TDADP chapter 152

TDADP chapter 152: tracking down
(edited by ganjz)
(TL note: as I said before this is sponsored chapter to makes me motivated and whipped by the debt. This chapter is sponsored by D.G please give him an applause. Actually I was doing this yesterday but my internet give up on me T_T. did anyone have any idea why my internet on speed test was good but on ping test was full of jitter and packet loss?)

It was a monster with two heads with one that looks like a lion and the other looks like a goat. It was 「Twin headed undead Chimera」. The lion head spitting out fire while the goat head emitting freezing air. The fire and ice attack were held back by Lena using her 【Barrier】 and at that time, she retaliated by unleashing fifth rank【black magic】, 《Blazing Flame》 that enveloped the twin headed chimera.

The twin headed undead chimera body was burned with fire but because it was an undead type monster, it doesn’t feel any pain. It shook off the flame and came forward trying to bite Lena. At that moment suddenly the twin headed undead chimera was groveling on the ground as if a huge burden was placed on its back. If you look closer, there was an insect on the twin headed undead chimera back. It was called 「Osmium Insect」 and each one of it was weight at least eighty kilos and it was ordered by Marifa to landed itself upon the chimera’s back.

The twin headed undead chimera that was no longer able to move then realized the presence of Nina incoming towards it. The lion head that spits fire was trying to struggle but the flame it produced can’t even reach Nina as she split the fire using the black dragon fang and black dragon claw twin dagger. The flames were divided into two and hit the rocks behind her. Due to the high temperature, it instantly melts.

“Close your rotten mouth!”
As Nina cried out, both of the lion and goat head of the twin headed undead chimera were flying in the air as she beheaded it. After losing the head the chimera was still trying to retaliate as the snake tail on its body pounced towards Nina. Coro came forward and bit off the snake’s headed tail before it even able to approach Nina. In the end, the twin-headed undead chimera was successfully defeated.

Yu got separated from the girls on the「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon 35th floor. At that time, the girls kept on fending off the monster while waiting for him.

“Master… why did you left me behind?”
A soliloquy leaks involuntarily from Russ’s mouth. In his own heart, Russ believed that it was easy for him and Yu to eradicate one country if they work together. Russ even have faith if Yu really goes out and commanded all of the monsters that he can summon, it was possible to destroy the five major power in the world. Nevertheless, he felt a bit consoled because Yu was planning to create his own country.

Russ have an unquestionable loyalty towards Yu however it is also at the same time a source of trouble. From the bones of his body that was not covered by skin and meat, a dull dry sound can be heard. Russ was planning to go himself to achieve his own revenge but Yu won’t forgive him if he did that.

“Master, I’ve been waiting for your return.”
When Russ was thinking deep, he turned around and kneeled. Yu appeared behind him earlier than he expected.

“Is there a problem?” (Yu)

“There is no problem. How is the battle against the ‘order of immortals’?” (Russ)

“Their strength is still within my expectation however for the young girl, I am not sure.” (Yu)

“If you say so master.” (Russ)

“Russ, we should hurry up and get our hand on the creation crystal so I can take my 3rd job.” (Yu)

“Yes, certainly master.” (Russ)

From Yu tone of speaking, Russ can feel a hint of impatience. In the original plan, Yu was aiming to get a job as a 「Hero」 which was unique and only accessible when changing job using the creation crystal. That was also the reason Yu didn’t took any other 3rd job for now.

Russ also began to feel a sense of incongruity. At this time, Yu was helping Namari so he was able to control five black slimes. Namari at this point already having a hard time maintaining four black slimes since it exerted his focus and strength. However, Yu seemed to ignore that and planning on strengthening Namari.

“Master, I am curious, why do you keep on strengthening Namari?” Russ asked several times.

“No particular reason.”
Yu also answered in a vague way. Was it a lie? Was he hiding something? Those thoughts crossed Russ mind many times. However, after all this time Russ followed Yu, he noticed one thing. Yu does not trust him. In fact, Yu doesn’t trust anyone.

“Master, is it finished?”

“Why are you becoming impatient?”

“Ah you know me, master, I’m just asking.”

“Ah, welcome back!”
“Ah, Nina nee-chan, so sly!”
Nina has jumped and hugged Yu which intercepted Yu and Russ conversation. Namari who was standing on the side didn’t want to lose as he clung on Yu’s feet. Momo flying at a high speed and landed on top of Yu’s head and lied down on top.

