TDADP chapter 163

TDADP chapter 163: feast
(edited by ganjz)
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“What? This hammer is made from darkness ores and this floor is made from gold steel. Even this oil used for the furnace was camellia oil. Are you kidding me? This is amazing!”
All of the things inside the new blacksmith workshop immediately brings excitement and lit a fire on Wood’s eye.

It can be said that the utensils and tools are almost the most important things for an artisan life. Wood also understand that they shouldn’t be used and touched unless it was necessary. However, his eyes were saying that there is no way I don’t want to touch those.

At first, Yu brought everyone to the mansion that was made by the pale dwarves. However, they took a detour and when he and Wood arrived at the blacksmith workshop, Wood has been restless.

“Uncle, do you hear me?”

Yu called out to him several times but Wood didn’t seem to be responding. One of the pale dwarves caught sight of it and spoke.
“Fuhaha. Apparently, Wood-dono is stunned at the sight of our workshop.”

The pale dwarf next to Yu was stroking his beard and also it caused some people behind them to be curious at what exactly was happening.

“Anyway, Mauno I will pass this to you.”
As Yu said so, he took out black steel, mithril steel, Damascus steel and precious ores. He also took out some more blacksmith hammer that was used by the blacksmith in the capital along with gold floor tiles that were used in the workshop.

“My king, thank you! And this, could this be the capital anvil?”
“Yes, that anvil seemed to be really popular in the capital and many top blacksmiths use it. The usage wasn’t that much different from magic tools. So, uncle, do you hear me? All of the material here is for all of you to share okay?”

“Yes, even if we’re to all shared this material, there will still be enough spare for everyone.”

“And I wonder… if you guys can mass-produced this.”

After that Yu takes out a combination of trivet with a magic ball and gave it to Mauno.

“This is a rank 1 magic ball and a trivet.”

“Yes, this magic ball has fire magic imbued in it. So I want you to make a trivet that has fire elements on it.”

“A magic trivet… hmm…”
Mauno doesn’t have any doubts in his own ability. After all, his tribe has the skill of a blacksmith. They were used to making armor, hence making a trivet was the same as asking them making household tools which was easy.

“My King, I also want to do it.”
From Mauno’s back, someone with a grumpy face stepped forward. It was Byarune from the fallen dwarf group and that voice can be clearly heard by Yu.

“Mauno will most likely reluctant to do this. Just leave it to us from the fallen dwarf tribe. Processing metal, and even making a trivet, we can do it better than a normal dwarf. What do you think about leaving it to the fallen dwarf group?”

“Byarune-dono, what are you saying? The king has given it to me. Now you’re trying to take over this task?”

“Isn’t what important is the end product?”

“Oh, Wow!”
At that moment, Byarune and Mauno were staring at each other.

Byarune from the fallen dwarf group was smaller but he isn’t willing to step back even an inch. It was also soon increasing an intense atmosphere between the magic dwarf group led by Mauno.
(Tl note: it seemed that the dwarves that were taken by Yu was divided into two groups, magic dwarf and fallen dwarf.)

“What are you doing? The king asked me, Mauno. Byarune-dono, are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

“Mauno-dono, I was just thinking that it was possibly better if it was me and my men that done the work. Because this is an important job and I think that it was better for me to do it.”

“So, are you saying that I am not adequate enough to do it?”

“What if I say you’re not?”
Byarune and Mauno kept staring at each other. Yu on the other put his hand into his item bag and took out a magic ball. Judging from the color and the size, everyone who saw it, leak out a voice of surprised because they know just how valuable it was.

“This is a rank 7 magic ball and have a fire affinity in it. If you put this in the furnace, it can easily power it up and the heat produced a high temperature.”

Many amazement was let out from the dwarves. Of course, it was a surprise of joy. That was to be expected since, in this kind of island, it should be hard to get trees to be used in the furnace. If they kept on using the trees, what’s left in the island will be broken trees and fallen leaves only. Because of that, when Yu issued the order, Hisui face was a bit down and sad. This was inevitable since blacksmithing need lots of woods to fire up the furnace. But what Yu took out could change everything.

