TDADP chapter 165 part 1

Chapter 165: evil 

 (part 1)

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Even if someone had lived for many years in Comer city, they will gradually forget the existence of the underpass, more over an iron door inside. If the door is opened, it will lead to Nina’s secret hideout. There were traces of blood in some places showing the scene of recent fights.

In the room, there was nothing else aside from a desk that was covered in dust however at the moment there was a strange object on top of it. It was a strange creature no matter how you look at it. The body length is about one meter, on its face, there was no nose, eyes or ears. Only a horizontal big mouth can be seen and its whole body was covered by hair that was similar to a hedgehog that lived in the 【labyrinth of Golgo】.

The creatures were standing there without making a movement until now it suddenly shaking its body left and right. The horizontal mouth was opening wide, and from inside, two people came out. One man was wearing a hooded robe and it was embroidered in purple. Just from his attire, it can be said that he was an important person like an archbishop of a country. The other person that coming out with him is a woman. She seemed like the maid of that man.

“It seems we’ve successfully arrived.”

“Where is this place?”

“This is the hideout of number 213.”

“We actually came from the holy kingdom’s church and arrive at Comer city which separated by thousands of kilometers?”

“That is correct. This is an improved version of 「Benantosu」 which made of a pair male and female demon. Each mouth is connected to each other, that is why I placed it here for preparation. Fufufu.”

The man then spoke as if he was boasting and after that, he changed his clothes after taking out some clothes from his item bag. The maid then received his robe and helped him change his clothes.

The man looked calm on the surface, however, after serving the man for many years, the maid noticed the killing intent that was leaking from the man.

“Durarando-san, do you really have to go in person?”

“Oh, this time it’s just to have a talk. Even though no one knows better than me what happened in the past. The suffering that I had experienced, I need to put it away for now.”



“Here I go, to honor the sacrifice of the fallen heroes.”

A sword then moved with a brilliant trajectory. Once, twice, the beautiful sword moves kept on moving around. It was an attractive sight of an elf girl doing a sword dance. Anyone who saw her immediately knew that the elf girl was actually one of the strongest person in Comer city, the 「sword dancer」 Claudia Baruringu.

“Ha! Ha!”

Claudia’s voice had a lot of spirit in it. At the end of the sword dance, her long hair fluttering in the air as sweat running down on her cheeks.

“How is it?”

Claudia winked at a man that was lying down in the shadow of a tree, it was Joseph. However, Joseph isn’t looking at her at all which made Claudia beautiful face cramped up.

“Ah! You’re not paying attention to my beautiful sword dance?”

“I am paying attention. As usual, it looks erotic.”

The one who answered wasn’t Joseph. It was a girl wearing gothic black clothes sitting next to him. She had silver short hair and her body seems like it is still growing in various places. This girl was the 「magic sword princess」 Lara Tonbura. As evidence to this, the petite girl had a magic sword on her that was giving off an ominous feel.

“I don’t ask for your opinion. I’m asking from this stupid man!”

“Don’t be angry, it will only make your small chest going up and down.”

“Haa? Who’s chest is small? Mine is normal, average like the other elves.”

“that’s a lie. Edda’s chest is large.”

(Tl note: Edda is the adventurer’s guild receptionist in case u forgot)

“Edda’s is abnormal! Don’t compare me with that abnormal elf!”

“Do you even dare to say that to Edda? Don’t get angry at me if yours are small.”

The two girls were quarreling and it caused Joseph who had been taking a nap turn his body away sullenly.

“Joseph! Hear me out! Some people are even willing to pay money to see my sword dance!”

Claudia shouted out to him but Joseph replied for her was only a fart.

“Really? You’re the lowest!”

“Wow, a fart is a cute reply for Claudia.”


“You guys are too noisy. Also, don’t swing your sword around here. This is Yu’s mansion what if you damage the surroundings and flowers? I will really get angry at you.”

“Joseph, as an elf you know I won’t damage flowers.”

“Liar, just now it almost damaged it.”

“No, it is a lie.”

“Alright, stop you two or I’ll get angry!”

While Yu was not around, Joseph had been spending his spare time here in his mansion. Because of that, soon Claudia and Lara followed him here and every time they were always quarrelling with each other. Joseph was looking at it as a nightmare but more importantly Joseph was longing for something here.

“No matter what, Joseph will marry with me one day.”

“Fufu, as if there is a reason for Joseph to marry the flat chested Claudia. What Joseph like is a plump woman. More importantly I also used a magic sword which is compatible with him. Our chemistry is good.”

Lara then tried to provoked Claudia as she pushed her own chest outwards. Lara was petite but her chest is developed well.

“fl-fl-flat chested? It doesn’t matter! Joseph definitely won’t like someone like you. Even if Joseph uses a magic sword, my spirit sword isn’t losing at all.”

“But I can get married whenever I want. Claudia don’t you have a problem about this?”

“Fufu, although I came from the elf’s royal family, but I, Claudia Baruringu can definitely get married!”

Even though Claudia was bragging, Joseph acted as if he was unrelated to it and resumed his nap.

Lara who saw that immediately lied down beside him which madesClaudia frenzied when she saw it.

“What are you doing sleeping next to Joseph! I refuse this! Even I haven’t done that!”

“Oh, so finally you’re admitting that you’re jealous?”

“This…this…but still one day I will get married with Joseph. How can you do such lecherous act!”

“Married to him, you?”

Silently not far from them, Olivier Durarando watched the scene. Joseph, Claudia and Lara, although the three of them were powerful but they didn’t notice Durarando approaching. Not until he appeared in their line of sight.

“Not now. But I guess mother will be happy if I tell her.”

“Well, hello everyone.”

Claudia and Lara were surprised because Joseph suddenly held his Holy flame sword and Devil ice sword when he heard that.


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