“What are you saying? I only come to see what you guys are doing.”

“We’re not doing anything.”
“Maybe you were going to?”

Nina came because Lena urged her to separate Yu from Russ. After that, Yu with Nina move towards Lena and Nina whispered to Russ.
“Russ is useless.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is it strange if I say that to Yu? I wonder if anyone will side with me.”

“I don’t know the meaning of your words Nina-dono.”
(Tl note: what is this plot twist? Please no Nina please no.)

Afterward, Nina ran chasing Yu.

“Yeah, we all have something that we don’t want anyone to know. But I think it’s fine if you know my secret.”

Nina with a smile on the way look back at Russ. Nina and Russ line of sight intertwined, however, the smile on Nina’s face wasn’t giving a friendly impression. Russ felt that the meaning of Nina smile was the exact opposite.

(That woman…) – Russ


“Grandpa are you still angry?”

“More than angry, I’m furious!”

Inside the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon 67th floor, Dhorme and Azerotte didn’t escape using teleport stone. In fact, they moved up from the 65th to the 67th . because if they decided to go down, there is still a possibility that there was an ambush waiting outside. Judging from Jacob’s behavior, it seemed that they were coming down from upper layer so Dhorme was doing the opposite.

“So, what do you think about the battle earlier grandpa?”

“I don’t know, but judging from the skill and battle strength, no doubt that brat was strong. It was also a mystery why that brat doesn’t seem to fear death when facing me. The next time we meet, it’s impossible to tell his growth.”

“That child magic is also great. While battling with grandpa, he kept on maintaining a wide range of 【Barrier】. I am not sure if you notice this or not but when you were engaged with him, I can see his body was covered by some kind of magic threads. It wasn’t visible to the eye but it can’t be hidden from me. It seems that it was the secret behind his strength. So in my opinion, the child magic was also strong enough. Is there any report that he is able to use magic?”

”Hmm? If you say that he was using magic, there is no sign of any chants. Also if what you said was true, when the threads of magic spread around his body, I should be able to feel it when I clashed with him based on my perception.”

Dhorme and Azerotte walked carefree while chatting. In truth, it was still the 67th floor of 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon. Although the number of monsters was reduced compared the lower level but the quality and strength of the number exponentially goes up. Along the way, they have faced two undead「thunder dragon」.

“You guys are so stubborn. Take this!”
Despite Azerotte was saying that cheerfully, she was chanting a seventh rank 【black magic】lightning elements magic and it easily pierced through the thunder dragon. Soon, the thunder dragon perished to dust along with a scream.

When a monster turned into an undead, the meat rotted, however, their scales are still in place. Dragon monster boasts as one of the race with high magic resistance. Moreover, thunder dragon has an extremely high resistance towards lightning elements. It is proving that Azerotte strength was indeed abnormal.

“Even so Azerotte, don’t you want to know why Yu Sato hair was colored black?”

“Let’s just ask Me-chan later grandpa.”

“Yes, we still have something to do now.”

At that time, the meat lumps came rolling down in a tremendous speed while raising a sand cloud and stopped in front of Dhorme.

“Ah, indeed Jacob actually knew where they are.”

Following the meat lump, Lennart and Jacob were sitting on a large insect flying and soon landed on the ground.

“Jacob, is there no way that makes riding on top of the flying insect less painful? My ass.”
Lennart was standing while complaining towards Jacob.

“Isn’t it a nice day?”
“Cut the useless chatter.”

Lennart then took a glance at Dhorme after he got off from the flying insect.

“So it was an old dwarf and an elf brat. Is this really the ‘order of immortals’?”

“Lennart, don’t look down on them. They easily get past our guard on the border and entered Houdon kingdom without permission. Their power are on par with the ‘Twelve generals of Carnage’. But this is our job so we have to handle them. It’s troublesome.”
Jacob was saying that as if his win is settled already.

“Jacob might be an old man but compared to an old dwarf like you, he is far stronger. He alone can eliminate a country as easy as taking a walk in a park.”

“Well said. Now this is interesting. To think that you can defeat me.” (Dhorme)
Each person here has complete confidence and doesn’t think that they will lose. At the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon 67th floor, a battle of power was about to begin.

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