“What is the point of the king action? Wait, isn’t a while ago miss dryad was a bit angry?”
Anyone who was confused at the situation fell into silence as Wood answered them.
“It’s because if you guys kept cutting the forest as fire wood, the forest will be gone in an instant and if that’s happened, miss dryad here will be very sad. To make the trivet, you guys doesn’t need any other fire source other than the magic ball. Isn’t that right Yu?”

“Yes Uncle. Since I need to take Nina and the rest to explore the island, can I leave the matter here to you and Mauno?”

“yes, leave it to me.”
After that Yu leave Wood behind in the workshop to work with the dwarves and head to the residence that has been prepared.

The entrance was made form artificial stone and it was located on the ground. When the ground split, they can see a stairs heading downward. Lena was peeping at it with curiosity. When they stepped on the stairs, there were magical balls lighted up like lamps. They were placed at regular intervals so it doesn’t make the tunnel looks dark and the floor was even made from cobblestone which is pretty expensive.

“Yu, I was surprised a little while ago.”
Nina walked next to Yu and remembered the quarrels of the dwarf earlier.
“Is it always like that? It seems that Byarune always come into disagreements towards the fallen dwarf race.”

“The fallen dwarf race is enough to be appreciated, however some of them have a bad attitude…”
It is correct to say that Byarune was wrong with his action earlier.

“…it looks like a dungeon but it isn’t.” Lena was curious and was touching the wall and the floor.

“there are ventilation system here and the humidity is kept constant by using magic ball too. there are undead created from my 【Specter magic】 here so you can say it is more or less a mini dungeon.”

At the end of the passage, some children from the dwarf group were waving hands and smiling when they saw Yu. Nina and Lena waved back the dwarf children immediately stopped.

“Yu, what happened? Do they hate us?”

“They are just surprised because they are not accustomed to humans.”

“But, Yu is also human.”

Lena felt jealous and she set off to the air using her broom. When the dwarf children look at that, they look at her with jealousy. Lena put up a grin and looked down at them.
“…Fufu…” but after that she flew too high as her head hit the ceiling.

“Are you alright?” (Yu)
“Lena, are you okay?” (Nina)

“Haha, King, your friend is interesting. Well, welcome to the children dwarf workshop.”

There was an echo sound when the door of the workshop is opened and inside of it, there were many fallen dwarf that were making small crafts and decorations. When they saw Yu coming and Byarune behind him, the fallen dwarf group stopped their work and came to greet them. After that, each one of them shake hands with Yu and went back to work. Only one person didn’t go back to work and handed out a small box to Byarune.

“King, take a look at this.”
Byarune passes the box that he received earlier towards Yu. when he opened the box, there was a bracelet. Using his eye ability, Yu confirmed the item.

Fallen dwarf bracelet (grade 4): paralysis resistance up, poison resistance up.

The quality of the bracelet was comparable to first class magic tool shop in the capital.

“yeah, it’s a good bracelet.”
Yu then put the bracelet back into the box and returned it to Byarune.

Byarune who receives the box then headed back to the dwarf that handed it to him. The dwarf looked nervous and discouraged.

“I received some compliments from the King. Well done.”
The face of the dwarf that received the small box immediately brighten. He nodded many times hearing Byarune words and returned to his place. Afterwards he discussed the talk with the others.
“Alright, we’re finished here. Next, we will go to the mountain.”

“Oh, please wait my King. You haven’t visit the beast men yet.”
Rubanofu from the best tribe has been following him silently but suddenly went forward in panic.

“This is the first time I saw a beast tribe that is so nice to people.” (Nina)
“…indeed.” (Lena)

“If we go visit the mountain, it will be dark when we come back. For today, Rubanofu, you will be in charge of the meals. Here, inside this item bag there are meat prepared. So I need you and the beastmen tribe to prepare the food.” (Yu)

“Meat?” hearing Yu words, Rubanofu’s tail swung sideways violently.

When hunting monsters, Yu always saved the monsters’ meat. It wasn’t only for his consumption but also for the beastmen tribe. The beastmen tribe always gulped down on food and have a large appetite. The nuts and fruits gathered from the forest can’t keep up with their consumption.

