TDADP Chapter 97

Chapter 97: The old enchanter

(Tl note: this is the start of volume 4 which isn’t out yet so we don’t have any illustration.. recently I played around at novelupdates forum so I was slacking off translating.. hahaha)
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That evening, the sky was blood red.

In the east of Comer city, across the grassland, the forest of Marma silently waved. The sinking sunset was decorating the western sky. There Clyde was stroking his ⌈Forest Panther⌋’s head.
(Tl note: it seemed that the one with the forest panther was changed into this new character, Clyde. While Goria is the one mentioned in chapter 73 will appeared in the next chapter)

“About time. Hehehe.”
The ⌈Forest Panther⌋ enjoyed his touch and rested comfortably but suddenly its ears twitched.

“Who’s there?”

“Heh, What are you doing in a place like this?”

In the middle of the calmness of the sinking sun, it was unbelievable that someone had managed to approache this close without him noticing.

“Who are you?”

“Me, I’m just a low profile person that earns a coin by using my 【Enchant Magic】 in the nearby dungeons.”

“I heard that you’re dead.”

Suddenly the ground next to him swelled and from it a brown snake jumped out. The snake was around 3 meters long. It was a monster called 「Ground Snake」, a rank 3 monster. (TL note: the original name is muguramochi which is mole, no way we call it mole snake right?)

As its name implied, it could move freely inside the ground , silently approaching the target before preying on them. Its mouth was capable of spreading wide enough to swallow things bigger than itself.

“I hope you’re not interfering with my fun.”
As Clyde said that, the ⌈Forest Panther⌋ was keeping its calm.

“No, I am absolutely not hindering your plan.”

“So what’s your reason?”

Then the ⌈Ground Snake⌋ suddenly jumped at the enchanter. However its attack failed as it only hit his 【Barrier】. The ⌈Ground Snake⌋ tried to use its sharp fangs but to no luck, since the 【Barrier】 didn’t even budge. The ⌈Ground Snake⌋ was a rank 3 monster that Clyde had trained. It was impossible hard to raise such a powerful monster but it couldn’t break past the enchanter’s defense.

“How about we talk a bit?” (Enchanter)
The enchanter and Clyde engaged in battle with each other, however they were not the only ones present.
There was a bird flying in the sunset sky. It was the bird that Yu raised using 【Specter Magic】. It served as a scout as Yu entered the Wood Garden dungeon.

Today, Yu was also raiding the Wood Garden dungeon. Searching for materials and resources, they came out only when the sky was already dyed bright red.

“I worked hard today!”
Nina said as she hugged Yu from behind. Peach was shocked as she was riding on top of Yu’s head. She came out for a moment before returning inside the cap and clung to his hair.
(Tl note: should we call the fairy momo or peach?)

“… we got quite a lot of loot today.” (Lena)
“Coro, don’t run around. Sukke, you too, please behave well.”
Coro was running in circles so Marifa scolded him. Sukke on the other hand silently rubbed his head on Marifa’s foot.

There was no road at the grassland that connected the city with Marma forest. However, it was the fastest way to reach the city.

Yu was walking when suddenly Nina noticed that he was not his usual self.

“Yu, what’s wrong?”

It was unusual for him to separate himself from Nina and pull away his arm. His face was anxious.

“I have something to do. Nina, you return first and I’ll see you later. Kuro, put away the luggage and come with me.”
If it was the usual Yu, Nina would have followed his order. But knowing that he was in a strange mood, she and the girls silently followed him. If something happened to Yu, Nina would never forgive herself.

A 「Chimera」 swung down it’s claw while it tore apart the air aimed at the enchanter. However with a simple cane, he parried it easily. ⌈The Forest Panther⌋ came from behind but its attack was once again stopped by the 【Barrier】 . Around them, Clyde had successfully summoned 7 monsters . A normal 『Beast Tamer』 is capable of summoning 3 monsters at most and they were only limited to rank 5 monsters.

“I’ll add more!”

