TDADP chapter 155

TDADP chapter 155: black knight
(edited by ganjz)
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In the 32nd floor of A rank dungeon 「Devil’s prison」, a party was fighting against a 「Greater demon」.

“Alright, we have defeated another one.”
Using a halberd, which was a spear with an ax end, a man shouting while beheading the greater demon.

“Well done! If no one is needed a strength, Hannu, I’m going to lure another one.”

As he said that, a man which is equipped with a large shield went forward to find another greater demon. Not far from him, a man who was called Hannu has started to cast a spell.
“Take this, 【Shield technique】, 《Iron Shield》!”
As he was nearing the greater demon, the greater demon swung down its claw and the man who was holding a shield, took its attack head on. The effect of 【Shield technique】, 《Iron Shield》 was able to make one’s defense as hard as an iron. However, the strength of the greater demon was above the man’s expectation.

“Ugh, Hannu; hurry up!”

As the man who almost succumbed to the pressure of the greater demon cried out, at the same time Hannu third rank 【Sacred Magic】, 《Holy Flame》 enveloped the greater demon.

The screams of the greater daemon resounded in the neighborhood. And the greater demon that was burned by the 《Holy Flame》 soon become charred. The greater demon was a rank six monster that has a high magic resistance to physical attack. If it was attacked by a normal weapon, it won’t even leave a scratch. That is why this party that managed to take down two greater demons can be said made of excellent adventurers.

“Herman, hurry, strip the skin from the greater demon. Hannu, you can go to Ester and cover her with some recovery spell.”
“This greater demon has become charcoal is a bit wasteful. “
While Herman put his halberd on his shoulder, he was still paying attention to the greater demon corpse that was still rising a smoke.

“There’s no choice. Because if we don’t finish this kind of monster in one attack, their unusual regenerative power is able to put us in a difficult situation. Earlier we’re successful because it aimed at Ester and turn her into a ‘panic’ state.”

‘panic’ was an abnormal state that makes a target become panic. As long as they have this status, they won’t be able to do anything and rendered uselessly.

“If you want to talk, this is not the right place. Remember we’re still inside A rank dungeon 「Devil’s prison」.”

“That’s true. Let’s wrap it up and enjoy our rest in a tavern at the Imperial City.”

Herman approached the greater demon and with a knife to stripped the materials, however when he moved closer, the greater demon which neck was almost cut, seemed to grow tentacles that tried to reconnect its body.
(Tl note: this is the first greater demon they kill, early in this chapter)

“This guy isn’t dead eh?”
“Herman, quickly kill it!”

There was a strange voice emitted from the greater demon neck. Herman at this point took out his halberd and trying to deliver a killing blow.

“Ah sorry I was clumsy before. But what was that before? Is it calling its kin? Hannu, Ester, have you guys recovered yet?”

“No, I spent too much mana.”

“If that’s so, hurry and recover. If not, we won’t have…”

Before he finished saying that, a lesser demon appeared with drool overflowing from its mouth. It was like a carnivorous beast that was hungry and looking for a prey in front of its eye.

“Don’t worry, it’s only a lesser demon. I can handle it.”
Herman at that point step forward wanting to fight it but as soon as a greater demon emerges from behind it while crushing the lesser demon on its feet, Herman was stopped on his feet. Before his mind regained his calmness, one after another, a greater demon kept showing up. In total, there were nine greater demons.

“Fall back! Everyone, prepare your teleport stone!”
“Wait! You can’t do that. Ester hasn’t finished yet; she won’t be able to use it at this state.”

A teleport stone was an important item that makes adventurer able to teleport outside of the dungeon. However, to use it, that person need to imbue their own magical power to use the teleport stone.

“I’ll say it again. Take out your teleport stone and prepare!”
Enshio words were clear. He has been planning to abandon Ester in the first place.
(Tl note: so it seems the part wasn’t just made up by three people)

Hearing that, Herman’s face was distorted. He looked at Ester and he was shaken. With a heavy heart he took out a teleport stone from his item bag.

The Enshio was the first one to use the teleport stone and soon another party member followed suit. It can be said to be ruthless but as an adventurer it was the right choice. If they were hesitating, the consequences can be the death of all the party member.

“Wait! I won’t abandon Ester. Even if you kick me out from the party, I won’t leave Ester!”
Hannu was crying but no one listened to him anymore. He ran towards her and embraced her. He has decided to protect Ester with his life.

The greater demon was getting impatient seeing the number of prey in front of their eyes gone missing. They surely not miss Hannu figure there. As if he was fighting with his fear, he casted his 【Sacred Magic】. At this time, Hannu has prepared to defend Ester even if it costs his life. As the greater demon approaching, he knew that his death was near.

“Do you need some help?”
Suddenly someone spoke from behind him. Hannu kept his guard up while looking back.

It was a big figure. The skin was black in color and carrying a huge battle ax on his back. His body was covered in armor. Is this a knight send by the heavens to save him?

As a practitioner of 【Sacred Magic】, he noticed immediately that most of the equipment that the knights wore was cursed. This knight body was covered in armor and although there was some gap between the armor and helmet, it can be seen that the skin color was black. More importantly, his mouth has a visible tusk.