Rubanofu at first wanted to guide them towards the beastmen settlement but the temptation of the meat stopped it all as he went back to the beastmen settlement alone with a little drool coming out from his mouth.

Yu who came out form the fallen dwarf settlement now headed into the mountains. As they approach the mountain, there was the huge tree that had grown on top of the mountain and still rising up to the sky.

“…this mountain, did Yu made it?” (Lena)
“Yes, but it’s not only me. Hisui and Russ helped out. The mountain was made by Russ and me. Hisui planted one hundred aquatic tree around it. It was because the world tree need a lot of water and only aquatic trees cab gathered high-quality water from the ground.” (Yu)

“…Aquatic trees, they are hard to grow and the number are low. Even in some areas, they are protected species.” (Lena)

“Is that so? I seemed lucky to get a hand on some of the seed.” (Yu)

“…Yu, Hisui mentioned that the entire area is covered in 【Barrier】. But I couldn’t see any, perhaps did you cover the entire island and that even included the sky?” (Lena)

“Of course I did so. Because raising the world tree need a special condition and there is an annoying giant around.” (Yu)
“…giant?” (Lena)
“perhaps it was the ghost that Namari-chan mentioned?” (Nina)
(Tl note: it was mentioned at Namari’s diary)

“really? Did Namari said such thing? The giant is like a ghost because it keeps on wanting to take some sprout from the world tree. But other than that, he is very shy and almost never comes out here. Usually Hisan is keeping a watch on him.” (Yu)

“…is this the entrance?” (Lena)
While they’re talking, they have arrived at the slope of the mountain. In front of them however there was a gate that is out of the norm.

The gate was decorated finely and there were some statues of monster in some area. When Nina get close to the statue, she touched the eyes and it immediately glowed.

“Wow! Yu, Yu~ the eyes of the lion are made from Ruby! Look, this one here is made from Sapphire! Over there, that’s Emerald!” (Nina)

“Russ… I already tell him not to overdo the decoration.” (Yu)

Yu opened the gate and when he is inside, there were arranged clothes and memorabilia, statues, and painting, as if they are inside the palace of a great kingdom. The floor has been laid with red carpet and on both sides aisle, there were knights in full plate armor standing still. In the middle of the carpet, only Russ can be seen kneeling while looking at him impatiently. The knights real identity were 「Living Armor」 that Russ created by 【Specter magic】.

“Master, I’ve been waiting for you.”
Russ moved while floating in the air and when he arrived in front of Yu, he kneeled again.

“Hey, what is this?” (Yu)

“I was thinking of preparing something that is worthy for master. Although the appearance is still a bit short.” (Russ)
“This… did you use the things from the old dragon treasury?” (Yu)
“Am I not allowed? After all this need to be a place that is worthy for master. There is a throne where the master can have audience with people… master?” (Russ)
The number of the treasure put in that room, in reality even exceed the number that can be found in a kingdom treasury.

“Certainly you can use it but to use it like this… and what’s with the throne…?” (Yu)

“Of course as a king who has a castle in the mountain, there is a need of a throne. It’s like sitting in the castle, and in addition of master power, there are also my undead army. There is still the 【barrier】 and that ugly giant that lives in the mountains too. this is an impregnable castle that no one can penetrate. Even an army can only dream of entering. That’s not all! The treasures. The treasures here even exceeded those from the big kingdom. With this I am sure that the castle can be expanded. How about we make an expansion of the underground as well? Master?” (Russ)

“I don’t even know what to say…” (Yu)

“is that so? So master, it’s like that, did you hear what I just said? Oh, wait master… please wait!” (Russ)

Yu ignored Russ and left him behind as he guided Nina and the girl inside the castle.
The castle was prepared well. One of the best features was the excessively decorated public baths that were provided with twenty-four hours hot water. Nina was even surprised that Russ decorated the bath with jewelry. Lena, rather than jewelry she was more interested in the magic tool that provides the boiling hot water and asked Russ about it.

Yu this time continued to move forward into the castle which was built directly inside the mountain.