Clyde on the other hand used another 【Summoning Magic】 to summon a 「Burning Magic Tiger」 which was a rank 4 monster. Although at first Clyde only had some monsters with him, as the battle dragged on, he used his 【Summoning Magic】 to increase his advantage over time. The 「Burning Magic Tiger」opened its mouth, inhaled a large amount of air until its chest was ballooning, and the next moment hot air was released from it.

The grass became dust upon contact and the burning breath was looming towards the enchanter. However he didn’t look paniced. In front of the enchanter’s 【Barrier】, the breath was divided into two without hurting him.

“I see now. That is a 【Barrier】 skill from the Holy Church. Only some high priests are able to use that. How can someone like you be here?”

At the middle of the ground which was covered by black smoke, a figure stood firmly.
“It’s just, your plan involves Yu Sato.”
The enchanter’s tone had changed when he said that and hearing Yu Sato’s name mentioned, Clyde was surprised.

“Are you from the Holy Kingdom?”
Even while talking, Clyde was summoning more 「Burning Magic Tigers」.

“You guys, are you trying to kill each other?”
“If you guys are going to make trouble then I, Anita, will stop you.”

The enchanter and Clyde’s conversation was interrupted by Anita of ‘Kimutsuki Flower’. Becase the battle was happening near the Golgo dungeon, they encountered them on their way back. Moran had entered the Golgo dungeon several times and she realized that indeed it was the enchanter that used to stay in front of the dungeon.

“Uncle enchanter, do you need a help?”
“I would be glad if you helped.”

Hearing that, Clyde’s eyes sharpened.

“Miss, it is better if you leave and don’t meddle in other people’s business.”
The enchanter didn’t say anything more, he only looked at Anita. Clyde also looked at her while grinning.

“Anita! Watch out!”
At the same time when Bell shouted out, the ⌈Forest Panther⌋ attacked her. She received the attack with her silver tower shield but it was blown away. It was a rank 5 monster so Anita was stupefied when she realized her shield was destroyed.

“Watch out again, don’t be careless!”
Anita was slow but she gave a warning to her party. Then one of the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ girls was attacked by the ⌈Ground Snake⌋.
(Tl note: it seemed that the ‘kimtsuki flower’ is raiding golgo dungeon with more people since some unknown character starts to be mentioned)

Without difficulties the ⌈Ground Snake⌋’s fangs pierced through the girl’s leather jacket as it wrapped itself around the her body.


Bell tried to use her dagger to attack the ⌈Ground Snake⌋ but it only caused a small wound as a trickle of blood came from the ground snake’s skin. Meanwhile, the sound of breaking bone resonated with the distortion of Camilia’s body.
(Tl note: Rip Camilia… her death is the same as bachelor)

“Bell, get back!”
The sound came from ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ second leader, Washan as she came forward and executed the axe skill, 《Heavy swing》. Combining the weight of the axe and the skill that was used split the body of the⌈Ground Snake⌋ in two. The ⌈Ground Snake⌋ shrieked in pain as it dived to the ground to flee.
(Tl note: got a better name for washan?)

Memetto in a hurry came to Camilla and casted 《Heal》.
(Tl note: um she isn’t dead yet…)

“Hehe, if it continues like this, I wonder if some of you girls are going to die?”
Clyde said that as he watched the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan. Anita knew that her party was struggling. Facing a rank 5 monster was their limit for now and they were being overwhelmed by the rank 4 monster that Clyde had summoned.

The ⌈Burning Magic Tiger⌋ used a breath attack again at Ann. She tried blocking it with her tower shield but the high temperature couldn’t be blocked with it. Even death crossed her mind.

Anita wanted to help but right now she had been blocked by the Chimera, as the breath attack slowly enveloped Ann.


Ann was standing strong. She was protecting Memetto behind her and the other girls. The high temperature of the skill heated the tower shield. Even her hair was burnt in the process and the shield had become even hotter. A normal person couldn’t bear to hold it by now but Ann clenched it in her arms.

“Please, give me the power to protect everyone!”

“Useless struggle.”
As Ann tried to protect her party members, Clyde mocked her and instructed the ⌈Burning Magic Tiger⌋ to use another breath attack. The second breath attack came as Ann held on her shield.

