03 – Skill up!

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Episode 3: Skill up!

I do the herb collecting quest every now and then. Even though the Guild treats me badly, I will let it go.. For now!

I don’t have problems with gathering herbs, because grandma Stella always tells me about locations where they could be harvested. There’s no problem with over-harvesting them, because there are several spots. The only things that I have to be wary of are monsters.

There are goblins living in the forest. Goblins look like human children with green skin and ugly faces, their strength is also higher than that of humans. There is a request to subdue them, because sometimes they kidnap human women for the purpose of breeding. It soon became one of the most hated monsters.

When my herb gathering was almost finished, I heard some rustling sounds.


“Brother, are you okay?”



I tried searching for the source of that sound and I found some goblins and humans fighting.

I looked at the dying goblin, “Passive skill: Breeding LVL3”. It didn’t have any other skills, so it was a low-level goblin. Hage is the one that’s facing the goblins with his companion. I looked at Hage’s status and his MP was decreasing. He seemed to be using a skill which consumes MP. But, how? Hage, as a warrior, couldn’t use magic.

When his MP started to decrease, his abilities soared and he killed the rest of the goblins with ease. His movement speed improved. He finished them off and laughed. He cut their ears off as a proof of defeating them.

How? Grandma Stella said that people with non-magical professions couldn’t use their MP. There’s no buff whatsoever on his body, then why was his MP used? And during his last movements, his Mp quickly decreased by 5 at a time.

I was curious about it so I quickly gathered the remaining herbs and returned home.


Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: None Level: 1
HP: 10 MP: 2
Strength: 3 Agility: 4
Vitality: 4 Intelligence: 22
Magic: 1 Luck: 1
Passive Skills


Active Skills
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: Lvl. 1

During the past month, my stats have increased during herb collection. I reported the quest and hurried back home to experiment. I tried to do everything I could, but I weren’t able to find out anything…

One week has passed without any results.. I arrived at the Guild Hall and Hage with the gang was there.
“Hahaha, killing goblins is too easy.”

“Yeah, with your abilities it get’s resolved quickly.”

“Of course, it’s a skill of mine after all.”

I was looking at Hage and the three men. I hope I could get a hint to his trick of raising his power suddenly.

I concentrated and his status appeared….

I looked at him longer than usual…

After I examined his status I noticed something strange. What’s this [+] symbol? I concentrated and it gave more details.

HP: You will die if this reaches 0.

MP: You will need this to cast magic. You could circulate the flow of Mana in your body to enhance it.

“Aaah! This is it… This is Hage’s secret.”

On the way home I have also looked at the other stats.

Strength: This is the power of your body.

Agility: The higher the value, the faster you move.

Vitality: This is your stamina, you can move or run for longer with higher value.

Intelligence: Wits and battle insight, quick thinking and advanced magic may be affected.

Magic: This is related to damage and power of your magic.

Luck: Misfortune may befall those who ignore this.

Passive Skill: Skill that doesn’t need activation.

Active Skill: It won’t be triggered unless you activate it.

Special Skill: Unique skill that can be gained from class or personal experiences and abilities.

It only describes each one roughly, but it is still better than not knowing anything. Because of that, I found out about the usage of Mana to strengthen the body too. I noticed that my Special Skill, Unknown World Magic Eye has leveled up to Lvl 2. Maybe it has ranked up. because I used it continuously. Because of that I have also discovered these additional stats explanations.

Finding out, how to circulate Mana inside the body to strengthen it, took me 2 weeks. It was amazing to feel my body being enhanced by the usage of Mana. The problem is that my MP is too low. Just using it for 5 minutes drains it completely. Maybe in the future I will be able to increase my Mana and efficiency of control over it.

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9 comments on “03 – Skill up!

  1. great~! I wonder why there’s so much comments here~? lol

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

  2. In most stories, human cannot reproduce with other races (elf, dwarf, and etc.). But in this story there is a breeding skill. I would think that if MC would deprive that skill as well, he can reproduce with other races like the globlin could with human.

    I don’t know if the author would use this idea in his story or not. It would be interesting if he did.

    • I think the goblin’s breeding skill is more like making pure goblins even with other races. I mean if goblins kidnap humans their children won’t be half-goblin but pure goblin.
      Normally a child from a human and elf would be a half-elf.

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