25 – Shopping

Episode 25: Shopping

The money from selling monster materials was divided into three portions. Nina and I are managing it now.

Lena feels that she is not contributing much however it was forced on her because she needed to collect a lot of gold to study.

” Joseph is a B rank adventurer.. ”

” That old pervert… ”

(Yu: How can a B rank adventurer be such a sexual offender.)

Now, they are heading to a shop that Collet introduced to. It sell items for C rank and below. There is also item with magic properties.
Item bag (grade 6): enhance [alchemy] up to lvl 3, 1.200.000 moon coins (PR Note: 12 gold; 1.000.000 moon coins -> 10 gold)
Item bag (grade 5): enhance [alchemy] up to lvl 5, 3.000.000 moon coins
Yu is secretly looking at the effect using his eyes ability.

” Yu, they’re even selling high quality item bags. ”

” Yeah. The lowest grade sold is 6.”

For those who choose the grade 6 item bag, they may not realize the effect differences.
He also checked other things.

Parara bangles (grade 6): increased paralysis resistance, 250.000 moon coins.
Additional effect: paralysis ball creation [alchemy lvl 2]
Magic bracelet (grade 5): poison resistance increased, 300.000 moon coins.
Addition effect: poison ball creation [alchemy lvl 2]
Charming bracelet (grade 5): reduced chance of being ambushed, 330.000 moon coins.
Addition effect: Extended range ball creation [alchemy lvl 2]
Healing ring (grade 5): HP recovery speed increased, 360.000 moon coins.
Addition effect: healing ball creation [alchemy lvl 2]
Array necklace (grade 6): poison resistance increased, 180.000 moon coins.
Addition effect: poison ball creation [alchemy lvl 2]
Witch of the west pendant (grade 5): increased magic resistance,430.000 moon coins.
Addition effect: magic resistance ball creation [alchemy lvl 2]
Parara bangles (grade 6): normal bracelet. Price??? Additional effect: none.
(Yu: the price is so expensive it could easily be a rip off shop)

Afterall he bought two item bag of grade 6.

” You didn’t buy any defence or resistance decoration? ”

” Oh, I decided to buy a better armor and weapon first. ”

The shopkeeper is trying to boot lick me. Even a child isn’t missing in his target of deception.

I then leave the magic shop and go into a blacksmith shop. I need to know if it is better to buy an armor or to make it my own. I need to know the craftsmanship level.

I walked trough 8 blacksmith and armor stores so far, only [blacksmith lvl 3] is the highest.
I was about to give up before I found a small shop, deviated from the main street and not many people are coming here.

I glanced at the shopkeeper.

Status window
Name: Woods Kololi Race: Dwarf
Job: blacksmith, mechanic Level: 31
HP: 323 MP: 66
Strength: 266 Agility: 24
Vitality: 369 Intelligence: 83
Magic: 26 Luck: 6
Passive Skills
physical strength up: Lvl. 3
Increased vitality: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Blacksmith: Lvl. 5
Appraisal: Lvl. 3
Special Skills

” Let’s look around. ” (Yu)

” I wonder why there is a shop here. ” (Nina)

” It was a dwarf.. ” (Lena)

The store look tattered and the dwarven old man doesn’t look promising. However I only cared about his products.

” Hello. I’m here to buy some equipment. ”

The dwarf without even smiling looks at us and stares.

” Did you think I’ll sell it to you? ”

No wonder with his attitude the shop is empty.

” Look old man, I’ve tried hard to find this shop. ”

” Who’s an old man? I’m still 60!”
(Yu: It’s old already.. Anyway I have to convince him to sell me something.)

” What are you looking for? ” (woods)

” I am looking for a sword, armor, and a gauntlet, Nina? ” (Yu)

” I wonder if there is a good weapon.. armor that’s light and easy to move in too. ” (Nina)

” Are you looking for one handed or two handed? ” (Woods)

The dwarf then goes back and comes to the front with a large sword about 150cm long.

” Try to swing this. ” (Woods)


I tried to use one hand and swing it down, it has a moderate weight but it feels comfortable.

” Ooh.. Your arm didn’t stagger when swinging it down. It seemed your arm strength is quite good. How much money you have boy? ” (woods)

” For the two of us, not more than 100 gold. And since Nina is a E rank assassin and I am a F rank magic warrior we don’t want to be petty on this. ”

The look on the dwarf changes.