“Do your best to hang on shield bearer!”

The enchanter casted a 【Barrier】 in front of her as he also used 【Sacred Magic】 of the second rank, 《Rejuvenation》. As the green light covered her body, her wounds were healed, even her hair grew back and returned to her original beautiful appearance.

“I’ll do what I can!”
The enchanter’s voice helped the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ girls to regain their courage.

Seeing that, Clyde sent a ⌈Ground Snake⌋ to attack the enchanter from his flank. The attack landed as blood started to flow out from his back, however he was still standing. He started to take out a potion and casted magic on his own body to try and treat the wound. However, Clyde wouldn’t let the situation continue like this. He asked an 「Ice Lizard」 to use ice breath.
(Tl note: at first Clyde managed to summoned 7 monster and it wasn’t told what are the monsters)

The enchanter once again used 【Barrier】 on Ann. He knew that by doing that he was slowly walking to his grave.
(Tl note: he seemed to be able to use only 1 barrier at a time)

Meanwhile Clyde had already finished another 【Summoning Magic】 and increased the number of his monsters.

“It was your own fault for helping him, girls. You are not a treat for my monsters.”
Te new monster that was summoned was a 「Frenzied Elk」. It was a 4 meters tall and 3 meters wide monster. One stomp of its heel would make the girls meet their end. The enchanter was also half a foot into the grave.

The 「Frenzied Elk」 was coming near and nearer. Right now, the enchanter was protecting Ann from the ⌈Burning Magic Tiger⌋ and the ⌈Ice Lizard⌋’s breath attack, so he couldn’t move.

“I’ll help too! This is our gratitude for saving Ann earlier.”
Anita left the battle against the ⌈Forest Panther⌋ to Washan and came to help the girls.

“What’s your name? My name is Anita, Anita Rozelle, the leader of ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan.”

While talking, Anita used the 【Shield Technique】,《Stone Wall》 to increase her defense.

“My name is Ansgar Flood.”

“I hate men but if we can survive I will drink together with you once.”

“Well, if I could drink sake together with a beauty like you, it won’t be so bad.”

“Then, don’t die.”

It was a carefree conversation that happened in the middle of the ⌈Frenzy Elk⌋’s attack.

Anita took a deep breath before reading herself to receive the Elk’s attack. The attack hit and the shield trembled as a tremendous sound resounded.

“Guuuuuuh.. my name is Anita, for the leader of ‘Kimutsuki Flower’, this is nothing!”

The ⌈Frenzy Elk⌋ sent another attack because it was furious at how Anita blocked its attack. As the second hit landed, Anita’s feet digged deep into the ground. Her eyes were red and the arms that were supporting the shield had gone purple because of internal bleeding. But still, she survived.

Before the frenzied giant elk could send another attack, Moran jumped and dragged Anita away to save her life. The ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ girls then unleashed 【Swords Skill】, 【Ax Skills】, 【Hammer Technique】,【Bow Technique】 upon the elk. Finally, as the elk was close to dying, Memetto used the opportunity to unleashe the second rank 【Black Magic】,《Flame Lance》 to kill the elk alongside the Ice lizard. They barely made it but they succeeded in defeating these two monsters of Clyde’s.

Furthermore the girls didn’t stop attacking. Bell approached Clyde from behind using 【Stealth】,and tried to attack him from behind. Using 【Dagger Skill】, 《Back Stab》 Clyde didn’t have enough time to erect a 【Barrier】 so he countered it with his own staff.

“Really, to attack me from behind.”

Bell kicked his stomach as she retreated. Clyde didn’t chase after her as he vomited.

“Really, close combat jobs are giving me trouble. However don’t look happy after defeating only two of my toys.”

The enchanter Ansgar cried out: “Miss, behind you!”

From behind a ⌈Ground Snake⌋ was trying to attack Memetto. Memetto couldn’t responded fast enough and could only close her eyes.

“Oh, finally I’ve found you enchanter. You’re involved in something interesting.”


The ground snake that was pouncing at Memetto was cut in two. The one who did it was, Joseph.

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