TDADP chapter 167

TDADP chapter 167: I don’t want to hear your excuse
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The castle was a large building and it can fend off enemies. Naturally because of its large size, it can hold more people, furniture and cooking utensils. Russ also designed something that can’t be called a normal kitchen. It was a kitchen but the size was enormous.

“This is the place. I told Russ to take care of the construction.”

In order to make dinner, Yu guided Marifa to the kitchen of the castle. Marifa instantly petrified when she arrived at the kitchen’s entrance. At that point she lost the ability to think for a second because she was amazed.

“Sorry, it’s just I am shocked. This is ridiculous though because I don’t want to give a compliment to that undead but this kitchen is indeed worthy of my master.”

Marifa was excited. The water was inexhaustible because there were a lot of aquatic trees that can produce it. The fire can be adjusted at will by a tool that was made by Yu using the mix of 【alchemy】 and 【blacksmithing】. There were a lot of kitchen knives and cookware such as pans, dishes, dinner knives, forks, and many more. Russ asked Victor and his workshop to supply the tools. If the kitchen was as grand as this, Marifa can cook anything that Yu wanted. She was fired up and rolled up her maid uniform’s sleeves.

“The ingredients are over here.”
Yu then opened a big door. The door was so big that the room can be mistaken as a warehouse door. When it was opened, cool air leaked out. Cattle, birds, meat from normal pig meat to high rank demon, fruits, vegetables, eggs, all of them were inside the room.
“There are also ingredients in some of the item bags and you can ask more if you run out.”
“Yes master.”
“Alright, I’ll feed the black wolf and the fairies. Is it alright if I leave you here alone?”
“That’s alright master.”
“Okay. I’m going to bring the black wolves halfway to the mountain. There was a lake there and the fairies will also live there. You know about the place, right? When you are finished you can come over. Also I am planning to breed the 「Giant Bee」 over there. Can you do it?”
“Breeding them in the mountains I think that was possible and I thought given enough time we can even mass produce the honey.”
After hearing Marifa answer, Yu took some meat, fruits and honey into his item bag and went out of the kitchen.

“Woof woof!”
“Wait in line.”

Yu took the black wolf pack to the lake and when he took out the meat they immediately surrounded him.

“Hey, get away from him! You’ve come to look for me right?”
“Ha ha ha, Momo is getting angry for no reason.”
“I think Yu-san came was to definitely see me, right? Aw, Momo-chan don’t pull my hair. It’s only a joke.”
Hisui who kept insisting that Yu came to look for her was being pulled by the hair by Momo.

However soon more fairies came and flocked around Yu too. They were brave and without feeling frightened they sat on top of the black wolves’ head. After the black wolves have calmed down after playing for a while, Yu put down the meat.

“Is that meat delicious?”
“Yo, where’s ours?”
“You guys should eat this fruits and nuts.”
“Do you have them with you?”
The fairies then looked at Yu. Without caring for Momo, one by one landed on top of Yu’s head. However, they didn’t land normally and did a few spins in the air.

“Do you see that?”
“Next is my turn to show my brilliant landing.”

The fairies become excited and one by one landed on top of Yu’s head but their number was too many. Momo was even pushed aside and fell from Yu’s head but he quickly caught her in his palms.

“Hey, you can fly by yourself!”
Momo was saved by Yu but in reality she chose to fall without a single intention to fly to save herself. Although Yu was lightly scolding her, she rolled her eyes and lied down on his palms.

“How do you eat this?”

The fairies that just came were staring at the bread and jam that Yu brought with eyes full of curiosity. Yu then spread some honey onto the sliced bread.

“Here, eat this.”
The fairies looked at the bread and took a light bite. Their wings immediately fluttered and showed some satisfied expression.

“This is delicious. What is this?”
“So good, I can eat this without stopping.”
“I want it too.”
More and more fairies came flocking and some only watched from far. This group that watched from far were those that were used to living with Yu at his mansion so they were used to it.

“It’s delicious right? You should thank me for this.”
“Why should we thank you?”
“Because we invite you to live here. Haha, there’s also that delicious honey.”
“What honey?”
Yu took out a bottle of honey and all the other fairies that just came to the island to live were there looking at it with mouth full of drool.

“Hey, you’re also drooling. Wipe that drool from your face Momo.”
Even Momo who was used to eat the honey was also drooling.
“Here, this is for you too.”

After that, the black wolves and the fairies began their feast. Some fairies had jam sticking to their face and some even entered the jam jar to eat the remaining jam. Some black wolves licked the fairies’ face to clean it. Some of the fairies have eaten too much and can’t move while patting their stomach. Momo even have to help one fairy that can’t fly because of eating too much.

“Oh, finally I’m back.”
Under the moonlight, Lena’s figure can be seen. All day she had disappear and only came back now. She flew towards the castle unsteadily.

