TDADP chapter 170

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Comer city adventurer’s are made up of mercenaries and adventurers that went out to do quest. Those who rarely went to the training ground in the guild at the moment were watching the battle.


Joseph who was wielding his 「holy flame」 sword made contact with Yu’s black dragon sword, the 「Water Crow」 and scattering violent sparks everywhere.


Yu was pushed back and trying to regain his posture while he saw Joseph coming, chasing after him. He forced the black dragon sword and stabbed it in on the ground to help him regain his position forcibly. Yu readied the 「Water Crow」 sword in front of him but Joseph jumped back up into the air by kicking the ground.

Yu who saw Joseph floating in the air has a shadow shadowing his face and do a cross-cut without even looking. Joseph’s swords which were swung, hit Yu’s sword and again the swords collided with each other. Collet unexpectedly raised a small scream and plugged her ears as an uncomfortable sound came out when the two metal met. The collision from the two sword, although ordinary people thought that Yu will be pushed back but the result was him being overpowered and rolling.

(It’s funny… he’s just like a gorilla.) said Yu silently in his mind.

Rather than losing to Joseph in strength, Yu was now forcing him back by utilizing his passive skill to add to his own strength. However, the result of doing that was his power overwhelming Joseph over several degrees.

“Joseph… you need to go all out before you’re out of strength.”

Joseph only moved his shoulder a bit, wait, and put up a smile.

“Yu, don’t think that you’re strong. Can I afford to lose? I’m not using all my strength to go against you. I think it’s only around 70%.”

Joseph 『Strength』 status when he first met Yu was 931. Right now, his 『Strength』 has risen again to 1108. Joseph kicked the ground and the earth blowed up as if an explosion happened which caused the earth and sand to rise. In a blink of an eye, Joseph was already in front of Yu.

“I don’t have time to spare.”

This time, Yu who was so dominant earlier was being pushed back. Even though Joseph strength has increased, his level of 【swordsmanship】 is still the same at level 8. But, there was a reason why the differences between Yu and Joseph was so big. Yu’s sword skill was self-taught. Joseph naturally was more experienced with the sword more than Yu. Joseph has his own sword fighting style but he also remembered that Yu was only holding a sword just recently.

That’s not all. Joseph has a passive skill of 【Battle intuition】, adding to his long-standing fighting experience, he can predict to some extent on how Yu will move his sword next. Prefetching movement, leading enemy by the nose, tricking, releasing attack at exquisite timing when the opponent less anticipated it. Besides, passive skill 【Dual Sword】 is also having a great benefit. Yu’s dual wielding against Joseph’s dual wielding, have a great discrepancy in strength. In addition, Joseph was a man that could freely release a critical attack.

Even Yu who has deprived the skill 【Dragon’s Eye】 which was now utilized by him when he get the skill from Zero, he could only discern some movement predicted for a while but he can’t catch Joseph’s movement using that skill. To be precise, multiple predictions and results were reflected and on contrary it is only slowing down Yu’s judgements and movements.

(Tl note: this skill is the one he gets when he deprives the rookie killer way back on earlier chapter. I also wondering why this skill wasn’t seen on stats table lol. And the name Zero was changed to Zepe Mago. Maybe the author forgets already about his name XD)

Even if he was only slowed down for a fraction of time, but when it came to Joseph’s class, it became an imminent gap that can make a big difference. As a result, Yu was gradually pressed down and Joseph will further increase his number of attacks.

Joseph’s attacks became faster almost unstoppable and Yu’s sword which was on the receiving end have to get faster as well. Collet at this moment can’t even see the shape of the swords that Yu and Joseph held. Not only Collet, even the adventurers and mercenaries of C rank and under can’t see it. Those who can still follow their sword movement with their eyes were 「Sword Princess」 Claudia Balling, 「Magic Sword Princess」 Lara Tombler, and some adventurers above B rank.

