TDADP chapter 147

Chapter 147: Live Bait
(edited by ganjz)

Dowran drank the glass of wine all at once and his face changed somehow.

“Number 217…”

“Yes, we should definitely contact her. It’s too bad that Nina doesn’t have any magic tool for communication on her. It will be better if we gave her a third grade or second grade magic tool? Dowran-san what do you think? Or maybe we can try something to intercept Yu’s communication magic tool?”

“That’s a hard thing to do since the technology to intercept other’s magic tool has been lost for several hundred years. This is also why magic tools for communication are hard to come by since it was also a limited item.”

“If that is so important, why don’t we give everyone one magic tool for communication?”

“Fufu, are you stupid or what?”

“Cinzia! I’m smart!”

“haha, you guys never ceased to amuse me. You know Fufu the reason we don’t give everyone out is not because magic tools are rare only. There is also some area that is able to intercept the magic tool for communication. For example, inside a dungeon, so if you want to consider Nana is still alive, probably she is tailing Yu towards a dungeon. She won’t be killed by monster easily so my best bet is that she is inside a dungeon that makes us lost contact with her. But, I have another suspicion.”

“so, if she is not dead, you’re saying that Yu might have a means to blocked off magic tool for communication?”

“Yes, the possibilities are high but I never met with Yu personally so I can’t say anything.”

“Dowran-san, there’s no way…”

“I can’t say anything more, so let’s go and I want to see him for myself. There’s also a problem with Joseph that I need to take care.”

“Joseph? Dowran-san, shouldn’t you be more cautious?”

“I also don’t think that it was a good idea to go.” Fufu and Cinzia this time surprisingly has the same opinion and that made Cinzia pissed and she paid back by giving a dekopin on Fufu.

“Although Joseph has forsaken the Daelim empire, however he still has some influence and power. The seven swords of Daelim will come to aid him if Joseph is in a trouble.”

“Yes sir, I understand. I will prepare so we can leave anytime. Fufu, you should move ahead and check if Yu is moving.”

“Alright, I’m heading off first then.”


Nina was shouting in rage while sending a slash at the 「Ogre General」 that was trying to block the attack using a large shield of black steel. The dagger that was created from a 「black dragon」 nails and claw easily cut apart the black steel shield however it didn’t leave a scratch on the ogre general body.

“…fall back.”
Hearing that warning, Nina quickly took a distance away and Lena third rank 【black magic】, 《flame storm》 completely covering the ogre general body. The magic originally was a wide area spell but under Lena control, it solely concentrates on covering the ogre general body.

“Uwaaa… Ugyaa!”
The ogre general felt pain from the flame and was groaning. It was however getting more enraged and rushed at Marifa.

The two black wolves that were standing guard at Marifa’s side didn’t allow it as it run of forward and aiming at the ogre general’s foot. The two of the black wolves bit down the ogre general’s right foot but it didn’t slow him down. Only when Coro launched an attack on his neck, he was staggering a little bit.

However, that isn’t enough to stop the ogre general. Finally, with the black dragon fang and claw dagger on both hand, Nina sliced it both vertically to finish off the ogre general.

“Fufufu, do you see me just now? I’m getting stronger right?”
Nina was looking back towards Yu and asking a question but Yu was combing Momo’s hair without even looking. Namari was sitting in front of him waiting for his turn to be combed.

Yu and his party were now inside the 「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon. He was on the way to reach the demi-human village. Incidentally, he also wanted to check the growth of Nina and the girl so they are proceeding from the 30F instead of reaching the village directly using Yu’s 【Space-time magic】.

“Yu, what was that? You’re not even looking properly.”

“I had seen enough; after all it was only one enemy. I also noticed that Marifa alone was able to defeat the enemy.”

“Master, you praised me too much.”
Yu seemed to doesn’t care but he was clearly know how much Nina and the girls had grown.

Despite this was the first time Nina and the girls entered the 「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon, from the beginning, they have been defeating monsters without needing Yu assistance.

“Odono-san, I know very well that Nina nee-chan was doing good.”

“Namari, what are you saying? Compared to your power or mine, they are nothing.” (Russ)

“That’s true.”(Nana)
(Tl note: this Nana isn’t the spy that is talked about in the previous chapter but the slime)
Nana jumped out from Namari clothes and agreed to Russ words.

“Nana, I tell you not to come out on your own again.”
Namari who is surprised at Nana’s appearance was trying to push her back inside again.

“Oh, Namari is surprisingly embarrassed about Nana.”