“What did you do? You just come back now when it’s dark and you didn’t inform me.”

When Yu arrived at the castle, he can see Marifa was scolding Lena.

“The island was too big… I’m hungry.”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses. You should have came back sooner. Lena, I’ll get angry at you if you don’t tell me what did you do.”

“I’m already an adult unlike Namari. You’re just like a big sister.”

After that, Marifa wiped Lena’s face using wet cloth and carried her to a chair. Lena used her MP until it was empty and at this point she can’t even stand straight. Marifa carried her to the chair while sulking but Nina was smiling while looking at them.

“Nina, what’s with that smile?”
“Ehehe, after all Mari-chan was good to Lena.”
Marifa face was bright red and she was protesting to Nina.
“There’s no such thing.”
However, Nina was smiling even more hearing that and they had a meal.
“This is delicious.”

“Russ, later on you should go to my room because there’s something I need to discuss with you.”
“I understand. I will go ahead and wait for you.”

Russ, who doesn’t need to eat, immediately set off. Namari who has been resurrected was the same as an undead and he also can’t taste anything. He can only watch the others with envious eyes when they said ‘delicious’.

“…my meal, I don’t want to eat vegetable.”
“What are you saying? You on the other hand need to eat lots of vegetables since it’s good for your body. You should eat them.”
“Lena, you should just eat them and get used to it.”
“Unexpectedly Lena is still behaving like a child.”

Lena can only watch as her plate was served many vegetables dish. Especially when the vegetables that looked like paprika was put on her plate, she looked at it with dead eyes. Marifa also tried to trick her by filling some vegetables with meat or chopped the vegetables finely and stir fried it with meat. She tried to make her to eat vegetables through various means.

Upon entering Yu’s room, Russ can see some flowers and beautiful stones arranged on the shelves. These were all the things that the children gave to Yu. They were all placed in order and some of the failed magic tools were also there.

“Fufu, master, I can’t believe you kept the failed ones and kept them like treasures.”

The failed magic tools, can’t be said as memorable things. Rings, bangle, earrings, bracelet, magic tools to maintain temperature, constant ambience, fire, water, wind, some of it are too hot or too cold. Firstly, it wasn’t going well but now the successful product has been installed like the air conditioning equipment that was installed in the basement.

“This amulet… fufu, I recall that at that time Namari used it without permission and Momo ran to call master in a hurry.”
“Sorry to make you wait.”
Russ was lost in his memories when Yu came into the room.

“It seems that the 「order of the immortals」 was going to come along with the 「Twelve generals of Carnage」.”

Yu always monitored his mansion using the undead animals that he created using 【Specter magic】. Of course he also knew about the incident about Joseph and the order of immortals.

“Their leader even came. I don’t know but their numbers mustn’t exceed ten in my opinion. It might be more tough.”
“What I told you was knowledge about them from hundreds years ago so their numbers might have increased by now.”
“That’s true. When it was founded there were only five to six people. Still, the leader is a nine tailed fox.”
“indeed and did they keep watch on our movement or something?”
“Azerotte and Dhorme, they also might have tailed us if they can use 【Specter Magic】. It was said that this magic has been lost for hundreds of years, but Russ you can also use this magic right?”
“Yes, master is right but my mother was a user of 【Specter Magic】 too so she taught me all about it.”
“Russ, so do you have any idea about our situation?”
While Russ was thinking, Yu also noticed one more thing.
“Come to think of it, that old man that used insects also found out about our location.”
(Tl note: chapter 151)
“One of the 「Twelve generals of Carnage」 Jacob, in my opinion, he has found out about us using his insects.”
“So the order of immortals has to had a technique similar to it. Oh, something interesting happened?”
“What happened master?”
“The knights that we captured when they were attacking the beastmen said that they were ordered by the minister of finance in Nirungu. Hisan said she found out from the captain.”
“If you leave it to me master I can make them talk in one day. Hisan however like to torture them. Master, if you want I can kill the Minister of Finance for you.” As if he was excited, Russ’s eyes turned from red to blue.
“That’s no good. There’s no benefit for us.”
After all, Yu still have a big question about this minister of finance. He seemed to like to create chaos and perform massacre since the beginning when he found out about him. It wasn’t wrong to be too cautious just in case there’s something else behind it.

“The job change crystal?”
“We still have two in our hands.”
“Alright, bring one with you tomorrow and use it for the islanders.”
The reason was some islanders still doesn’t have a job but it also meant that Russ will have to stay on the island.

“Master, you’re leaving me on the island?”
“There’s no one else that can do this job better than you. Handling the dwarves and the beast men. Can I leave it all in your hands?”
Hearing that Russ put his hand on his chest with confidence.
“Master, rest assured. You can leave all this to me.”

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