TDADP chapter 164 (part 2)


Rubanofu village is hidden deep within the forest but the human knights finally attacked his place. Although the beast race has better body’s ability and exceed the human but the knights were an opponent that has 「job」.

Most of the beast race that was led by Rubanofu doesn’t have this merit and what happened next was clear. The beast tribe men were trying to fight back while the women and children being prioritized to escape the tragedy. However, by the next day the whole village has been surrounded and there was no chance of escape for Rubanofu and his tribe.


“Why are you doing this? At least, spare the women and children!”


“Shut up! Your existence is a sin in itself!”


One of the knights then kicked Rubanofu on his face and it caused one of his tooth to fall off and flew into the air.


“What do you think you’re doing?”

The young beast man tried to pounce to the knights but it was stopped as they cut him down with a sword.


“Captain Nirungu, what do we do with this one?”


“This one, it will be a waste to bring him back as slaves, kill him!”

It was said by a mean who was wearing a conspicuously prominent armor among the knights. He looked at the beast race with a glare as if looking at a trash with such a contemptuous look.


“Wait, do whatever you want to me but please spare the children and women.”

Rubanofu shouted out but it only made the knights who heard him to show an ugly smile.


“Well, for the women after we have some ‘tasting’ we will sell them as slaves. As for the brats, ah that’s right! There were some gentlemen with a strange hobby like dressing them up and I’m sure we can make them satisfied. Maybe some will be kept as pets or some will become fodder. Hahahaha!”

The beast people can only clenched their fist and grit their teeth at the knight’s words.

If they tried to run away, what awaits was death under a thousand cuts. There was also some corpse not far from them and figure of a beast women being played by the knights.

Contrast to the knight’s extreme ridicule and distorted rapture, the forest was silent.


“Oh, Odono-san seems like this dog person is dead.”

Suddenly a child voice can be heard stopping the knight’s laughter.


“Don’t call him a dog person. It’s beastman.”


“Oh, Odono-san, look this one is still a baby…it’s dead.”

The knights in the surrounding including the beast race they all listened to the intruder. Rubanofu even realized that the body belonged to the siblings that escaped yesterday.


“What happened? How?”

The knights couldn’t hide their confusion. In front of them there’s a group led by a young boy. Behind the boy there was an undead that was on the rank of elder lich and there’s even a figure of someone from the angel race.


“Tell me, who are you? And what do you want?”



That was the only reply that Yu gave towards Nirungu’s question and stared. Yu was now looking at the beast men corpses that were now in a sorry state.


“How dare you!”

One of the knights was fed up and in rage seeing Yu’s attitude. He was about to swing down his sword but Russ made a swing using his staff to the side. It wasn’t that only single knight that was incapacitated but every knights body were covered in black thorns and brambles.


“What is this? The thorns are growing and getting tighter… guaa!”

“The black thorns are alive, it’s capturing us.”


“How dare you speak like that towards the master?” (Russ)


It was Russ fourth rank 【black magic】, 《black thorns》. It was raising thorns and roses that is restrain the movement and delved deep into the target flesh. In that instant, around 300 knights instantly covered in the black thorns.



“Why do you kill them?” (Yu)


“Do you know? I have served the Rorui house for generations if they-“


Hearing Nirungu words about serving the minister of finance Rorui Knox, Yu grabbed his ear as if he’s going to pluck it off.




“Is your ear here only for decoration? I ask you why did you kill them?” (Yu)


“Aaaah, stop it, my ear will come off. Th-this is an order. Because they are a threat to the Houdon kingdom that I serve, so becau-“


Without even waiting for him to finish his words, Yu grabbed his ear and pull it hard until it was torn off from his head.


“GYAAAAA! Y-y-you, you! my ear is on fire! You tore it off!”


“Namari, go over there with Momo and Hisan. Also bring the children with you.” (Yu)



Whether it was because it was unexpected or something else, but Momo and Namari were trembling most likely because of fear.


“I said go.”


