TDADP chapter 151

Chapter 151: escape
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There was a famous group known as the 「Twelve generals of Carnage」. It consists of twelve individuals, cream of the top out of the Nation six army divisions. It was literally the nation strongest force.
(Tl note: I believe by the nation it refers to the free nation Hameln)

Their first mission was to handle the rebellion of a vassal state, the Arufon principality. Only two of the twelve sent and the rebels were crushed into smithereens and even their land was destroyed.

Next, the subduing of an「Ancient Dragon」, punitive expedition to defeat 「Ancient Giants」, and others legendary monsters were handled by them one by one. Even the task that required the whole army such as the 「Demon Wave」was resolved by them easily.

When the 「Beastman」tribe united and went out of their dwelling in the forest, at that time five generals were sent and it was one of the biggest battles that were won by the nation. The 「Twelve generals of Carnage」winning more than hundreds of small and large scale wars. However, the real meaning is they never lost and unbeaten ever since.

The old man that identified himself as Jacob the 「Poison Master」looked unsteady. His hip was bent and walked by relying on a cane. The robe on his back was wriggling as if there were living creatures hiding underneath.

“So, this old man is one of the 「Twelve generals of Carnage」? Why do I feel that the rumor about them is exaggerated?”
Dhorme and Yu whom their battle were disturbed feel a sense of discontent.

“Kekeke, do you really judge people based on their appearance? What a stupid dwarf.” (Jacob)

“Why don’t you come at me and-…” (Dhrome)

Yu who was looking at Dhorme felt uncomfortable and moved back and doubled the distance between them. The old man who claimed himself as Jacob only grinned.

“The dwarf doesn’t even realize he’s been attacked.” (Jacob)

“…ugh… what did you say?” (Dhorme)
Slowly, Dhrome realized that blood was flowing out from his pores. He definitely watched closely when Jacob came and he didn’t show any sign of attacking. Dhrome determined that it wasn’t a form of physical attack so he took out an antidote from his item bag and drank it.

“Do you think that that kind of antidote can defeat my poison? Unexpectedly you’re more stupid than I think.” (Jacob)

“Azerotte, this man use poison, don’t let your 【Barrier】down.”(Dhrome)

“I already knew about that grandpa, now if you don’t do something to that poison you can die grandpa. But I still think the butterfly can handle it.” (Azerotte)

After Azerotte say that, on top of Dhorme head there was a red anonymous butterfly appeared flying around. From Dhorme eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and pores blood were still coming out however it flew towards the crimson butterfly.

“It seems that the ‘order of immortals’ have been around for centuries not for vain.” (Jacob)

Dhrome that was poisoned earlier have negated the poison using the unique skill 【Drug Body】. It was a skill that was utilizing the bacteria inside the liver. In order to protect the host, the bacteria will produce an antibody and at the same time when the detoxification occurred, it also healed the wounds on the body. Not long Dhorme stood up as if nothing had happened.

“So is this all you can do? Is poison your only weapon?” (Dhorme)

“Don’t think that you’ve won. Poison is not my only forte!” (Jacob)

After he said that, the robe on his back wriggles violently and a large amount of insects came out from it.

“Bleeding, poisoned, paralyzed, dismembered, devoured, why don’t you choose how do you want to die?” (Jacob)

The number of insects were already several tens of thousands and they only waited for Jacob to give them the signal to attack. As Jacob pointed his finger, the swarm of insects attacked Dhorme.

Dhorme swinged his scarlet dragon hammer to fend off the insects that were coming towards him and there was a high-pitched metallic sound emitted as his hammer collided with the insects. The insects were blown to the ground but not long after they swarmed up again to attack him.

“Pesky insects, annoying.” (Dhorme)

“Grandpa, let’s just go back.” (Azerotte)

Azerotte who was standing on the side not far from Namari was tired and just yawned.

“Go back? But how to escape in this kind of situation?” (Dhorme)

“It’s easy.” (Azerotte)

At the same time as Azerotte say that, she stared at Jacob curiously and at the 【Barrier】that was now protecting Yu and Namari.

Not long after Azerotte chanted a spell in an instant sixth rank【black magic】, 《Lightning tempest》was unleashed.

It was like a sea of thunder and in the instant it was approaching to Yu. Although Yu has casted a 【Barrier】 and on top of that it was a six layered 【Barrier】, it doesn’t take long for all of it to be destroyed, layer after layer it was pierced and Yu has to use special 【Barrier】 with earth elements to dissipate the thunder to the ground. By the time the spell has ended, Dhorme and Azerotte were already gone.

