TDADP chapter 154

TDADP chapter 154: all glories will fade
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When the wind blew in the dungeon, there was a heavy stench of blood mixed in along with some dust. Three shadows were standing clouded by the dust. All three of them suffer heavy damage were in a bloody condition. However, among them, one person was showing a sublime smile.

“It hurts, crazy old man.”
Ivan while saying that in a joking manner, he held his left collarbone that was definitely broken. His right arm that was used to hit the adamantium wall shown some cracks on the knuckle that he wore. Not long, his right arm was hanging like a loose kite.

“This old man is so stubborn.”
Lennart spit out a mouthful of blood and used his spear to support his body by thrusting it on the ground.

“Hahaha, to be able to fight with so many strong people in one day is really a blessing. The god of dwarves indeed is gracious.”
Dhorme when he was surrounded by Ivan and Lennart pincer attack, he was still able to defend himself. Adamantium wall was created to block Ivan and he created countless barbs made of Damascus steel and mithril using his 【mineral manipulation】 skill.

When it happened, clearly Ivan’s right arm and his left collarbone were fractured because it can’t withstand the pressure. Lennart was using the 【spear technique】, 《Demon Killer》but in the end, his body was full of holes because countless thorn-likee spear barbs that were created by Dhorme. Even though the both of were in a sorry state, Dhorme was in no way in a better condition.

His right arm was broken because he was after all withstanding Lennart attack from such a disadvantageous position. His hundred years’ turtle armor has been shattered and to tell the truth, Dhorme’s spine has cracked all over. If not for his fast responses in using Damascus steel to create some kind of pin and his miraculous skill 【Drug Body】insane regeneration, he will be in death’s door.

“It seems even if you’re about to lose, you still have your pride to hide it.”

“Is that so? But after all you’re one of a few that is able to force me this far.”
As he said that, the scarlet dragon hammer on his right arm was emitting an explosive flame. It was as if the scarlet dragon hammer has turned into a scarlet dragon’s mouth and spewing out explosive flame. Moreover, the silver dragon hammer on his left arm was leaking a purple energy that was so violent as if it was trying to devour everything.

“Hahaha, I hope you won’t die after receiving this. Although it’s fine, play time is over.”
Both of the flames and energy that Dhorme was emitting from his flame started to move and merge with his body. His right arm was now completely red and his left arm was deep purple.

Lennart had his guard up but Dhorme first target was Ivan. Ivan only blinked for once and in front of his eyes, Dhorme blazing red hammer was already in front of him. Surges of flame like a tsunami immediately enveloped Ivan’s body.

“Ahaha, an outrageous attack old man!”
Ivan said that but he himself was worried whether he can withstand this attack. He dug a hole on the ground and hide himself there. The next instance, the flame waves swept over the ground.

Once again, Ivan executed his unique skill 【Steel Ball Body】 and at the same time he executed 【martial arts】 skill, 《Mighty drop》 to dig in deeper to the ground. Even though he did that, the heat of the explosive flame penetrated the ground and Ivan’s skin started to become dry.

The flame was still targeting Ivan as if it wanted to devour him. In the next instance when his body was almost swallowed by the flame, the 【martial arts】 skill, 《Mighty drop》showing its true power. As if an explosion happening, the flame was pushed back along with a wall of earth as Ivan was now standing in a deep crater. Ivan however, isn’t able to block it completely as some parts of his body were showing a severe burn mark and black smoke came out from his mouth and he fell to the ground afterwards.

“I still won’t lose to you old man!” (Lennart)

“What are you saying? Now it’s your turn!”

Even if his face was showing some pain, Dhorme struck the ground using his purple steel silver dragon hammer. He activated a skill 《Purple Spear Mountain》 that was equipped on his hammer.
(Tl note: the flame skill and this skill is a skill that comes with the equipment, not Dhorme’s skill)

As the hammer touched the ground, the purple spear-like thorns came out from the ground, moving towards Lennart.

“Don’t think that such skill can beat me.”
Lennart moved his own spear to the front and using the momentum gathered, he broke the purple thorns.

“This level of attack won’t hurt me!”

“Of course I didn’t think that skill can finish you off.”

At this time, a shadow was covering Lennart face. When he looked up, Dhorme was in the air with both of his hammer prepared.

“Curse you old man!”

At this time, he ignored the purple spear thorns that pierced his body and focused on Dhorme. He gripped the spear tightly and as if a dragon prepared to roar, he stared at Dhorme.

