TDADP chapter 162

TDADP chapter 162: the island residents
(edited by ganjz)
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(Tl note: the next chapter 163-165 is basically double and some are almost triple the length of this chapter. So I might need two days to finish each chapter or release it in two different parts. Please understand but I will try my best to finish it in a day)

“I’ll play with you later.”
Yu got off from Shiro’s back when they had got out of the wild forest. Shiro who doesn’t want to leave, entangled his tentacles at Yu. the only thing that made him held back was Yu promise that he will play with him later. After that, Shiro dived back to the ground.

“Yu, why does this forest don’t have a lot of creatures?”
Nina used her 【awareness】 to the limit and despite the size of the wilderness and the forest was empty.

“It’s because this forest was just planted recently. So there are only a little number of creatures in it now. I think in the future they will start to come.”

From the far plains then a group of people showed up and they also noticed Yu.

“Look! Look! It’s the king!”
“ah, finally you’ve come my king!”
“Namari-chan, my king, welcome!”
The group that was coming was made of children in the front, some had ears on top of their head signifying the beastmen race. Behind them, the children of the dwarves with pale and gray skin could be seen.

“Wait, Namari! Hear me, give them candy!”
Marifa commanded was a bit delayed and in that seconds, the children have flocked towards Yu and grouped around him. Marifa tried to separate them but it was futile as more children came and jumped at Yu.

“Get away from Odono-sama! Here, I have candy over here!”
Everyone point of view instantly moved to the cloth bag that was held by Namari. As he moved the bag from his right hand to his left, all the children eyes were following after the bag.

Namari then put his hand inside and took out a candy from the bag. He put it inside his mouth as his mouth raised a smile due to the sweetness of the candy melted in his mouth. Yu can clearly hear the children swallowed their saliva. Namari then looked at them with an evil smile.

“If you want some candy, come and get it!”
“Wait for me! I also want candy!”
“Me too!”
“Namari-chan, wait!”
More than half of the children then started to chase after Namari. Even some of the fairies were drooling from their mouth and started to follow him.

The rest of the children that isn’t chasing after Namari looked like they have something to say as they look at Yu, Nina, and Lena alternately.

“What is it? If you’re not going, you may not get any candy.”
“But… king…. Today…”
The beast children were looking at Yu with a sad face. The words that they wanted to say wasn’t coming out so their eyes started to become watery. Yu then stroke their heads lightly and put up a calm smile.

“You know; I will be staying today.”

“Oh, really?”
“Is that not a lie?”
The children then asked with a voice that carried happiness within.

“Now, go chase after Namari.”

Hearing Yu words, the children nodded and ran after Namari. Several children however decided to flock around Nina and Lena.

“Nee-chan? You’re a human right? Please don’t hurt us.”
It was a beast boy that was asking at Nina with full of fear in his eyes; even his tail was tucked in between his leg.

“I will not hurt you. I’m Yu’s friend.” (Nina)
“…a genius like me won’t bully a weakling.” (Lena)
“Really?” (beast boy)
“Yes, that’s the truth.” (Nina)
“It’s just my mom saying that my dad was on a journey but I know the truth. The humans killed him.” (beast boy)
“It’s alright. Now go play with Namari.” (Yu)
“Yes my King! Later see you then!” (beast boy)
The children then move away. Yu somehow when talking towards the children has a hint of kindness on them.

Although the storm has passed but the danger hasn’t ended. Just when the first wave was gone, the second wave was incoming. The second wave was a young maiden group. They were all coming just like the children previously. Beastmen, dwarves, all of the girls were coming.

“I knew something must be happening from the commotion.” (dwarf girl)
“I already knew from the smell.” (beast girl)
“What smell? The only smell I can think of is your beast smell.” (dwarf girl)
“What? Are you trying to pick a fight with me?” (beast girl)
“Rather than fighting why don’t we compete?” (dwarf girl)
“That’s it, my king~ my king~”(beast girl)
At that moment the dwarf girl and beast girl that had a cat ear was trying to hug Yu.

“Aw! It hurts! What the heck? Who’s’ that?”
“Don’t touch my master with your dirty hand.”
At that time, Marifa was hugging Yu and taking him into her protection from the rest of the girl.

“Who are you telling us what to do?”