“Whew, what a crazy girl.”
When he said that Jacob’s body was covered by insects as they made a spherical shield. It was a 「Thunder bug」. It was a kind of insect that was able to absorb and store lighting under it wings. That enormous magic that Azerotte used was kind of its favorite food. However, her power was to monstrous as some thunder bug exploded after exceeding the limit of their body.

“Some of the thunder bugs can’t even hold back the power.” (Jacob)

“You! Are you Odono-san enemy?”
Namari who has come out from the 【Barrier】was taking a battle stance and stand in front of Jacob.

“Impudent! Is that how you talk to your superior?”

Namari was scolded by Jacob after he asked that.

“So, you are not Odono-san enemy?”

“Kekeke. Well for now I am tasked to engage with the ‘order of immortals’. As for your Odono-san I don’t know him at all.”

After hearing that Namari returned to Yu’s side.

“Oh… what happened? Why are you shielding me?”
Yu at that same time, not only protecting Namari but also Goria from Azerotte’s spell.

“Because you’re still useful as a bait.”

After hearing what Yu said, Goria face distorted and he knew that his despair will still continue.

From the hole of the 【Barrier】of Yu that has been drilled by Jacob, two people walked in.

The first person has an excellent figure but his skin was colored red, a man from the demon race. Another person was round like a ball of meat in a nutshell as he moved forward by rolling.

“Jacob, where is the ‘order of immortals’?” (demon man)

“Buhihi, are you stupid? Isn’t that them?” (meat ball man lol)

When the demon man asked that question, the meat lump beside him ridiculed him and not long after, the demon man send a punch towards him until his arm sinks into the meat mass. Just by the wind pressure, the power behind that punch was unimaginable and can kill a normal monster in one punch.

“Guh! Are you trying to kill me?” (meat lump)

“Are you blind or what? It is clear that the ‘order of immortal’ member had escaped from here.” (demon man)

“So are you saying that these kids are fighting with them earlier?” (meat lump)

“Jacob, what happened earlier?” (demon man)

“Unfortunately the ‘order of immortal’ has escaped and how can you possibly have mistaken these two brats as the ‘order of immortal’ member?” (Jacob)

As he said that, the demon man pinched the meat lump and twisted it. Each time he did that, there is an extremely pained moan let out from the meat lump.

“Ah, it seems that I know that human child over there. If I’m not mistaken he is a B rank adventurer named Yu Sato. Buhihi, in less than a year he became a B rank. Oh, not only that it seems that there was a rumor that he has successfully defeated an undead dragon.” (meat lump)

“If you know it from the beginning why did you say that they’re the enemy! However B rank? It still a small fish anyway.” (demon man)

“Don’t treat Odono-san like a fool!”
Namari was enraged and came forward with a punch. Although the demon man was blown back tens of meters and wipe off the blood that was coming out from his mouth, it doesn’t seem that he has taken a damage. Only a hint of anger on his face.

“This little brat! Are you looking for death?” (demon man)

“Buhihihi, aren’t you popular with kids?” (meat lump)

The demon man clenched his fist and moving towards Yu but someone stood in the way.

“I’m going to kill them!”

“Lennart, is killing them your mission?”

In front of the demon man that was called Lennart, Jacob was standing there and his bugs preparing to attack.

Seeing that the insects that were coming out from Jacob’s back, Lennart can only hold back his anger and glares at Jacob.

“Jacob, are you allying with the brat?” (Lennart)

“I just don’t want you to forget your mission.” (Jacob)

“Both of you brats, scram! Don’t forget to thank Jacob for standing up for you.” (Lennart)

“I’ll say anything I want.” (Yu)

“You can’t even win if you battle against Odono-san!” (Namari)

“What?” (Lennart)

A while ago the tension in the air was solved by Jacob but once again the tension was raised. Once again Jacob solved it by slowly walking in between the two sides and hit Lennart’s shin with a cane.

“Come, stop picking fights with kids.”

Lennart reluctantly withdrew and to ease his anger, he threw another punch to the meat lump.

“So Jacob, where is the ‘order of immortal’?”
The meat lump that was beaten by Lennart rolled to Jacob and asked.

“it’s obvious they have escaped and he doesn’t know! What a waste of time.”
Lennart gave a glare to Jacob and turned his body and left.

When Jacob and the two people were gone, Yu recovered the 「skeleton knight」 and resurrected them one by one.

“Odono-san, why didn’t you show your power back then?” (Namari)

“it’s not important. More importantly, how’s the ‘order of immortal’?” (Yu)

“They’re strong, but I believe I’m stronger.” (Namari)
“Look at you, talking big. Without us you’re nothing Namari.” (Nana)
“Nana, you’re really annoying.” (Namari)

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