” 100 gold coins? Maybe I can find you something. Miss, what do you want? ”

“… Me? A hat, cloak for an F rank magician.” (Lena)

The dwarf then goes back with a smile. He come to us with hands full of equipment.

“I think this is all you can afford. ”

I inspected the equipment on the table.
Long sword of black steel (grade 5): no effect.
Steel armor (grade 6): no effect.
black steel armor (class 5): No effect.
steel gauntlet (6 grade): No effect.
hard leather jacket (6 grade): None
steel headband (6 grade): No effect.
black steel Gauntlet (Grade 5): No effect.
hard leather boots (6 grade): No effect.
hard leather gauntlet (6 grade): No effect.
triangle hat (6 grade): No effect.
leather hat (6 grade): No effect.
Leather cloak (6 grade): No effect.
Momon cloak (6 grade): No effect.
“All of it doesn’t have skills and effects but it is sufficient for your rank. Hard leather equipment is light and easy to move. Black steel defence is decent as long as you’re keeping it in good condition. For magician-chan, the triangle hat and momon cloak appearance is adjusted with black color like the others. ” (Woods)

I first look at the large sword.

” Can you tell me about black steel? ” (Yu)

” Usually warriors use a claymore which is made from normal steel. For a magic warrior, you need a good magic sword. I have a better weapon made from mithril but the price is out of your league. The black steel is a decent one. Its hardness is on par with steel and could be used with magic. ” (woods)

After a while of negotiation, we made our purchase.

I bought: long sword of black steel, black steel armor and black steel gauntlet.
Nina: steel headband, hard leather jacket, hard leather gauntlet and hard leather boots.
Lena: triangle hat and momon cloak.

We spent 40 gold for Nina and one gold for Lena.

“Uncle, thank you. And, if I bring materials, could you turn it into equipment? ” (Yu)

” Of course, although the profit isn’t as big, but I take requests. ” (woods)

The uncle then is laughing with his hands on his waist like a rpg character. I decided to come back here again in the future.

” Uncle, see you. ” (Nina)

” Thank you for the equipment. ” (Lena)
When I saw the kid swinging the sword, his form was beautiful and the speed is better than most warriors. He chose a long sword which supported by his arm strength. The assassin miss also seemed to have decent skill. The things I gave them are not things I would sell to a rookie adventurer. At least it was sold to a D rank.

” I’ll look forward to seeing them again in the future.. ”

Woods said that while happily drinking his ale.

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  2. haha that woods is a good ol dwarf, and i wonder how yu’s crafting will compare to the armor he bought. maybe he can enchant his gear later on with skills. does deprive work on items i wonder? thanks for the translation.

  3. Puzzled by this line: At least it was sold to a D rank. Is that supposed to mean the equipment is for grade D adventurers so they have equipment above their official level or that he values their skills from what he can see as D rank?

    • Not sure if the tense is correct, but the meaning is that the dwarf normally wouldn’t sell that equipment to them, for reasons we don’t know (maybe he sold it with a loss?) So yeah he values them quite highly

      Maybe “At least it would be sold to a D rank” is better? or “normally I would sell this kind of equipment to a D rank adventurer”

  4. madoka??? she became a godness and impose her name on this world money?
    thanks snowsomething for the chapter

  5. Does unlucky people have secret antena to attract other unlucky people ? Or is it Yu charm at work ?

    • lol true true. He’s pretty skilled for a kid too. What would happen if you find a 150 old dwarvn blacksmith? God-tier weapons any1?

        • Wow racist much! Why can’t dwarfes become blacksmiths?
          Is it because they are small and ugly?

        • I do not say dancer or something with the public and they are not given to most that but there are some jobs that could go with their talents. Example farmer, working with ceramics, caballeroy me not now but there must be more ocurrrs

      • dwarves = blacksmith cus heir like digging into mines n get shiny ores, like elves = druids cus they into nature n animals….

        tho ive seen ppl make dwarve bards, ogre paladins, orc wizards, elf berserks….. cos normal is too mainstream 😀

  6. It’s not steel dagger guys.
    It’s a steel head protector like the one in naruto.

  7. Hmm, Where did they get so much gold? i remember a few goldcoins at the bandit place, roughly 3-4 gold for the materials and now all of a sudden they have a buffert of 100 Gold and used 40 in total (aka not a bluff) The hell’s going on here? O.o

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