26 – skill grant

Episode 26: skill grant

After we finished purchasing our equipment, we headed towards an inn. It was a low rank inn for adventurer, however a basic meal was included so it was considerable.

My money and Ninas is now 87 gold, 345 silver, 58 half silver and 86 copper. For a family of four living in Resser village, a gold coin is enough for one month.

(TL note: it’s funny how a couple chapters before they said it was hard to come up with 100gold. It looks pretty easy lol and it doesn’t seemed like Lena ia going to magician school. PR Note: Yeah now think about how much they spend on equipment…)

We hunt bandits and monster materials. Selling magic balls and potions made by [alchemy], our money is not something an ordinary rank F or E adventurers could have.

” Yu.. We should move to a better inn. ” (Nina)

” I also want one with a bath… ” (Lena)

” I know, an inn with a private bath and food sent to the room. ” (Nina)

Finally we get a recommendation from Collet. The name is Kazamidori. A night with meal is 8000 moon coins but it has a private bath installed.  A low rank inn costs about 500 moon coins and a regular one is from 3000 to 5000.

We arrived and the information from Collet is really useful.

“Welcome cute adventurer-san! ”

A cheerful sister greets us from the counter.

” 10 days stay with a meal for three please. ”

” Really? A room is 8000 moon coins per night with meal. Times ten and for three people… It will be… ” (innkeeper)

” It’s 240,000 moon coins or 2 gold and 4 silver. ” (Yu)

” Aah.. that’s correct.. Are you a merchant rather than adventurer? ”

In this world, simple arithmetic isn’t widely known. There are classes but only available to merchants or nobles because of the price.

” So I don’t look like an adventurer? ” (Yu)

” Nevermind about that, just give us one room. ” (Nina)

” But, the room should….. ” (Yu)

” just give us one. ” (Nina)

We paid extra charges to be in one room but it was far cheaper than renting three.

Nina is always saying we need to save save and save money. Although the inn we choose is certainly is a good one so the idea of saving doesn’t really count. However Lena doesn’t seemed to be dissatisfied staying in one room with me.

“Yes.. ” Ninas face has a nasty smile floating instead of an older sister one. I didn’t want to argue so I just take off the equipment and sit on the ground.  Since it was also far from the city center, I could do some experiments.

” Nina, take out the magic stones. ”

” Magic stone? ”

Usually when we defeated a monster, it left behind a magic stone. These stones have various uses and can be used to power various tools. They can be sold at a fairly high price, at one gold per piece, but I didn’t sell all of them today.

I take one magic stone and cast healing magic on it. It was more like casting [alchemy] by using healing magic.

The result is as expected


Magic ball (grade 1): has a healing effect enchanted.


(TL note: remember the equipment a few chapter back with alchemy creation? He is applying the principles)

The most important thing is the application.

“Nina, can you lend me your earring? ”

” my earring? ”

I received it from her and casted [alchemy] on the earring and the magic ball.


Normal earrings (grade 6): increased HP recovery rate.


” It’s a success. Nina, lend me the other one. ”

On the other one I tried to put an antidote effect. After the [alchemy] process it has poison resistance increased. As I explained the process, Nina is listening with sparkling eyes.

” Granting skills to equipment is a secret of [alchemy ] it is better to keep it a secret. ”

Lena is also surprised. She came to me and passed me her hat.


” I also want it… ”

” because you have low HP, HP recovery speed is suitable right? ”

She was smiling and looking at Nina. I granted a skill to her hat as if it was an easy thing to do.

” Thanks.. ”

Lena is satisfied. Now it’s time to experiment.

I wanted to grant the flame lance skill and the magic stone shattered.

” Eh why? ” (Nina)

” What happened? ” (Lena)

It was because flame lance is a magic of rank 2 and the magic stone is only  rank 1. The rank is higher than that it could hold so it crumbled because it wasn’t balanced. I tried to put a rank 1 skill into a rank 2 magic stone and it was possible.

Maybe by the time my [alchemy] reaches a higher level I can do more and put higher skills.

Into Ninas steel dagger, I granted fire attribute with a fireball magic ball. I only did it to one dagger to be cautious if the monster we face have fire attribute, having two fire attributes daggers would be stupid.

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21 comments on “26 – skill grant

    • Well the costs for the materials are, being able to kill the monster. Remember that close to the city the monsters are stronger, so they should be at least somewhat dangerous for a normal f – e adventerer group. Add to that that alchemy is probably quite hard to get and train in. So not a lot of people can cheat like that.

    • it cost the magic stone when he ask for the earring there it implies he use the earring and the stone at time but just recover the earring

    • Well this is a story about an OP MC. What did you expect? what im complaining about is the fact that it is mentioned that he gets insane headaches after using the deprive skill too much but the consequence of this is not shown even after he goes on a rampage back when his grandma dies and uses like crazy. I expected him to pass out or something, but he is all fine and dandy.

      • It was mentioned in the middle of the scene of him frantically trying to save Stella that, due to his despair-fueled frenzy and adrenaline rush, he was too obsessed and driven to notice the massive pain he was accumulating.

  1. ……………………………………………………………. the MC is OP, he could just rob a country’s treasury and he won’t be caught.

  2. I thought lower number rank many better, like with the rank for magic bags. But now higher number rank is better? You are right this author is confusing.

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