Dhorme invoked a 【hammer technique】but at that time, he also saw a black figure in his line of sight. The black color came from the severe burns, and it was Ivan. Even if his body was wounded badly, he stood there.

“Indeed, you won’t die that easily.”

Dhorme was still calm as if he expected that Ivan was still alive.

“Don’t…look down… on… Twelve generals of Carnage.”

Ivan executed 【martial arts】, 《Dragon punch》 and Lennart unleashed【spear technique】, 《Demon Killer》at the same time. Even Dhorme was unsure at what will happen if he took both of the skill head on.

“【Twin Hammer technique】, 《Day and Night butterflies》.”

Dhorme quietly murmuring the name of the skill as both sides met.
Ivan’s left arm was blown off along some part of his upper body. Lennart seemed to be able to defend himself but around him, a huge crater was created as his 【spear technique】, 《Demon Killer》 managed to hold out.

“Hahaha, good you’re still alive. It won’t be good if that kills you.”

Then within a radius of five hundred meters around Dhrome, purple spear thorns coming out. It was as if the field around turned into a deadly flower garden. After he turned the area around him into a deadly flower garden, Dhorme fell to the ground with one knee. It seems that he reached his limit and the fatigue was accumulating. Moreover, as a dwarf, their MP wasn’t that much since the beginning. After using the hidden skill form the two hammer, it takes a huge toll on Dhorme mana.

“Indeed, I’ve became careless.”
(Tl note: he’s saying as his age is increasing he’s become clumsy lol)

“It’s become quiet over there. What did you think? Are they dead?” (Azerotte)

“Kekeke, I’m sure that the old dwarf is dead.” (Jacob)

Azerotte and Jacob fight has been carried at a distance around two kilometers from Dhorme battlefield.

Giant insects is moving out aiming at Azerotte but one by one burst when it comes into contact with Azerotte 【Barrier】.

“Hmmm. I might become an insect killer master.”

“For your 【Barrier】 to be able to kill my insects easily, you must have enchanted it with magic elements.”

“It’s only a 【Barrier】with thunder.”
“Are you a 「Thunder Master」?”
“「Thunder Master」? I never heard of that kind of job. Is that a special class?”

Although the two was having a conversation openly but in truth they have been exchanging fierce offense and defense.

Azerotte was using her magic to kill Jacob’s insects and using a high rank spell she defeated them in a single blow. Jacob on the other hand was trying to break Azerotte’s 【Barrier】. However, his insects that came into contact with the 【Barrier】had been burned black and charred.

Jacob on the other hand didn’t stop. After all, to keep up with that kind of 【Barrier】, she must have spent quite a large amount of MP. If he keeps on attacking, the chance of victory will show itself up sooner or later. It’s a battle of perseverance and although a lot of numbers of insects have died, Jacob isn’t impatient.

“Excuse me, are you waiting for my MP to run out?”

“If it wasn’t for that, why do you think I sacrifice my insects?”

Hearing his answer, Azerotte was looking at Jacob puzzled.

“Um, my mana until now hasn’t even reduced.”
“Is that so? Amazing!”

Even though Azerotte said that, swarm of insects kept on attacking her 【Barrier】.

“「Thunder Wind Witch」 Azerotte.”
“What did you say?”
“I wonder why they don’t give me a cute name?”
The elf girl inflated her cheek showing her discontent.

“Do you know why?”
As she said that from Azerotte index finger, thunder and wind hit each other violently. Soon it formed a spheres. It was a small sphere around ten centimeters in diameter but it was a true compression of thunder and wind. Their power was unimaginable as a violent force was swirling inside of the sphere.

“This… don’t tell me it’s a ninth rank 【black magic】, 《Wind Compression》? But, it’s a little bit different.”

“Of course, it isn’t finished.”

In Azerotte hands, more spheres formed. From one into two, to three, one after another keep popping out. Speaking about ninth rank 【black magic】, even one sphere of 《Wind Compression》consumes enormous MP. Azerotte in the other hand doing it casually as if casting a low rank 《Mud ball》. The number of the spheres soon increased.

Jacob responded fast. He was summoning the strongest insect that he has. From his back, waist, and feet, came out three insects along as his body was shaking violently.

If Jacob insects has ranks, the three insect that comes out now can be said standing in the rank of insect king.