“I’m a servant of my master!” (Marifa)

“What? You, a dark elf is a servant of my king?”
The girls around then started to examine Marifa from top to bottom. When a woman fights, it is indeed scary. Wood knew from his many years of experience that it wasn’t a good thing to be involved and its best to turn a blind eye. Even Nina and Lena pretended they saw nothing this time.
“Marifa.” (Yu)
“Master, please pardon me. Is it okay if I take some time to give this rude beast some discipline?” (Marifa)
“Is that so? Coincidentally there is a wide clearing not far from here.” (Yu)
“Certainly that was convenient.” (Marifa)
“Don’t overdo it.” (Yu)
“Yes master.” (Marifa)
“Do you really get it?” (Yu)
“Yes master.” (Marifa)
Yu doesn’t know what to say anymore as he watched Marifa and the girls leaving and disappearing into the depths of the forest. The black wolves, Coro and Orchids also went with Marifa into the forest.

Wood and the rest, however, continued to proceed. Soon the trees had cleared up and they could see some houses. There were also some groups of dwarves that were making a hole on the ground.

One of the dwarves noticed Yu’s presence and came towards him in panic while notifying the rest.

“King, welcome back. Do you have any order for me?”
“Have Russ come? Do you hear something from me?”
“No, I don’t hear anything about it. I was busy making settlements around here. Also, we have prepared a place for you my king.”
“Is that so? Here let me introduce everyone. This is Lena, Nina and uncle Wood. There is still another dark elf named Marifa however she is now… settling some issues with the girls.”

Hearing Yu’s word, the men can only put a wry smile.
“Oh, I see.”
“Don’t worry, if they’re late they can come and help to organize the livestocks.”

“Mhm, you forgot about us?”
A red haired fairy then tried to clear her throats.

“Why don’t you introduce us too?”
“Are those fairies?”
“I can’t believe this; even the fairies have come to this place.”
“Ah, is everyone coming?”
The last question even started the red haired fairy since the questioner was Hisui.

“Ah, you’re here! This is going to be fun!”
“Hisui! You seemed to be healthy.”
“Wha, stop that!”
The red haired fairy already moved first and buried herself into Hisui’s bosom and followed by the rest of the fairies.

“Yu-san, you brought everyone here!” (Hisui)
“I can’t do anything about it. Not after Momo spilled the beans.” (Yu)
“hehehe, I know.” (Hisui)
“His face is scary but Yu is the best.” (fairy)
“What did you say?” (Yu)
“Nothing, don’t mind.” (fairy)
Seeing that Hisui can’t help it but smiled. Of course towards this kind of cute side of Yu, Nina immediately hugged him.

“I’m sorry but please let us through.”
There were people that was trying to push the crowd, trying to force their way through the beastmen, it was the pale skinned dwarves.

“Our King has come back.”
The others that just arrived immediately gave a bow to Yu. Yu directed his line of sight towards the pale skinned dwarf group that just arrived.

“King, don’t worry about us since there are clouds so we’re alright.”
“I’m not worried. Uncle, some of the dwarves here have pale skin and even dark skin. When they are exposed to the sunlight, they show some hypersensitive reaction like a demon race. Do you know something?”

“Ah, I’ve heard about it. Once upon a time I’ve heard this story. Since dwarf couldn’t handle magic, they tried to change this. Since the demon race was good with magic, a cross-race marriage was done in hope to get that power. Although some even turned into an abomination; it’s not like I know a lot about it too.”

“Ah, as expected of uncle. By the way, this person here is the one who made my weapons and armor.”
“The one who made armors and weapons for our King.”
In response towards Yu words, the pale dwarves looked at Wood differently. Of course, the pale dwarves were good at blacksmithing too and had their pride. However, their strong points were at making decorations and accessories. Their glares at Wood were to show their feeling of pride as a fellow craftsman. Especially the pale dwarves that had higher loyalty towards Yu because they were saved from slavery.
(Tl note: so apparently when they saved the dwarf in Namari diary, they saved the whole tribe)

“Alright, so let’s have a feast today.”
“Ah, the island is still having lots of things to do, having a feast is-“
“No, no. this is normal. After all, our King has come and everyone are looking forward to this since a long time. This time, all races will be attending the feast.”
“Yes, my King. This will be our first feast on the island. Please don’t refuse.”
“yes, we will hold a feast.”
“It’s been a long time since I ate some meat.”
“Drink, of course, we should have some drinks!”
When one person got excited about it, the rest followed suit and this was something that Yu can’t stop anymore.
“Shiro, I’m sorry we can’t play today.”

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