TDADP chapter 169 part 2

When Yu goes after Joseph towards the training field, everyone headed to the same direction because they don’t want to miss this interesting events.

“Rebecca, Fifi. I will take my break now because I haven’t take it for today.”
Collet without waiting for any reply from Rebecca or Fifi goes directly to the training field.

“Oh my, Collet is concerned about Yu that much. Come to think of it, I haven’t take my break too. Fifi, I’m leaving things here to you.”

“Eh, wait! I am worried about Yu-chan too. Rebecca! I can’t believe she pull one over me.”
In the adventurer’s guild first floor, now there is no one else. Only Fifi standing alone with watery eyes and staring far away.

Many adventurers are at the training ground to polish their skill by practicing both melee and magic attack as well as simulating battle condition, but their hand are stopping when Joseph showed up. Next when Yu comes forward, they are all noisily surrounding them as well as trying to find out of what is happening. Will Joseph fight with Yu? The adventurers who is gathering in the training ground are noisily discussing among their self and basically in no condition to train but watch.

“Looks like we have a big crowd watching us today.”

Joseph overlooks the training field as he takes out his sword made of rock dragon that is twice as large as normal sword. He only shakes it lightly but the sound of air splitting by the movement is loud and clear to the ears of Lalit that is watching at the edge of the training ground.

“Yu, it would be nice if he can come out alive.”
“I wonder if this battle will be or without skill and magic.”

Yu set up his shield of black dragon on his left hand and the black dragon sword on his right hand. Although it is impossible normally to hold the black dragon sword in one hand because it can be considered a great sword, his posture however stables. Towering from earth to the heaven in an imposing manner.

Among those who watch the battle between Yu and Joseph, Derrid and Joz, A rank adventurers is also present. Everyone was interested in this match. How great is Yu real ability? Although it was rumored that both of them is strong, there are only a few people who actually witnessed their real power. Lalit and Eckart who formed a party before with Yu have no doubt about his ability. Those who are watching him fighting against the ‘red meteor’ clan and knocking down Tarim, a C rank adventurer with a single blow and saw one of his magic is also clear about his ability.

However, there are people who only heard rumors of them. Joseph however was surging with anticipation. Yu participated in the subjugation of the 「Goblin King」. He showed overwhelming power in C rank promotion quest. 「Unicorn Labyrinth」 was completed in only a few days. None of the current adventurers have more dazzling record than this rookie adventurer who registered in less than a year. (Tl note: the unicorn labyrinth never mentioned before in the story. Don’t worry guys it’s not your memory that fails you.)

“I never know your full strength and so do you. Now we can experience it!”

The first one to make a move was Joseph. Joseph jumped in front of Yu at a speed which seemed to be impossible to come from that giant body. He swung down the large rock dragon sword. The movement of Joseph added with his big figure is enhancing the power produced by this attack. Those who doesn’t know that Yu have enormous strength will think that he will die from this one hit. Joseph blow is enhanced by his 【Brute Arm】, if someone tries to receive it with a shield, the recipient arms will be broken, even his body may be split in half and the attack speed of the sword wasn’t the normal speed of a great sword, it was even comparable to a small sword attack, even faster than it.

Collet doesn’t have any time to think aside from screaming out loud. Yu is now trying to block Joseph’s sword attack using his black dragon shield. The large rock dragon sword trajectory was diverted by the shield that Yu wield and that makes Joseph’s eyes gleaming as his large sword stuck in the ground. He pulls it out with full force and retrieved the sword back. At that point, Joseph’s huge body was floating around ten meters in the air because of Yu’s sword blow.

“He is a monster…”
One of the onlookers involuntarily murmured while the surrounding people agreed in their mind.

“You’re asking for it.”
Joseph was shocked but he immediately uses his large sword of rock dragon to slash at Yu.

“Amazing! That child, he is on par with the muscle brain Joseph. I was so sure that he can’t receive that blow yet he withstands that attack.”

“Claudia, later we need to keep calling Joseph muscle brain.”
“Hey, I don’t want. I’m afraid that Joseph will be angry at me.”
Claudia and Lara was looking at the bout with a carefree mood even though Yu and Joseph exchange was intense. They didn’t use any skill so the fight was purely on high technique. Many people are excited when they see the sword clash. Whenever they think that it will be a hard clash, one of the party receive it with soft technique; and when they think it was a soft receiving it will be a hard exchange. If you took a closer look, only the sound of sword clashing against each other is resounding at the training hall. Everyone was watching Yu and Joseph high level fight silently.

“What was that sword speed? Was it a feint? Oh no, I don’t know anything, it’s too fast.”
“Those two people, their sword looks like a blur. Can u even do that with a large sword?”

Deriddo, Jozu, Claudia, Lara, even for A rank adventurer, this fight was hard to see since the exchange of offense and defense from Yu and Joseph happening so fast.

“Well, it’s still unclear.” Joseph from the distance is saying that while scratching his head.

“Go all out seriously.”

“All right.”

Joseph throws the large sword of rock dragon to the side. It landed just besides Claudia, almost hitting her face whom shouting muscle brain. It was loud and clear and Joseph heard it too. Ignoring Claudia’s complaint, Joseph took out from his item bag a pair of swords. It was the 「Holy flame」 and 「Ice devil」 sword. When Joseph become the leader of the 「Seven Sword」, it was bestowed to him by the emperor of Daelim. Those who were watching in silence are also excited about it.