Derrid who was watching from the edge of the training ground was staring daringly while Yu and Joseph’s sword attacking speed further increased.

“They are monsters…”

He murmured without even being heard by anyone.



Joseph unleashed another slashing attack and Yu parried it. Despite that, dull pain still transmitted to both of his arm, to the core of his bones.


“It gets interesting, right? Hey, where are you going?”

Joseph finding that the fight with Yu was fun, enjoyable and inevitable but Yu moved towards the door leading to the adventurer guild while still holding his sword.


“Since I’ve confirmed it, I’m done.”

Yu who has taken his 3rd job was able to see how much his ability rose and he can move as he wanted, turned himself away from Joseph who has no use to him.


“You! Did you provoke me from the beginning for that?”

“Well, I understand Joseph’s habit.”


“What is it?”

“Don’t you have to tell me something?”

“Ha?  Something like that.”

“Hey, is there a trouble or something that you want to consult about?”

“Eh, are you my parents?”

“Wait a minute! Hey!”

Ignoring Joseph’s shouting, Yu left the training ground.

Those who were watching were disappointed since the outcome wasn’t settled.


“From what I saw, can you have that kind of strength without skill or magic?”

“Oh, I remember I watched the battle between Yu against the ‘red meteor’ and ‘nameless’ and Yu clearly usesd magic spells not only the sword. If they used magic too, I believe that he can won over Joseph isn’t he?”

(TL note: nameless was probably referred to Goria, since they don’t know the order of immortals)

“Well, Joseph still has his 【Dark Sword】 and 【Holy Sword】 technique.”

A man from the front line position said that Joseph may have lost if there was magic. However, Joseph which can be said as the pinnacle of front liner can’t be forgiven if he was defeated from the distance using magic.

“Stupid. It was a duel of swords! Even if you add magic skill there, what can possibly happen?”

“What? You think you understand more than me?”

“if you can think that you can win me in sword fight then come! Fight me!”

Those who saw Yu and Joseph fight once again entered the training ground as they felt roused and can’t suppress this feeling.


“Joseph, why are you making such a scary face. You are my…my…my future husband. You can’t possibly make that face because of a child, aren’t you?”

“Claudia, you are from the elves royal family. Don’t you have to seek blessing and agreement from the ‘world tree’ first?”

“Haha, the forest where I lived and the forest that has the world tree are far away. There is no relationship between my royal family and that tree, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Furthermore, I never see the ‘world tree’ myself. Why are you mentioning this suddenly?”

“The color of Yu’s eyes has changed from black to brow. That fox face…”

(TL note: it was the order of immortal leader that is referred as the fox face and why Joseph mentioned the world tree and the elf clan is explained below)


“Don’t make such a scary face. Joseph, I told you before about my eye sickness but there is no such thing as death.”


“There is no connection between it with the royal family of elves. I don’t understand much of the sickness of the eye that Joseph was asking about but even if Claudia who is an elf said that she don’t know, there’s nothing else to say.”

Lara who was listening to Joseph and Claudia conversation said her remarks while Joseph was letting out a big sigh.


“Yes, that’s true. Ah! I remember! You little brat who run your mouth everywhere! I am still angry at you!”

“Claudia don’t be angry. Your blood will rise to your head and your chest will grow smaller no?”

“This fool! Stupid! Hey, don’t run!”

Lara slipped past Claudia’s hands that were trying to catch her and ran out to the training field.


“Is it really a sickness? His eyes changed color…”

Joseph was left alone standing and his monologue was buried under the hustle and bustle of the training hall.



“Ah… this is boring. Collet and Rebecca are mean. I also want to see Yu-chan and maybe… flirt a bit.”

Everyone was gone from the Adventurer’s Guild’s first floor. Leaving Fifi who was grumbling alone in the counter.


“Fifi nee-chan!”

“Eh, I heard my name being called…”

Fifi was looking around from the counter but she can’t see anyone. Was it only her imagination?