“It wasn’t like that Russ, it’s just that Nana doesn’t want to obey me.”

“It’s not like anyone is going to listen to you.” (Russ)

“That’s true.” (Nana)

After that Namari becames teary-eyed and tried to chase after Russ but he was fleeing to the sky and he can’t go after him.

“Master, about the monster, I have –“
“…I’ve defeated all.”
Marifa was about to ask about what to do next but the next second Lena has reported that she has finished the rest.

“Lena, what are you trying to do? Are you boasting? I was just about to report to master.”

“What are you two doing? You are so sly, of course Yu, I am the one who defeated it.”

Marifa and Lena were trying to push each other away and Nina sneakily hugged Yu from behind.

“Nina, please take some distance from master.”
Marifa was trying to pull Nina away from Yu but at that time Lena took advantage of the situation and use Yu lap as a pillow.
Momo who was on top of Yu’s palm being combed, fell down on top of Lena’s nose because Yu’s body was being shaken from Nina and Marifa engagement. Lena then with a bright red nose looked at Marifa. Marifa at the moment was also furious at Nina with bright red ears.


At the「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon 66th floor, it has passed the ant hell region which was spread from 60-63 F and the number of monsters started to decline. The number maybe reduced but their strength increased exponentially. There were giants, undeads, even dragons appearing from time to time.

An undead giant was attacking in rage. It swinging his weapon with a power that was beyond normal. It’s coming from its height that exceeded 13 meters. If it was a normal person, there was no way that they could stop this attack or survived from it. But, there was a man with a height of 170-175 cm and face covered with beard, a typical dwarf who was using a hammer to stop it.
(Tl note: how is 170-175 is a dwarf lol… I’m a dwarf in this case.)

“Not bad…”
He is even casually saying that while receiving the attack.

“Grandpa, let’s just go quickly and find go-chan.”
With skirt that was decorated with lots of frills, Azerotte was pouting while putting her hands on her cheek. Azerotte was nagging like a spoiled brat and Dhorme can only respond with a wry smile.

“Alright, let me enjoy this for a little bit more and I’ll finish it.”
Even though it was now an undead, a giant still a giant. Its pride won’t let it back down from the pressure that was emitted by a dwarf.

At that moment, Dhorme’s upper body was twisted, he rotated at a speed that was creating an illusion as if his upper body has disappeared, and he was swinging his hammer along. The giant didn’t stop and also tried to launch an attack. The next instance, there was a cracking sound that can be heard as Azerotte was using her fingers to block her ears.

Dhorme was utilizing a rank three 【Hammer technique】, 《Spinning whirlwind》and the power performed far above even great adventurer. The attack hit the Giant and at that moment, the giant’s upper body was gone, along with its fall with blood and meat splattered everywhere. The giant upper body exploded because of the force but the remnants in the air can’t touch Azerotte that protected herself using her magic.

“Grandpa, can’t you defeat them in a more graceful manner?”

“Oh? This is the cleanest that I can.”

Proceeding until the 「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon 66th floor for Dhorme and Azerotte were as easy as taking a walk in a park. It was a high ranked dungeon where many adventurers has lost their lives but for them it was a piece of cake.

“Oh, it seems that go-chan was in this place.”

“Oh, is that boy still alive?”

“go-chan, where are you?”
“Goria, reply if you’re still alive.”

Finally, after looking around, they found Goria. However, his appearance now made Dhorme to frown and even Azerotte didn’t show her usual smile. Goria’s body was rotten and there were maggots wriggling in the remaining of his upper body. These aren’t a good living sign but Dhorme saw his eyes moved.

“I am wondering what happened that resulting in him to be in this sorry state.”

“Grandpa, do you mean that go-chan is losing to someone? But the ‘order of immortal’ couldn’t lose to anyone.”

“this Goria may be stupid then.”

Hearing the ridicule, Goria mouth moved faintly.

“Why… did you come.”

“Oh, Azerotte, do you hear him say something?”
“Wait a minute please.”
Azerotte then tried to move her ear closer to Goria’s mouth.

“What did you say again?”
“why did you guys come? It’s a trap.”

“A trap?”

Just when she is confused, from all around, many skeleton knights appeared from the ground. The group of skeleton knights quickly surrounded Dhorme and Azerotte.

“Oh, it’s funny how they think that this much can stop me. At least this is a good exercise.”

“Grandpa, then I will leave this to you. Please take care of them as the elder.”

Even though they are surrounded by several hundred skeleton knight, Dhorme and Azerotte were still smiling.

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