28 – intensive midnight training

Episode 28: intensive midnight training

After Nina and Lena fell asleep, I went out of the inn. The destination is based on the monster book that I purchased.

It was 5km northwest of Comer city. It was a large forest that seemed endless and the monsters there are of rank 2 to rank 5.

I entered while casting a small light ball, just enough to lighten up my path. When the night darkens and the moonlight couldn’t dimly light the way, Yu expanded his light ball coverage.

After five minutes of walking in, a nocturnal monster appeared. It was a wolf covered in black fur, a black wolf. They come in packs and were detected by Yus [awareness].

” This is a good chance to test my new equipment. ”

The number of black wolfs detected were 10.

The first black wolf jumped at him quickly.

” Urya.. ”

With ease, the black wolf’s body landed behind him, already split into two with a clean cut. The sharpness is unbelievable, it makes the sword he used till now seem like a toy.

” This is amazing.. ”

He then picked up his pace and killed the rest without even being touched. After that he didn’t forget to collect the materials. Yu then proceeds further.

Because of the blood of the black wolf, more monster gathered. Orc soldiers, goblin leaders, night goblins, murder snakes, up to rank 2 boar soldiers and rank 3 goblin generals. Then he checked the two monster that have names.

Status window
Name: Woavun Race: Goblin general
Rank: 3 Level: 27
HP: 364 MP: 163
Strength: 213 Agility: 233
Vitality: 136 Intelligence: 83
Magic: 49 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Leadership: Lvl. 3
Physical strength up: Lvl. 2
Swordmanship: Lvl. 4
Active Skills
Sword strike: Lvl. 2
Body enhance: Lvl. 3
Special Skills
Pack leader: Lvl. 1


Status window
Name: Guguvun Race: Goblin general
Rank: 3 Level: 18
HP: 266 MP: 121
Strength: 163 Agility: 134
Vitality: 101 Intelligence: 63
Magic: 32 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Leadership: Lvl. 1
Physical strength up: Lvl. 1
Swordmanship: Lvl. 3
Active Skills
Sword strike: Lvl. 2
Body enhance: Lvl. 2
Special Skills
Pack leader: Lvl. 1

” It seemed that a monster with a name is stronger than usual… ”

” Gogaaaaa… ”

The goblin general shouted and is signaling for the other monsters to move.

Orc soldier, murder snake and boar soldier charged forward. They attacked in cooperation unlike before.

” Booo.. ”

I was fending off the night goblin attack while the goblin general takes the opportunity to attack me from the side. I used my sword to deflect it again, but clearly his [swordmanship lvl 3] makes it harder for me to retaliate.
While the goblin leader and orc soldiers are trying to attack when seeing a gap, Yu attacked them first by sending a flame lance.

“Eat this.. Hyaaa! ”

At first he was afraid to cause a fire in the forest but his emotions blinded him. When he did that, the other monsters are taking some distance from him. Then while the fire he set off is still burning, he puts his sword in the middle of it.

Then the fire is absorbed into the sword, causing it to be dyed red and blazing.

“Alright, I can do this. ”

” Gogogog… ”

A stupid boar soldier then charged forward. The swing of Yu’s sword is cutting it in half again, but this time the cut was burning the flesh causing it to be carbonized and burnt.

” It doesn’t hinder the sharpness and the effect is still good. ”

Then it becomes Yu testing ground for skills. Magic sword of wind, fire, was used to test the effect. He even let some monsters hit him to check his armor.

When the number of monster reduced, the goblin generals didn’t stay silent anymore.

” Wooaa. ”

” This is a good chance to test my ability. ”

The other goblin general comes from behind. More goblins and goblin soldiers also come up. It was the [pack leader] ability to call for allies.

” It has the same effect, like the one that the ogre (subspecies) used. ”

Yu knows where they will come from because since the moment he entered the forest, his [awareness lvl 5] is always scanning his surrounding.

However when the monsters surrounded him, he put his black steel sword into the sheath.

” Gowgagwo. ” The goblin general is thinking that Yu is going to surrender because he put his weapon away.

However that was a mistake.

” Now is the time for special training. ”

Yu takes out the black steel gauntlets and equipped them. He gripped them tightly and then they were glowing in red brightly. Then he jumped in the middle of the monster flock and launched his fist.

“Ugyaa. ”

After receiving his fist to his face, the goblin leader fell on its back with smoke rising.

The goblin general thought that the situation is reversed but it was only a misunderstanding.

” You can’t escape.. ”

” Gigigi.. ”

The Goblin general swing his sword but it was blocked by Yu gauntlets. The goblin general didn’t realize that by this time, Yu is already depriving him.

” Haaa! ”

Yu used [roar] which he deprive from a black wolf. It caused the goblin general to be stunned for a second. This moment is enough for him to send one blow to the face and one to the stomach.
It was abnormal that it died only in two blows. He then recovers the materials and then slaughters the rest.

Since his item bag is full, Yu decided to go back. There are only two magic stones recovered today from the goblin generals.

“The possibility of higher ranked monsters or the ones with a name to drop a magic stone is higher. ”

When he got back to the inn, the entrance was dirtied with mud. After he entered, he found out that Ninas boots were covered in mud.

(Yu: did she follow me again? Her [stalking] skill is really undetectable by my [awareness])”

Nina.. You have been following me right? ”

“… Huaa… Grook.. ”

Nina is acting like sleeping.

(Yu: you know, you didn’t snore like that when you’re sleeping..)

“If you keep pretending, we will not sleep together anymore and you’re not allowed to enter the bath with me. ”

As quick as the wind, she jumped out of the bed and prostrates on the floor.

” I’m sorry.. ”

That day, there is a sound of a loud high pitched cry and a thud sound resounded from the room.

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  3. Even now I lament that he didn’t get Breeding skill.

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