ignored Namari voice and two other black slimes that understood her thoughts immediately cover Namari’s whole body. The slime covered Namari’s body and changed into some kind of strong exoskeleton shape. Everyone that saw that scene suddenly couldn’t think of anything.

“Nana, you’re ignoring my order again!”

While complaining, to Nana, Namari send out a kick. Bjorn was a D rank adventurer but he can’t believe what he just saw. The man that was kicked by Namari has his foot bent in a direction that it normally couldn’t bend. The man screamed as his other foot received the same treatment.

Bjorn was trying to hit Namari using his sword however Namari was a step faster. In less than a second, Bjorn’s armor of black steel was dented with a shape of a fist on it and Bjorn not long after that vomited on the ground.

“You, what are you?”
“Oh? This is black slime, and I got this from Odono-san.”
“My name is Nana!”

After Namari confirmed that Bjorn was tied up and can’t move, he released the rope that was tying up Collet.

“Nana, Namari-chan, thank you.”
“Collet nee-chan, I already told you that I will take you home. Why did you go alone?”
Namari quickly returned to his normal look as the black slime hid back on his body.

“I was just… trying to help.”
“it’s alright. Come, let us go home. Odono-san will take care of the rest.”

While being pulled by Namari by hand, Collet left that place.

“Ugh… that brat… just what kind of monster is he?”
“Sir, I think it will be better if we give up on getting that woman.”
“I won’t give up! Collet is mine!”

“Even after all of that you haven’t learned your lesson?”
“You, who are you? Ah I know, you are Yu.”
In front of Bjorn, Yu was standing there. Bjorn seeing that, his face turned to blue instantly, the man that was with him also knew the extent of Yu’s ability since they already heard of the rumor with the ‘crimson meteor’ clan.

“Please wait, we’re from the Daniel family. I’m only doing this because that person asked me to. It was all that man’s plan! He wanted to get that girl from before no matter what it takes.”

“I can’t believe you sell me out!”
Bjorn body was now trembling, from the pain and anger.

“So you’re from Daniel family.”
Yu also took the other man and activated a 【space time magic】. He took Bjorn and the other man to another place in an instant. Bjorn also forgetten all the pain on his body when he saw an incredibly beautiful woman in front of him.

This woman has two beautiful wings growing on her back. From her appearance, it was easy to be known that she was from the demi-human race however she looked like an angel. The woman of the demi-human race then smiled at Yu and looked at Bjorn.

“Hisan, I need you to take care of them. It’s alright to play with them.”
Hearing Yu words, the woman of the demi-human race that was called Hisan didn’t hide her delighted smile. Bjorn who has been looking at her with amazement suddenly felt a cold chill running on his back when he saw her current smile. It was because he noticed something. Behind Hisan, countless torture device and equipment were set up.
(Tl note: Hisan names also means torture/suffering/misery)

“Ah, you came at the right time. I almost ran out of toys to play with. Now I can be at ease. Oh, this man seemed injured though are you sure you don’t want to heal him first?”

“No, but you can do what you want.”

Yu as uninterested as he immediately went home. Bjorn was trying to shout and say wait but Hisan already pulled Bjorn on the shoulder using an iron rod that has a hook coming out of the end and carried him like a hunted game. (Tl note: it was probably a scythe and he is carried like hunted animal lol)

The appearance of Bjorn that was screaming in pain made the other men wanted to escape by crawling however there was no way out of this place. Hisan with her hook once again carried the man in the same way. They looked scared as hell when they realized that Bjorn at this moment was already hanged using hooks and suspended from the ceiling.

“Hii!!! Someone! Anyone! Help!”

The man was calling for help but his voice won’t reach anyone. That day, one of a family that dominated the Comer city slums suddenly disappeared.
(TL note: R.I.P Daniel family lol)

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