TDADP chapter 146

Chapter 146: Number 217

(edited by ganjz)
(these characters appeared in tdadp chapter 107 if you forget)

Inside the holy kingdom palace, there is an area that only limited number of people knew and are allowed to come. In that area, a dressed woman was walking, she carried a short sword and wearing leather armor. The only thing that doesn’t fit is an eye patch that was covering her right eye. However, nobody took notice of her weird appearance and when she met others in the hallway, they all just past by her like they didn’t see her.

The woman then arrived at a luxurious looking door and knocked on it rhythmically.

“Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. Is anybody home?”
Without trying to knock any further the door was opened.

“I heard the knock, why do you keep knocking it?”
It was a scolding but when the person saw Cinzia, the person in maid clothes lost interest.

“Ah, it’s only Cinzia.”

“Is there a problem if it was me?”

At that time, her forehead was flicked by the maid and the maid guided Cinzia inside. Dowran as usual was reading a book.

“Dowran-san, I have returned.”

“Cut the useless chatter.”

“Whoa, are you acting cool? Cinzia was hoping that we could talk some more or… ah, it hurts!”
Hearing that, another hit was sent to Cinzia’s head, she was glaring while crouching but then move to Dowran’s side again as if nothing have happened.

“Good grief, why the both of you act like this every time?” (Dowran)

“am I a nuisance? Oh right, look at this please.”

With a smile, Cinzia took off her eye patch on the right eye and from it, blue lighting was spurting out from her eyes.

“Next, look at this again.”

She closed it with her eye patch again and when she opened it, now a red flame was flaring from her eyes.

“so, you have a hobby to collect eyes now?” (The maid)

“See, this is cool right? That is the 「magic eye of thunder」 and 「magic eye of flame」. Next, this is… ah, it hurts!”
While Cinzia was trying to boast again, the maid Fufu hit her head once more.

“What did you come here for?” (Fufu)

“Ah! I almost forgot about that, I am here to give my report hahaha.” (Cinzia)

Fufu then delivered Cinzia’s reports to Dowran and he read through it.

“Hm, this isn’t bad. There is the list of passive skills, active skills, and some unique skills.”

“Of course! It was my report after all.”

“What a boast.”
Hearing that Cinzia immediately move behind a pillar and take a distance to avoid another hit from Fufu.

“Hey, my report is great. Why are you acting like this and trying to hit me for no reason?”
From behind the pillar, Fufu hair that is tied up on top like an onion sticking out and is visible to Cinzia, it was clear that she is irritated.

“Well done. Fufu, no need to hit her anymore.”

“So, I’m not going to be hit anymore? Haha. Hear that, my report is great. However, Dowran-san, even my 【analysis】 is great enough to let me observe him from the distance. However, I can’t even approach nearer than three hundred meters before Yu will notice me. The moment I noticed that Yu realized my presence, I immediately ran here. I even got a feeling that he was doing it on purpose. I ran away as hard as I can, it was a hard journey. In the way, I even need to use my 「magic eye of hypnotize」and catch a flying dragon in a hurry. I came here reaching the holy capital without even sleeping all the way.”

Fufu was crossing her arms trying to hold back her urge to hit Cinzia and Cinzia were now looking at her while trembling.

“So, let me confirm this. You just felt that Yu noticed your presence and you immediately ran away and abandonned the mission?”

“Um, Yes!”

After that Fufu chased Cinzia and since the room isn’t that big she was caught not long after. Dowran however closes his book not long after and looked at them.

“Fufu and Cinzia, please stop. There is no mistake in deciding to retreat.”

After hearing that, Fufu let Cinzia go and she was trying to catch her breath.
“Dowran-san, so what should we do next? Are you saying we should fall back on this mission?”

“no, there’s no need to abandon the mission. What about number seven that we sent? If we can’t contact her anymore probably she should be dead by now.”

“Wait? Isn’t number seven Nana? Did she fail her mission?”

Cinzia that was free from restraint was now rubbing her temple trying to think.

“It wasn’t like she is incompetent. But even so, every now and then there should be some sacrifice to finish the mission. Isn’t that what happened to Stella too? anyway, do you notice some changes when you observed him?” (Dowran)

“What kind of changes?”

“For example, hair color, or skin, or maybe changes in eye color?”

“Hmm, there’s no changes to his hair and skin since I am watching from the distance, I couldn’t be sure but it seems that his eyes color changes from time to time?”

“Hmm… No wonder Yu Sato has a lot of skill and improved fast. There is no mistake, Yu Sato has a skill with usurpation traits. His growth can be dangerous.”

“usurpation? Is it like robbing skills from others?”
Cinzia then poured out a wine and passed it to Dowran.

“Thank you. Yes, it should be something like 【Skill steal】. I was even thinking he will die when fighting against someone from the ‘order of immortal’ but we know that the result was different from what we expected. I wonder how big of a threat he could grow to be.” (Dowran)

“Even though I gathered this much information, I wish I could do better, and I wish that Nana is safe. Her eye ability is higher than mine.”

“Don’t think about Nana for now. We have lost contact with her for so long.”

“Ah, I remember. We still have her.”

“By her, do you mean number 217?”

“Yes, her! Her name… I remember now! It’s Nina!”

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  1. Oh boy… Thanks for the chapter. Nina, why are you doing this to poor Yu…. Just be a happy yandere that’s overly protective and don’t betray him, just indulge in adoration and bliss that he’s back.

      • Nina: Die for me Yu, and we’ll be together in death. (full yandere mode) if she can’t have him in this world, she’ll have him in the next, is what I’m guessing if it really goes down that way.

    • The last thing that Namari write in his diary that day was this sentence.
      “I have to watch out for Nina nee-chan.”

  2. think Nina is now full on loyal to Yu…
    remember, Stella mentioned/whispered something to her a long while back … so maybe it was some sort of ‘truth’ . . .

  3. Well Nana is happily living in the other world though.
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  6. Oy, did you mean Nina chan!!!????? @-@
    Don’t be ridiculous, no matter what you said I’ll still believe Opai than cutting board.

    Opai is justice.
    Peace v.

  7. No… No no no no no!! Nina you better not betray him! Don’t you dare! If you do so then Yu will truly convert to a demon lord and bring ruin to that world! His trust in companions will disappear, disloyalty will result in death because the people who he trusted are nothing more then just lyres to him.

  8. Thanks for the chapter, but from what you post, I suggest you rest because it doesn’t look to good from what ya typed. Every person needs a break every now and then, ESPECIALLY if they’re feeling ill or fatigued. In most cases, you can get minor headaches after hours of doing a certain process, and in dangerous cases, it could lead to something more life threatening. Thanks for the work, but please take some time off if you’re not feeling well, we can understand if you aren’t feeling good.

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