29 – 2nd job

29 Episode: 2nd job

After the late night training, I lack sleep because I had to scold Nina. We also tried some of her skills, [stealth], [stalking], [assassinate] and checked if [cloaking] is available.

In the morning, we had sandwiches with bacon and vegetables and a glass of milk, it was enough to fill up our stomachs. After the meal, I head to te guild. I need to turn in the monster materials I got yesterday.

I arrived and met Collet at the counter.

” Yu-san, how can I help you? ”

“I want to sell monster materials and take a 2nd job. ”

Nina and Lena look at me surprised but Collet stayed calm.

” Ah. Yesterday you were 19 so it wasn’t strange to level up when hunting monsters. ”

” You know that my level was 19? ”

” Erm…thats… ”

It was a slip of tongue but I won’t pursue this matter further.

” Because that are a lot of materials, I will buy it in bulk, is that alright? ”

” No problem. ”

When we’re talking, someone is approaching us.

” Yo newbie.. ”

” Oh, uncle! ” it was Lalit the stupid.

It was a good chance to ask him to teach Nina the [assassinate] skill.

” Yesterday, what happened after I passed out? ”

” I don’t care… ”

It seemed that something bad happened to him.

” Can you show me [assassinate]? Even the first level is alright . ”

” Why are you asking me? There are a lot of assassins out there. ”

This uncle isn’t as easy to fool as Collet.

” Or is it possible that you’re just faking your skill and talked big? ”

” Well, I’m almost C rank now. Alright, I’ll show you some of my moves. ”

” Nina, for now you stay with him alright, while I sell materials and change my job. ”

” Understood. And Lena? ”

” I want to stay with Yu.. ”

Tch.. I really want to hide my second job from her. I guess it’s inevitable.

I put my hand on the crystal and the new jobs are shown.

Monk, magic fighter, enchanting mechanic, magic knight, assassin.
(Yu: well, there is an enchanting mechanic job!)

It was an auxiliary job. It could improve allies status or reduce the opponent ability.

“Magic.. Fighter.. New job? ”

Collet face becomes funny.

” Collet-san, calm down. ”

” How can I be calm? This is a new job, magic fighter. It hasn’t been discovered before. If you want we could give you 10 gold for the information and 20 gold for acquisition info. ”

” Is that so? I don’t care. I want to be an enchanting mechanic. ”

Collet face then becomes ugly. I need to choose this job since it will help my party. For the magic fighter acquisition condition, I think I have a rough idea.

I put my hand on the crystal ball once again. And enchanting mechanic successfully gained. The status also has been raised.

Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanting Mechanic Level: 20
HP: 436 MP: 562
Strength: 189 Agility: 163
Vitality: 204 Intelligence: 184
Magic: 206 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: Lvl. 6
Brute strength: Lvl. 4
Awareness: Lvl. 5
Dagger Mastery: Lvl. 2
Physical ability up: Lvl. 2
Agility up: Lvl. 4
Spear Mastery: Lvl. 2
Leadership: Lvl. 2
Night eyes: Lvl. 1
Strong body: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Sword Strike: Lvl. 3
Body Enhance: Lvl. 4
White Magic: Lvl. 5
Black magic: Lvl. 3
Blacksmith: Lvl. 2
Alchemy: Lvl. 3
Steal: Lvl. 1
Stealth: Lvl. 1
Appraisal: Lvl. 1
Dagger Strike: Lvl. 2
Spear strike: Lvl. 1
Magic Sword: Lvl. 2
Martial arts: Lvl. 1
enchant magic: Lvl. 1
Magic gauntlet: Lvl. 1
Warcry: Lvl. 2
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: Lvl. 3
Depriver: Lvl. 2
Pack leader: Lvl. 1

My skills have increased because of yesterdays training. [Martial arts] learned from hand combat yesterday. [Night eye] from hunting in the dark. [Magic gauntlet] comes from combination of [magic sword] and [martial arts]. Since the [depriver] skill reached lvl 2, I successfully deprived a special skill. [Pack leader], I wonder if I will be able to lead humans.

[brute strength] is an enhanced version of [physical strength up] . I gained it from the Goblin general. The old [physical strength up] is now gone.

“Collet-san, do you have books about enchanting mechanic? ”

She then sorted out my items first before giving me the book.

” This is a goblin general’s ear? ”

” Yeah, what’s wrong? ”

” This is something. It was a monster of rank 3.”

She was surprised but regained her calm. It all together gained me 2 gold and 4 silver. The goblin general’s ear is in high demand for alchemy catalyst.

” The magic stone? ”

” No, that’s not for sale. ”

It was because a perfect magic stone can be used for my [alchemy].

After that I walked to the training field where Nina stayed with Lalit.

(TL note: it seemed there is a magic stone, perfect magic stone and the perfect magic stone is what used for making magic ball that Yu enchant magic into it. Now, it seemed that it was possible for him to deprive special skill. Lol.. Too OP)

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29 comments on “29 – 2nd job

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  2. wait.I thought he didn’t want those guild people to know his stats.so why is he checking his stat inside the guild???
    thx for the chapter btw .

    • They can’t see him accessing his stats, so he can do that wherever he wants, just has to hide his stats with the amulett.

    • He is using his “eyes” to look at his stats.
      Nobody else than him can see it.

      If I understood correctly, if you don’t have a skill like that, you need to use the guild card to see your stat, which enable the guild to record them and spy on them.

  3. ah..guild card.forgot ’bout dat.
    but still… 1 LUCK lol.gonna see how long it stays dat way.

  4. i find it weird that in many of these novels, they ask for goblin and other species ears
    wouldn’t a head or the whole body(stays on the ground rotting away) be preferred if it has magic properties

    • Then try to bring back 30 goblin heads from the forest, not to mention if you encounter orcs and ogres too XD
      I think ears are mostly needed just to prove that you killed them (at least in other novels where they don’t use it for alchemy).

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