“It’s me Fifi nee-chan. Over here.”


Fifi looked over the counter and finally she saw Namari who was wearing Yu’s old flying cap and adorned in matching clothes. Momo was sitting on top of Namari’s head and tilted her own head when she saw Fifi looking at her. Unexpectedly Fifi smiled looking at that lovely figure.

(Tl note: once again, someone told me that Namari is a girl that is speaking in a boy manner. Can someone help me clarify this again? Because there is no statement that clearly determines if Namari is a boy or a girl T_T. please help me clear this problem)


“Fifi nee-chan! Is Odono-san here?”

“Oh, Namari-chan, I’m sorry. I wasn’t ignoring you just now. Yu-chan is in the training field. He is fighting… a gorilla.”

“Eh! A gorilla? I want to see it!”

Momo directly jumped down from Namari’s head and flew directly towards the training field. Namari was also in a hurry and wanted to chase after her but Fifi grabbed Namari’s hand.

(Tl note: in this sentence it was said that Fifi grab Namari’s hand by referring it to ‘her’ but if we remove the first part, it will become ‘his’ hand. So please tell me is Namari a boy or a girl I’m so confused @,@)

“Fifi nee-chan, what is it? I also want to see Odono-san fighting with the gorilla.”

Namari shook the hand that was being gripped by Fifi and looked at her face in surprise.


“Namari-chan… don’t leave me alone…”

Fifi’s face at the moment was pitiful as if begging for comfort from Namari who was still a child.


“Ah! I surrender! I can’t help it anymore. Here, take this! Please cheer up!”

Namari took out a hot cake from his item bag that was homemade by Yu. The sweet scent rose from the hot cake as if it was freshly made and Fifi swiftly took the cake from Namari. No one knew how Fifi at that moment was already taking out a knife and fork as she was going to cut the hot cake.


“Fifi nee-chan, wait a minute! If you add this, it will be more delicious.”


Namari took out a glass bottle filled with golden liquid. The true identity of the liquid was the honey of golden ant. It was normally sprinkled a bit on top of the hot cake because of its high price which ordinary people can’t afford. The honey poured at the hot cake and Fifi at this point is already at the limit of her patience. Her cheeks were rising as her mouth opened. When she tasted it, the sweetness of the honey spread on her tongue and a smile blossomed without question.


“Namari-chan, thank you. Eh, where are you?”

Fifi was going to say thank you but Namari’s figure can’t be seen. Fifi thought that Namari must have left her alone, going towards the training ground but when she was looking around, Namari was speaking to a woman adventurer that was sitting at a table. That female adventurer was looking at Fifi, and then at the hot cake.


“Excuse me nee-chan, are you an adventurer?”

The female adventurer was surprised seeing a child from the demi human group talking to her but she was relaxed seeing the friendly smile on Namari’s face.


“Yeah. What’s wrong? Is it unusual for a woman to become adventurer?”

“No it’s not that rare. Nina nee-chan, Marifa nee-chan and Lena are also adventurers.”

“You… do you know Yu?”

“Yes, Odono-sama is strong, really strong.”

“Odono-sama? But I’m also strong you know.”

The woman wore a light equipment and has a short blond hair. She rose her right arm trying to show off her muscles. Brilliant bicep muscles rose which made most man fell ashamed. Seeing it this way, it seems that she was indeed strong enough.


A male adventurer that was passing by said some unnecessary words.

“Hey, from what I see, she must be an Amazones.”


Amazones were located far south from the Houdon kingdom. It was a tribe composed of only women living in tropical rainforest areas. Amazoness are characterized by the fact that everyone is a warrior and their body is covered with well-trained muscles.



The woman glared to the male and blocked Namari’s eyes and ears as the man fled in a hurry.


“Amazing! Nee-chan, can I also be like that?”