“He’s finally got serious!”
“That’s the legendary magic sword, the holy sword.”
“He once slashed a demon king.”
Seeing Joseph taking out his sword, Yu didn’t raise any objection.

“You can use the spear instead of sword. You’re famous for that aren’t you? Was it the 「Spear of Heaven」 Joseph? You can use the spear.”
Hearing Yu provocation, Lara and Claudia’s face turned pale. Some of the people doesn’t know that Joseph can use spear but hearing about the conversation, they know that it was a bad thing.

“I don’t have a spear.”
Joseph refused while sticking out his lower lip. He looks like a child who cried out in agony.

“I already ask you to get serious, but…”
“I told you I don’t have a spear.”
For the time being, Clara and Lara was sighing in relief hearing Joseph’s answer.

“I’ll just have to do it.”
After that Yu put the black dragon shield on his back and takes out another one large sword from his item bag. It was a large black sword which resembled the black dragon sword. Lara who uses 「devil sword」 becomes unsettled when she saw the big sword. The sword that Yu took out is indeed a magical sword but it wasn’t a normal magical sword, it was special.

“That magic sword, it was comparable to my magic sword 「Gram」.”
“Comparable to your magic sword? Does that sword really comparable with your demonic sword? It’s alright because your sword has the 「blessing of the Devil」 but… sorry.”
When Claudia mentioning about the special blessings skill, Lara glares at her because she was often being associated with the evil cult. Claudia who realized her mistakes apologized when she said that.

“What kind of sword is that?”
“This is a sword that is made from the black dragon materials that I defeated.”

When Yu defeated the black dragon back in the days, Wood has created two swords for him. The first one is the sword that he usually uses and the second one is the black dragon sword, 「Water Crow」. Because the black dragon was an undead and have a strong grudge, the black dragon sword wet crow was cursed. Yu even with his 【darkness resistance】 skill can’t fully master it. However, when Yu got his 3rd job, he got 【Darkness protection】 that is enabling him to fully draw out the power of the magical sword.

Joseph is wielding the red holy sword and blue devil sword. Yu on the other hand is also holding two large swords made from the black dragon. It was a duel of two swords against two swords.

Two people are confronting with each other and Yu is the one who’s taking the initiation to attack. He goes towards Joseph’s bosom like a bullet. The disadvantage of the big sword is obviously speed. But why the adventurer who is watching didn’t see that point? Joseph let out a small cry as Yu unleashed a kick. Those who learn 【martial arts】 could feel sweat running on their back due to how terror this attack is. Joseph was disgusted because Yu’s sneak attack but he feels that it will be awkward if he did not get back to his position quickly.

“Here I come!”

Yu slashing attack is incoming towards Joseph’s upper body from the left. If this attack was received with a normal sword, most likely the sword will be blown off to pieces. Joseph can’t be relieved on his decision to take out his sword. Yu who is holding two swords, immediately launched a follow up attack using the other sword from the right. Joseph managed to block this one again but he was blown away. The first time Joseph is able to land on his feet and adjust his position but at the moment he hit the ground.

“Is that it?”
Despite being blown away ungracefully, Joseph was laughing.

“What are you laughing about? You just blown away just now you know?”
“Hahaha, yeah.”
“Don’t laugh!”
Comer city adventurer was surprised because they never see Joseph who have 【Brute Arm】 is driven to such state.

“Hahaha! Good! Come again!”
Every time Yu attack, Joseph repelled it using his own sword. Joseph even smile on each occasion. Yu who was supposed to be attacking and on the dominant side somehow was hurting.

“Hey! Why Joseph looked happy?”
“I’m sure… he remembers you.”
“It’s a secret.”
“Tell me! What does he think of me?”
“Flat chest elf.”
“what! How come you say that!”
Apart from Claudia and Lara’s banter, Yu and Joseph fights lasted for tens of minutes.

“Lalit, Yu is really strong.”
When Yu is fighting Joseph, naturally all of the people get to know of Yu’s strength. Collet was embarrassed that she was worried earlier. She tried to reduce her shame by talking to Lalit.

“Although I know he is strong… I never imagine that he is this strong.”
“Hahaha. Now the title of the strongest adventurer in Comer city will be changed.”
“I wonder if it will be me.”
“Lalit, your joke is not funny.”
The spectator who had been fascinated by Yu and Joseph battle suddenly remembers the duo form the ‘dragon fang’ clan.

“Hey, where did those two guys go? Did they ran away before fighting Yu after this?”
“They ran?”
“Yeah, the duo that’s from the ‘dragon fang’ or something clan.”
“What did you say? Find them! I won’t let them escape and have them experience pain.”
“Yeah, we’re not going to let them off.”
However, no matter how hard people look, the duo from the ‘dragon fang’ is not present in the training field.

The two people from the ‘dragon fang’ clan is already walking on the highway, exiting the city through the north gate.

“Boris, I’m glad we didn’t have to fight him first.”
“Yeah. Look at him wielding the large sword and he is a monster to be able to fight with Joseph.”
“If it was me. I believe that I won’t be able to come out alive.”
“Since our real mission is just to get Yu Sato item bag, there is no need for us to face him head on honestly.”
“The ‘Dragon Fang’ clan mission is actually a thievery? Stealing something? Is that item bag that brat has is such a wonderful thing?”
“Don’t raise your complaint to me. This is our mission to make the ‘Dragon Fang’ clan become big in Houdon.”

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