“Russ, won’t you come with us?” (Yu)

“I don’t need food. Nor I am willing to get along with the beastmen and the dwarves.” (Russ)

“such a childish way of thinking.” (Yu)
“Russ is acting like a child.” (Namari)

Namari that already came back and gathered up with the party trying to provoke Russ.

“Namari, what are you saying?” (Russ)
After that even while being chased by Russ, Namari didn’t stop teasing him. It seemed that the both of them have a good relationship.

“King, what do we do now?”
“I was so hungry so I ate without permission. King, are you angry at me?”
It was one of the beastmen, a tiger named Narumo.

Yu looked at the beastmen and Rubanofu complexion. They looked very angry at Narumo which was hiding behind Yu. At the square, there were the beastmen, the magic dwarf group and the fallen dwarf group preparing for the banquet.

The magic dwarves were ready to enjoy barrels of ale that Yu brought, they were prepared to enjoy it as they stroked the barrel all the time. The beastmen were having a hard time controlling their saliva as there was the meat of Boar warrior, and Strong minotaur and already fidgeting for a while. The fallen dwarf on the other hand didn’t show a special reaction nor prepared anything for it.

“Alright, it seems that everyone is ready and the child is hungry. Let the feast begin!”

Using Yu words as a signal, the beastmen hungrily took some meat while rising a cry.

The strong minotaur that Yu hunted, was only female, that way, the meat that they have was extremely tender and the beastmen race wolfed it down quickly. However, some of the beastmen children came approaching Yu.

“What are you guys doing? Go eat with your parents.”

Around Yu, some of the children brought some grilled meat and chased away by Marifa.

“King, my dad and mom have passed away.”
“me too.”
“mine too. can’t we eat together with the king?”

It wasn’t a rare sight, the beastmen children, the fallen dwarf and magic dwarf children, some doesn’t even have parents anymore.

“Alright, then Namari, show them how to eat this.” (Yu)

“Leave it to me! Now, look here. You take some of the meat and put it on top of the leaves, after that you wrapped them and eat them like this!”
Namari was showing them how it’s done. The meat was wrapped with some sauce using some lettuce like vegetables leaves and ate them. The meat was overflowing with juice, the salty sweet sauce and the texture of the crisp vegetable all melded into one which caused Namari to smiled happily after he took a bite.

The children looked at Yu and then Namari and each one of them copied at what Namari showed them. The beastmen children ran away as fast as a lightning with trembling tails. The fallen dwarf and magic dwarf group eyes met with each other and they smiled and shouted due to the overwhelming taste.

“Hey, where is our part?”
“Our stomach is empty too~”
Towards Yu that was now grilling some more meat, the fairies were swarming. Of course it made Yu annoyed at how noisy the fairies were. Momo tried to shooed away some of the fairies that were sitting on Yu’s head and shoulders but due to the difference in number, he has failed. At last, she was kicked off from Yu and decided to sit on the ground. Yu saw that and placed a cup of milk in front of Momo. The cup that Yu used was made to match Momo’s serving so it wasn’t too much or too little. Yu then mix some milk and honey and put in some sugar. After that, some of the fairies were attracted to the sweet smell and jumped down from Yu’s shoulder and gathered around Momo.

“Momo, drink it.”
Due to Yu words, Momo drank the milk in one big gulp and only half of it remained. However even that half of the milk left Momo with a very satisfied and slouchy look.

“Momo, is it good?”
“I also want to try drinking it.”
“Here, let me try… whoa! It’s good!”
“Lies, here let me try… what, it’s true!”
“This is like the drink of Gods.”

Because it seemed that Momo will be crushed by the group of fairies, Yu picked her up by hand and put her on top of his head. Of course, the horde of hungry fairies can’t be satisfied by half cup of Momo’s portion. The fairies that didn’t even drink enough stared at Yu with a sad face, somehow, even Hisui was making the same face.

Yu then moved to the side in silence. He made some milk as earlier, putting in honey and add some sugar. The fairies were waiting and when Yu gave a nod, they immediately assaulted the milk. Hisui was wondering at how she should drink the milk, and Yu passed her a cup. With a big smile, she took the cup and gave a hug to Yu and ignored useless interference from Momo.