Namari was looking at the woman with pure eye. She was  never been treated like this by other adventurers. Even if she was surrounded by men, they were far away from the words of a gentleman. Although the one who said it was a child, it was still a pleasant thing. With her cheeks dyed slightly red, she stroked Namari’s head and touched the soft cheeks.

(Tl note: now now, is Namari a girl? Or a boy? Why did the amazon girl blush? XD)

“How is it?”

“Yes you can.”

“I will work hard.”

“Yes. By the way, what is Yu Sato like at home?”

The woman who was armed with equipment and saying it casually but it was clear that she was nervous.


“Odono-sama? Hmmm, I know! He likes to make delicious things! It’s absolutely delicious!”

(Tl note: Namari way of referring Yu is changed from Odono-san to Odono-sama)


“Oh, what kind of food?”

“What kind of food? It will be hard to explain.”

“I’m also good at cooking. I wonder if you can introduce me to Yu Sato later.”

“you’re lying.”

“No, I’m not.”

After some words, the woman was more interested.

“What kind of dish? Oh, here!”


Fifi who was in the counter was shouting.

“Namari-chan no!” she also said “if people knew, it will be over. That’s the secret of us, receptionist. Someone! Stop Namari-chan!”


However, it was too late. Namari took out snacks one after another from the item bag. Hot cakes, French toasts, donuts, cream puffs, cookies, which made Fifi stunned. As if it was fresh from the oven, it cane out one by one. Namari’s item bag was sewn to the front of the clothes but the woman can see that it was special. Not long after, it was inevitable that sweet scent spread around the hall.


“Try it ! It is delicious, but the hot cakes are even more delicious using the honey and fresh cream. Ah, I don’t have the fresh cream this time, sorry. But this is still fluffy and fresh, so eat it carefully since it is still hot.”


Namari took out a fork and knife that Yu made from black steel. The black steel knife cut the cake and it was made in accordance with Namari’s small body. The woman was smiling seeing the way Namari cut the hot cake. Fifi was making weird noises seeing that from the counter. Some adventurers were even worried for her thinking if she was sick at the moment.

“Oh my! What is this thing? It’s honey from the giant ants, it’s so sweet and rich of flavor. Was it from the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon?”

“This round thing, filled with cream. It was delicious!”

“This bread from the egg and sugar, after soaking it in milk, it becomes so delicious. Ah I can’t say anything. This is perfect with butter too.”

The woman who never ate Yu’s dessert looked happy while she ate.


“This one. Try this one too!”

Namari somehow became proud as the food that were made by Yu were being praised. Namari kept on serving the food and at the counter, Fifi was crying. “The secret is out…”


“Namari, what are you doing?”

Hearing Yu’s voice, normally Namari will reply energetically.


“Oh, Odono-sama… this… and that… this is different.” Namari said while the food was scattered on the table.


“Snack time?”

“Only once in 3pm.”


“Oh, it’s still before lunch.”

Momo who was sitting on top of Yu’s head was also exclaiming oh.

Namari was looking at Momo asking for her help but Momo rolled her eyes away.


“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” (Namari)


Yu bowed to the girls then went towards the guild exit. Marifa who was late saw the devastation on the table and understood what happened.


“I will go to Mago place.” (Yu)

“Yes master.” (Marifa)

“Whoa… I’m sorry!” (Namari)



The girls were looking at Yu leaving.

(Tl note: apparently some girls are watching the scene judging from this conversation)

“Yu-chan is nice. I want him to come to our clan.”

“Please tell me when he makes more sweets next time.”

“Ah, I shouldn’t have scolded that girl so much, I should even invite her to be a quest.”

(Tl note: it wasn’t clear the girl that is referred to in the sentence.)


“That kid will be fine?”

The woman’s eyes were concentrating at the table that was in a mess. “It was delicious.”


This day Fifi was questioned by a group of people which was composed by receptionist. The guilt was the crime which allowed Comer city adventurer to know their most important secret. Her defending words is only: “It’s not my fault! Yu-chan, help me!”

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