“I…Odono-san… I will go now.”

Momo then placed on top of Namari head and he was grabbing Hisan’s hand strongly which cause her to widen her eyes. The children of the beast men soon went away from that place following Namari’s lead.


“Russ, you should-“

“Don’t worry master, those that are in life-threatening situation are being treated now.”


Without even waiting for Yu to finish his words, Russ understood and already giving treatment to some of the beast race who had been seriously injured.


“Even if you do that, everything will turn out the same. Even if you save them now, they… aaaargh!”


Yu used the back of his fist to hit Nirungu’s lower nose. The result however half of his face is now look distorted as he doesn’t understand what just happened and his eyes moved around violently. Nirungu can see the knights in the area looking at him with fear and there should be something strange happening as Nirungu lost his consciousness.




“Yes master.”


Russ nod at Yu’s words and he was dragging another knight which some of his flesh has been plucked out by the black roses to the front of Yu.


“Guaaaa! Not me, help!”


“I believe those people said that they don’t want to die but you still kill them. Answer me why?”


“Wa-wait… we’re not the only one that hate the beast people, we- uargh!”

The knight’s head as if it was a pebble being thrown, it flew off from his body. Blood the spurted out from his body.



“Please, not me. Not me.”

“Why did you kill them?”

“Please spare me… I have a wife and child, I-”

The next second, another head has been crushed and the brain contents splattered everywhere. The remaining knights’ face went pale and dyed red by their companion’s blood.


“Please, my father can give you gold, I-“

“I’m a relatives of the Baron, I can-“

Grim fate awaits the knights. No one can answer Yu why did they kill the beast race. Only certain death waiting for them.


There were people that is trying to resist the 【black magic】, 《black thorns》. But the more they tried to resist the deeper the thorns dug into their flesh and eventually reached their bones.


Although some of them passed out because of the severe pain but they were woken up immediately by new severe pain.


The figure of the shining knights were now can only be called as pathetic. Every time the knight’s screamed and cry, it echoed in the forest. The beast race even covered their ears so they won’t be able to hear their miserable voice.


Only Russ silently staring at such a sight. Russ face was a skeletal face that doesn’t show emotions but his whole body was trembling with delight unmistakably.


After finishing ‘interviewing’ all the knights, he returned to Namari place. Namari shouted to him that he wanted to tame the beast race but without even saying anything Rubanofu and his tribe kneeled down and vowed loyalty to Yu.


The beast race only recognized the strong, but right now towards a little boy in front of them, the beast race also felt fear.


Russ that easily cast powerful magic, and Yu who was referred to as master, Rubanofu feared the boy and his companion.


Taking into consideration the massacre that Yu has done towards fellow humans, Rubanofu knew that if there’s a safe place left in Houdon kingdom it will be to follow Yu. because sooner or later, he will die if it goes on and he chose the best possibility that will let them survive even a little bit longer.


Rubanofu and his tribe followed Yu, but it wasn’t because of the chance of survival and submitting to the strongest. It was still fear that lingered the most.

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  1. Are these people retarded? They might as well come up with something even “Because I felt like it” is better than the “I’ll give you money” bargaining. He seems to be killing you because you haven’t said what he wants to hear but you would rather beg for your life than answer the question.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    • Well, they could have said “becsuse it(they) was there”. That would spare their lives but sparing their lives is worst…,,for them as there is a certain angel present.

      • I don’t think they could have give him any suitable answer that could have saved their lives.
        Maybe something like they were forced to do it or something similar but that would have been just an obvious lie.

  2. I now imagining the crossover of this and japan town wn. Would it be epic when two mc meet discussing town management. While their subjects curious on why they follow a human,

  3. the peerless, the royalty, the strongest, and the rampage.

    i delighted with all of it. just kill, crush, destroy, and erase them without mercy.

  4. 3 and 1/3 chap till he gets his 3rd job and …i don’t know what the meaning of the name of the job is sorry (KenKiyoshi) any help figuring it out before the chapter is out plz

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