The first insect was twenty meters long, like a caterpillar, it walked by rolling and emitting a yellow liquid on the ground. Its whole body is covered by barbs.

The second insect is fifteen meters long. It has a body of scorpion but on the head area, it has a form of human upper body. It was something that even Azerotte finds surprising.

The third insect was a spider around seventeen meters and there is a hole on its legs. From the hole, red tentacles can be seen. Also on the lower abdomen, it is carrying a smaller spider.

“All of you, attack!”

The three insect king listened to Jacob commands and attacked Azerotte. They were moving one after another and soon Azerotte launched her 《Wind Compression》skill.

The spider was the first one to move by spreading its spider web. The yarn produced by the spider had the ability to absorb the lightning but it still has wind power inside of it. The remnants of the wind hit the scorpion and the caterpillar.

“Hmm. Even after losing the thunder, its power is enough to hurt my insect kings.”

The caterpillar felt its body was torn and cut as it screaming while scattering yellow fluid. The scorpion hard crustaceans shell on the other hand was able to deflect the wind.

“Well, only a small scratch is produced. It seems that the scorpion has a higher magic resistance.”

The spider then spits out another thread and trying to catch Azerotte. When it came contact into her 【Barrier】, it absorbed the thunder and for the first time Azerotte was forced to take a step back.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you proud of your 【Barrier】? Or is it actually that weak?”
Jacob was sending provocations to Azerrote as he summoned more insects. Although it seems that he had the advantage, he showed no sign of complacency.

“Honestly, I have a bad feeling.”
Azerotte unleashed a high rank spell one after another. However, if it was a wind spell, the scorpion came up to defend against it. If it was a lighting spell, the spider use it threads and blocked it. As for fire and water, it was sucked dry by the caterpillar.

When she look closer, Azerotte has been surrounded in the spider web and the three insect king didn’t give her any place to run.

“The game is over now.”

“Now, I’m angry!”
Azerotte was now pouting.

“So, are you admitting defeat?”

“No, in the end, I have to kill everyone.”
Along with her lovely cry, there was a black light coming from the sky.

“Everyone… cover me!”

Jacob was trying to use the three insect king to defended him. Soon, the black light was clearing up the smaller insects in the area.

“It’s not the end.”

After the black lights that came down like rain, hail of huge meteorites fell down. The meteorites easily crushed the caterpillar first. Soon the spider also fells into victim; the smaller spiders tried to escape but to no avail it died under the black light and meteorites.

The scorpion was the last one standing. However soon it’s crustaceans scale torn off and the exposed flesh below pierced by the black light.

“hahaha, it managed to survive.”

“Impossible? This is 《Chaos Destruction》…”

The spell that Azerotte just used was a ninth rank【black magic】, 《Chaos Destruction》. To tell the truth, this spell has been classified as ancient magic. It was done so because to successfully cast this spell, it requires dozens of high level magician. In truth, several hundred people were needed to execute this spell.

Despite the fact that she just used the spell, and high ranked magic one after another, Azerotte didn’t show even the slightest bit of exhaustion.

“Well, goodbye.”
Azerotte then used a seventh rank【black magic】, 《Lightning》.

The scorpion jumped out in front of Jacob to protect him as the scorpion body blown away. Soon some body fluids and meat past splattered around as Azerotte has her 【barrier】 to protect herself from the mess.

“Ah, the insect man is gone.”
(TL note: it wasn’t sure gone in missing or dead lol)

Azerotte moved and found some craters along with deformed ground. Finally, she found a strange hole which was covered with metal.

“Grandpa, are you still alive?”

A breathing voice can be heard faintly from inside and clearly Azerotte voice can be heard inside.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

After that Dhrome came out as the metal that covered the hole was sucked into his item bag.

“This fool! Are you trying to kill me along?”

“Ah, because that insect old man was so annoying so I have to cast high rank spell.”

As Dhorme tried to punch her head, Azerotte stuck out a tongue at him.

“But, it seems that insect old man escaped. What about your enemy grandpa?”

“I don’t know because I have to take cover when I sense your spell was coming. Whether they are still alive or dead, I don’t know.”

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s alright.”
After that Azerotte walked ahead leaving Dhorme behind. Dhorme can only let out a big sigh afterwards. In the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon 67th floor, soon no sign of people can be seen. On this day, the legend of Twelve generals of Carnage that has been unbeaten for over three hundred years has ended.

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