Judging from the physique and the tusk, Hannu concluded that it may be someone from the demi-human race. However,demi-human race skin at most will be blue or red. He never sees someone or heard of a person with such a black skin.

“Or did I see it wrong? If you don’t need my help then please excuse me.”

“Eh, wait! We definitely need help. Will you help us?”

To Hannu question, the black warrior didn’t reply. The warrior took out a battle axe and a large hammer and wielded in in his hand. His gestures can be considered as replying with a yes as he walked towards the greater demon flock.

Only by looking, the hammer and ax each on their own were super heavy but that figure handled both of it as if he was carrying twigs. Seeing his back, in spite of this critical situation, Hannu can feel a sense of relief.

Nine greater demons versus one person. It wasn’t a realistic number to be honest.


Looking at the sudden intruder, the greater demon shouted out as if annoyed having their meal time disturbed. One of the greater demons pounced on the black knight. Its height was around two hundred and seventy centimeters and weighing around three hundred kilos. It jumped and added the power and with its prided claw, it slashes it towards the black knight.

Hannu can only see the left arm of the black knight disappeared for a moment. At that instance, it was as if the large hammer on his left arm was missing. The next thing Hannu see was the greater demon that can’t be scratched by normal weapon, not even using 【Ax technique】 or 【Spear technique】 of Herman, has been crushed.

It was a casual attack in a single blow but it was enough to kill the greater demon. The corpse was crushed vertically from head to toes and looked very comical.

“In just one blow, that greater demon was defeated?”
Hannu couldn’t believe with what just happening in front of his eyes nor the other greater demon. To see their companion was beaten easily by a smaller creature was shocking. It made the rest of the greater demons to stare at the black knight.

Hearing the black knight words, the greater demon body twitched. Without realizing the greater demon actually took a step back.

I wonder if it found something from the black knight gesture. They were even hesitating to bare their fangs towards him. Feeling like this, the greater demon who have lived with pride as strong creatures couldn’t take it anymore as all of the greater demons flocked the black knight all at once.

The greater demon made a mistake by entering the range of the battle ax and the hammer. When they came near, the large hammer was directed at their head. At that moment, the greater demon unleashed a fifth rank 【black magic】, 《thunderclap》. The black warrior saw the thunder coming down from the sky and using the axe, he split the incoming thunder.

Three greater demons also tried to cause him to fall into ‘panic’ state using their abnormal state attack but the black knight didn’t seem to be affected and continued to attack.

Three greater demons that tried to cause ‘panic’ was slaughtered and one by one the black knight kills the greater demons.

“He won… I can’t believe this.”
Hannu couldn’t believe that they have survived and in that instance his face showing his shock.

“This level of enemy… I’m not satisfied.”
The black knight didn’t show any emotion even though he has won a sweeping victory against the greater demon. He only quietly collected the magic ball from the greater demon and was about to leave before Hannu approached him in a hurry.

“Wait, please wait. What is your true identity?”

The black knight only looked back at Hannu.
“I’m only a lowly servant that was following my master’s order. Nothing more.”

Even though he has so much power, Hannu was surprised when the black knight said that he was only a servant. Before Hannu managed to ask about his name, the black knight already disappeared from his sight.

After that finally, Ester has regained her senses and set free form her ‘panic’ state. Hannu decided that when he come back he will look for the black knight and show his thanks. But nevertheless, he couldn’t find that man.

Starting from that day, there was a rumor in the imperial city. There was a black knight in the 「Devil’s prison」 dungeon. Many people saw his figure but no one ever saw him walking out. Some say that it was only a baseless rumor. Some say that the knight must have died in the dungeon. Nevertheless, everyone knew that at least there was really a black knight wandering inside the dungeon.


Name: Kuro
Race: Black Goblin (zombie)
Rank: 5
LV: 32
HP: 3394
MP: 679
strength: 814
Agility: 576
vitality: ∞
Intelligence: 203
Magic: 413
Luck: 1

Passive Skills:
Swordsmanship LV3
Axe mastery LV5↑ UP
Physical ability up LV7↑ 2UP
Intimidation LV4↑ UP
Darkness resistance LV6↑ 2UP
Hammer mastery LV4↑ UP
Ax and Hammer dual wield LV1 !New

Active Skill:
Sword strike LV2
Ax skills LV5↑ UP
Body Enhance LV3
Hammer technique LV4↑ 2UP

Specific skills:

Earth War Ax (grade 4): Earth element, weight reduction
Demon Large Hammer (grade 4): critical up, cursed = severe pain

Beast helm (grade 4): confusion resistance up
Specter armor (grade 4): darkness, water, and earth element resistance, cursed (mental attack)
Ghost Gauntlet (grade 4): spirit magic resistance up, cursed (burns)
Noroitamashi boots(grade 4): damage to strength conversion, cursed (magic unusable)

Killer collar (grade 4): darkness resistance up, bloodlust enhancement, cursed (physical strength reduced)
Monk’s rosary (grade 5): physical ability up, recovery effect up
Power Ring (grade 6): strength up
War God Mark (grade 3): physical ability up

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