“hey, where are you looking? Don’t tell me you’re jealous of the kids?”
“I’m not jealous! I’m a brown bear, and I am here to eat with the king. I want to hear his story about the dragon slaying.”
The beastmen was looked like a brown bear and his age seemed to be fifteen to sixteen. With his group, he was the only male and he was sending a jealous look towards Nina and the girls.

“Alright, I decided that I’ll go.”
“Go where?”
“To that place and eat with the King.”
“You, stop it! No matter what, you have to hold it back.”
“Shut up! I want to talk with the King.”
Since he isn’t far from Yu and the party, they noticed it. Although the girls were noisy, but when they noticed Yu looking at their direction they can only smile weakly while taking a glance at the dark elf girl on his back. They were afraid to approach Yu.

“Let me pass.”
“Wow, it’s a bear!”
“I’m not a bear, I’m a brown bear.”

He pushed away the children and only a bit away from Yu and the girls before Marifa stepped forward and stood in front of him.

“What are you doing?” (brown bear)
“Please show me your hand.” (Marifa)
“What? Hand?” (brown bear)
In the back of the brown bear youth, the women were glancing at Marifa.

“Just do what she asks.”

If you look closer, the women behind the bear were shaking little by little and there were some bruises on their body.

“What does showing my hand has anything to do with this? Let me through.” (brown bear)

“Your hands are dirty, there is even some mud in the nails.” (Marifa)

“What? This is all because of mud?” (brown bear)

“what a fool, he shouldn’t speak like that against her.”
The brown bear however ignored the beast women warning as it was all too late. The brown bear that tried to move forward suddenly feel something heavy pressing on his back. It was too sudden and too heavy as his whole body was pushed to the ground. If you look closer, on his back, there is an osmium insect that was controlled by Marifa.

“You, what did you do?” (brown bear)

“Such a dirty animal like you want to get closer to my master? Say… do you want to die?” (Marifa)

“Mari onee-san, please, stop…”
“Sister, please forgive him.”
“oh, sister, please forgive me.”

“Mari nee-chan please forgive the stupid bear.” (Namari)
Namari even cling towards Marifa to stop her as the other beast women begged desperately around her begging for forgiveness. The beast women however were terrified when Marifa was looking at them.

“Russ, Lena, Mari-chan is scary today, right?” (Nina)
“…might be ‘that’ day…” (Lena)

“Please, don’t say such misleading things in front of master!”
Marifa was angry and blushing at the same time.


“Namari-chan, do you like the incense from before?”
“Yeah, it really smelled good.”

The party lasted until late at night and everyone was enjoying it. Some didn’t show their interest, some drank till they are drunk, some ate a lot, and some even passed out at the square but in the end the feast ended safely.

Yu and the girls returned to the fortress and Nina with Namari were currently inside the bath.

“Then, you have to try this incense next time.”
“What is this incense?”
“This one… this one is an incense so you can sleep well.”
“Oh! Speaking of which, I never see Odono-san sleeping.”
Namari then played with the bottle full of incense that he received from Nina in the bathtub.

“Haha~ Namari-chan, maybe Yu doesn’t sleep much unlike Namari-chan.”
“is that so? But really I never see Odono-san sleeping.”
“yeah, all this time he was with me, I never see Odono-san sleeping or a trace of the place where he slept.”
“hmm… maybe…”


Name: Wood Kololi
Race: Dwarf
Job: Blacksmith, Mechanic, Master Blacksmith
LV: 45
HP: 1277
MP: 225
strength: 512
Agility: 33
vitality: 634
Intelligence: 112
Magic: 58
Luck: 6

Passive Skills:
physical strength up LV5↑ 3UP
Increased vitality LV4↑ 2UP

Active Skill:
Blacksmithing LV7↑ 2UP
Appraisal LV6↑ 3UP
Engraving LV4 !NEW

Specific skills:

-Adamantium hammer (grade 3): strength and vitality up

-Holy beast leather work clothes (grade 4): holy, fire, water, ice, and lighting element resistance up
-Strong Ape boots (grade 4): strength up

-Blacksmith flint (grade 4): blacksmithing skill up

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