TDADP chapter 164 part 3

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“This is amazing…”
There was a room which was sealed inside a heavily decorated room. At this moment Mauno from the magic dwarf tribe had brought Wood to this place. This room was connected from the basement of the magic dwarf’s workshop. After they reached the place, they have been walking inside for several tens of minutes.

“Is there something interesting Wood?”
It was Mauno words that brought Wood’s mind from drifting.

“Yeah, this place is amazing. I never saw this even in my tribe.”

“Fuhaha. Of course. This room aside from the king, not even a dwarf from the magic dwarf tribe has seen this. This is to say that Wood has to put this a secret.”

Mauno than casts some spell and after that one by one the seal on the door was released. However, the pressure was overflowing even pushing Wood’s body several steps backward.

“This… is this the one that Yu defeated?”

“Yes, this is the corpse of the Dragon God Maguranarusu!”

What was hidden inside the room was a huge corpse that was chained to suppress the magic that was leaking from it. Even though was was dead, as if the body was still leaking some mighty force from it as the chain was stretched to the limit and kept clanking as if it was screaming.

“Guwahaha! Behold! It’s already dead and sealed! If not how can we put it in here.”

“Then, why did you bring me here?”

“Wood-dono, are you willing to cooperate with the dwarves from the magic dwarf race and bring hope for our king?”

“what do you mean?”

“I want you to work with me! We will make the strongest weapon! We will create the best armor! We are going to help our king in reaching his ambition!”

“The strongest weapon? The best armor?”

“Yes! This is all thanks to the king. See, we have so many materials here. The corpse of the dragon god Maguranarusu is in our hands. No one has ever heard of an equipment of this quality. Our king, Wood-dono knows him best that he can pass us the best materials and ores to complete this equipment. With that, I want to create a legend. We will create the best equipment in the dwarf’s history.”

“isn’t that stupid?”
“Wood-dono… what did u say?”

“I told you that you are stupid. Did u really think that whatever expensive materials and ores Yu will be able to give it to you? The strongest weapon? The best armor? Don’t make me laugh! I forged Yu’s weapon and armor so far. Right now you are only talking about your own interest. Forging the best weapon and armor without thinking about whether Yu is willing to use it or not. Even if we want to do it, it will only add mountains of workload for Yu.”

When Wood was about to leave the room, Mauno’s laughter then could be heard.
“Hahaha… it is indeed exactly as Wood-dono said. I am only thinking about making weapons and equipment without considering anything else. I am sorry.”


“It is all because of our king. I didn’t think that he need to spend extra effort to procure the materials. I was only thinking about my own and the magic dwarf race’s pride. It can be said that by doing that we’re not helping our king but only to fulfill our own ambitions. Thinking again, am I even qualified to forge equipment for our king? Hahaha.”

Wood then crossed his arm across Mauno shoulder.
“Alright, don’t think about past matter. Now, we need to work together arms in arms. Now, if you want me to forgive you, treat me to some drinks.”

“Haven’t you drink enough yet, yesterday?”

“Ah, that kind of liquor is only like water!”


“Oji-chan, welcome back.”

“Alright, I’m finally back.”
Byarune returned to the underground where the fallen dwarf race lived. When he got back, his granddaughter Pirika immediately jumped into his bosom.

“Oh Pirika, have you been a good girl?”

“Yeah, Pirika is a good girl.”

“Alright, what about everyone else? Have you all been a good girl?”

“Yes, we didn’t cause any trouble today.”

Aside from Pirika, there are a lot of small children from the fallen dwarf race. Seeing their figures, Byarune’s face loosen.
The children wore bracelets in their arms. If the fallen dwarf race adult had some resistant to the sun, the children have severe symptoms when they were exposed to light. One time, Byarune’s granddaughter Pirika, almost died when she bathed under the sun light for a long time. When that happened, Yu came to help Pirika.

The reason for this was because the fallen dwarf race was cursed. Because they were a descendant of an evil race, they had a hypersensitive reaction when they were exposed to the sunlight. Thus the fallen dwarf race had been suffering for a long time because of this. The bracelets that they were wearing had some function to increase the light resistance of the children and it even gave them treatment. Although the effect was small but it was steady and it wasn’t a mere dream that one day the fallen dwarf race will be able to walk freely under the sun.

“Alright then. Now grandfather still has something to do. I will play with you later.”

“I will wait for you.”

After Byarune broke up with the children, he went down from the second basement to the third basement. It was a room that was reinforced by Yu to be soundproof. The door was large and it was installed with triple locks. When Byarune entered the room, there were many poisonous plants, snakes, venomous insects and they were all been kept in a large number of boxes.

“Kanou, is the breeding successful?”

“we have to wait and see.”
Another dwarf from the fallen dwarf race was extracting some venom from a viper into a vial. This kind of viper actually has already gone through extinction in this world.

“Well, this is still acceptable.”
The fallen dwarf has a good ability to produce goods and decorations but at the other side of the coins, they were adept in poison. However, due to the constant threat and hiding in seclusion, they were not able to obtain necessary materials to show their worth. Now, their chance has appeared.

“How is it going?”
“Oh, Russ-dono, what brings you here?”
“I am just here to tell you that if there was anything more that you need, don’t hesitate to tell me.”
“I believe one day the fallen dwarf race will be saved.”
“Alright, so how about the poison?”
“If it was to be applied onto an arrow or a sword, after a few minutes even an ogre will fall to its effect.”
“So, are you able to turn the poison into powdery substance?”
Hearing the words of Russ, the fallen dwarves face grew tense.

“Well, we never tried such things. Isn’t the purpose of the poison being applied to the weapon?”

“So how is it? Is it possible to turn it into gas or dissolve it in water?”
“is it something that the king wants us to do?”
“You should know better that you can strive this day because of master. Such ungrateful dwarves and beast tribe, I think you’re different from them, no?”
The beast tribe feared Yu and the magic dwarf race followed him for benefits. It can be said that only the fallen dwarf race followed him willingly because he was their savior. Even if they are about to throw away their lives for him, they were willing to.
“The fallen dwarves will obviously do anything for the king.”
Byarune then gave commands to the fallen dwarves in the room.
“Please conduct some experiment about the possibilities.”
After Russ was satisfied with hearing Byarune’s words, he left the laboratory.

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