02 – Living in this world isn’t easy

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Episode 2: Living in this world isn’t easy

From the time I arrived to this world, one month has passed. Grandma Stella has been kind to me. She teaches me the writing of this world, common sense, even about money.

Grandma Stella didn’t believe me, when I said that I come from a different world, but she teaches me anyways with a smile.

The money they use here are: moon coins, cooper moon coins, half silver moon coins, silver moon coins, gold moon coins, white gold moon coins.

100 moon coins: 1 cooper

1 half silver coin: 1000 moon coins (ten cooper)

1 silver: 10,000 moon coins ( ten half silver)

1 gold: 100,000 moon coins ( ten silver)

1 white gold: 1,000,000 moon coins (ten gold)

The concept of money, I already learned it, to learn this worlds characters however, one month isn’t enough, but I’ll get better eventually.

Anyways, living in this world isn’t easy.

There are monsters called demons. Fortunately, there’re no strong demons around here.

Besides that, people in this world are all registered with organizations called Guilds. Where the Guild card could be used as an identity card.

Adventurer’s Guild, Chamber of Commerce Guild, Blacksmith Guild, there’s a big variety of guilds, more than you could think of. Resser village is a small village. Because of that, every resident is registered under the Adventurer’s Guild.

Today, I was going to the Adventurer’s guild. There’s a quest of gathering herbs and I’ve completed it. I’ll go there and give the report to receive my reward.

Grandma’s house is a little bit secluded from the village. It takes around 20 minutes on foot. I arrived at the guild’s building that looks like a rundown tavern.

As soon as I came in, I already stumbled into trouble.

“Hey, what’s with this smell? Do you smell a black-haired Goblin?” – having said that, a man laughed. He is one of five adventurers that protect this village. Even though that guy is bald, he is strong. Unconsciously my eyes landed on his shiny head.

“What are you looking at?”

In the next moment I could feel that he punched me in the stomach. I flew backwards a couple of meters. He didn’t even hold back when bullying a twelve years old child. I want to take my revenge, but the gap in our power is too big.


Status window
Name: Hage Potcho Race: Human
Job: Warrior Level: 10
HP: 96 MP: 16
Strength: 46 Agility: 12
Vitality: 51 Intelligence: 7
Magic: 8 Luck: 6

(Tl notes: the HP and Mp too, the value is low)

Passive Skills
Swordmanship: Lvl. 1
Physical strength up: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Sword Strike: Lvl. 1
Body Enhance: Lvl. 1
Special Skills

Yeah, it would be unreasonable. Everyone is happy seeing me suffering. The fat uncle behind the counter even began drinking wine. I approached the fat uncle wanting it or not. The guild in this place doesn’t have any money to hire a receptionist.

“The quest to collect herbs is done.”

This quest is the easiest available and repeatable every few days. The reward is 900 moon coins or 9 cooper moon coins.


The fat uncle passed me the reward but it’s only 3 cooper coins. It’s the same as usual.

“What? Do you have any complaints? You better be thankful that we even pay you out. Just where did Stella pick this kind of useless guy.”

The moment grandma Stella is mentioned, my blood boils. But I keep it cool and get out of the building. I’ll create more trouble for her if I cause a scene. I went out and put the money in my pocket.

This village is so small. There are no shops except for a simple tool shop. I have been trying to buy a knife, but I was kicked out and they said they will not sell anything to me. The reason is because of my Guild card. My eyes can see people statuses and they also work on other things. I concentrate on my Guild card.

[Guild card: fake]

I really want to kill that fat uncle at this point. If it’s like this, no shop will accept me, because my Guild card couldn’t prove my identity. I have no other choice except to go back. Grandma Stella was making dinner when I arrived.

“Yu, Welcome back. Dinner will be ready soon.”

Grandma Stella didn’t want to accept the reward of the quest when I tried to give it to her. She said it was money that I worked hard for and that I should buy things I want. Because of me, grandma Stella also receives bad treatment from the villagers. One day, I’ll return the favour.

First, my goal is to get stronger. It means increasing my level. Level is also important in games. To increase it you just have to defeat monsters and gain experience from them. However, the me right now couldn’t even hold a candle to a goblin.

The tool keeper doesn’t want to sell any weapon (knife) to me. Without it, I don’t have any chance to kill a monster. After eating the stew and bread, I slept while thinking of my future plans.

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7 comments on “02 – Living in this world isn’t easy

  1. Slight misspelling here.

    The fat uncle passed me the reward but it’s only 3 cooper coins. It’s the same as usual.

    Copper Coins


    (Wait nevermind notice the word cooper alot in this chapter might just be how they pronounce the coin in the book.)

  2. The story doesn’t make any sense when it regards to purchasing items for the village. When Yu wanted to make the wooden bath tub, he asked Grandma Stella to buy the necessary items. He could give the money to her and ask her to buy a knife for him to use as a weapon to level up his level.
    If the villagers sell the items to make the tub, I would think they would also sell a knife to Grandma Stella as well.

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