tdadp Chapter 98

Chapter 98:Mitsudomoe
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About the name of the chapter Mitsudomoe is a symbol comprised of three tomoes. It may represent mind, body and soul or man earth, sky. In this case may represent the three factions currently- Yu’s group The Holy Church and the wolf man.

The ground snake that was cut into two twitched for a while before it completely stopped its movements.

Joseph’s body and large earth dragon sword were covered by its blood.

“Joseph… Why’re you here?”

“Oh? You’re talking to me? Who are you?”

Clyde was looking at Joseph with furious eyes while Joseph looked at him with nonchalance. It seemed that something deeper had occurred between them.

“I’m Clyde!”

“So, do you know me? What do you want?”

Bloodthirst was swirling between them while they stared at each other. Clyde made the first move as his burning magic tiger initiated a breath attack.

The girls of the ‘Kimutsuki flower’ screamed and shouted at him but Joseph didn’t move. He didn’t even show any sign of trying to dodge the attack.

“Fool! Get burned to hell!”

Clyde was excited as his attack landed but Joseph came out of it unscathed. Joseph was wearing fire dragon boots. They had high level resistance capabilities and blocked the burning magic tiger’s fire.

“Isn’t it a little bit cold around here?”

“Let’s see how long you can keep up the act.”

Clyde summoned another monster. It was a 「Hell Gorilla」 that lived in 「Aharudo jungle」 . It was a rank 5 monster that possesses a great amount of strength. Its purple body was covered with muscle and one of his knuckle punches could leave a crater on the ground. Its figure wasn’t too big but it was still bigger than Joseph’s.

“Miss-chan, gather the injured and let me treat them.” Ansgar having already left the battlefield, focused on treating the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan members.

Joseph only watched Clyde summon the hell gorilla with no expression.
“Hey, enchanter.”
“What is it?”
“What is the name of that monster?”
At those words Clyde couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It seemed like Joseph had hit his head.

“It is a Hell Gorilla, a rank 5 monster with enormous strength.”

“Hell Gorilla…. that is a gorilla?”
Joseph kept muttering to himself while Clyde’s face became more and more red.

Then the Hell Gorilla that was summoned showed a threatening behavior by hitting its chest like drums, however Joseph didn’t pay it any mind. The ignored Hell Gorilla became enraged and attacked Joseph.


A big crowd had gathered along the path between Yu’s mansion and Comer city. It looked like a normal merchant group but in reality the spies from The Holy Church had already infiltrated it.
“Captain, I think it’s about time Clyde made his move. The ones that were sent to watch Yu Sato said he left for Marma forest.”

“He should be coming out of the forest right about now but there have been no updates about the current situation.”

“Don’t be hasty. Just wait for the signal.”

Although these mercenaries were together with a group of merchants, it was obvious that they were all powerful warriors. They all had only one goal- to capture Yu Sato.

“Is it true that Yu Sato couldn’t be appraised?”

“I am wondering about that too.”

They were of course worried about the potential hidden dangers this request presented.

“I can’t believe that we will get paid 50 gold coins each for doing nothing. This is such an easy job. We don’t have to worry about anything.”
Some of them showed a smile as they tought that they already had the 50 gold coins in their bags. While they were thinking like that, the spies from The Holy Church were already applying poison to paralyze Yu. The idea was to capture Yu Sato alive and bring him back to The Holy Kingdom while he couldn’t resist.

“Captain, there is someone coming.”

“Is it Yu Sato’s party?”

“No, apparently it is a demi-human.”
One of the spies gave his report to the higher ups. It was stated that the person was from the wolf tribe.

The Holy Church despises the demi-humans. Elves, dwarves, the wolf tribe they were all discriminate against. That’s why they didn’t care whether it was from the wolf tribe or from another one. For them they were all demi-humans.

“What are you doing then? Quickly investigate it.”
They were pushing the task on each other as they showed their blatant disgust towards the demi-human.
(TL note: after massacre it’s racism now… nice job holy church)

“Oh, how funny. How come I can smell The Holy Church in this place? It’s smells rotten.”

No one had realized when the wolf man in question had arrived behind them.

“We’re just a group of mercenaries that are escorting merchants that are here to sell some things in this city. We visited The Holy Kingdom before. Is there a problem?”

“Are you sure? I can smell poison, paralyzing serum, oh, could it be that my nose is wrong?”

“You dare accuse us? You demi-human!”

One of the spies from The Holy Church was finally fed up with the wolf man’s haughty attitude and took out his sword. The captain tried to stop him but nevertheless its was only the life of a demi-human. However the next scene was unbelievable.

The spy wielding the sword attacked the wolf man. Everyone could see the wolf man being crushed but contrary to their expectations the head of the spy was the one missing. They could only stare blankly at the wolf man.

In the wolf man’s right arm was a giant hammer covered with blood. All could guess what had happened. At the speed of sound the wolf man had taken out the hammer and crushed the head of the attacker. The spies were trained soldiers from The Holy Kingdom. However no one could see the attack.

“That demi-human killed him!”

The spies could only look at the splattered blood in the surroundings. They were paralyzed by fear and no one was attacking.

“Sorry, it was on reflex. He attacked, so I countered. Are you surprised? My name is Goria, I’m from The Order of Immortal. Nice to meet you.”

Everyone was speechless. After killing a person, he casually introduced himself. This abnormality made the spies from The Holy Church feel cold sweat running down their back. Above all, the man identified himself as one of The Order of Immortal. One could only expect certain death after hearing it. If only one of the three knights of the holy church had been here, 「Holy Spear, Doguran」 , 「Iron armor, Barashu」, and 「Holy Cross, Hijiri」 , only someone of their caliber was capable of facing him but they were not present.

“Stop saying nonsense, The Order of Immortal? Then you should realize that Goria is a former knight of The Holy Church. Why is someone like him here?”

“Oh? I don’t want to tell the details so I’ll tell you the general idea. The Order of Immortal is interested in a subject named Yu Sato. If you stand in our way, you should know what’s going to happen.”
The spy group could suddenly feel the pressure increase. That’s why there was no reply from them.

“What are you doing in front of someone else’s house?” (Nina)
“…annoying.” (Lena)
“You guys are an eyesore. Please leave before master arrives.” (Marifa)
Nina’s smile broke the tense atmosphere.
(Tl note: where is Yu?)

“Please help us, this demi-human suddenly appeared and attacked us.”
It was the worst possible outcome so the spies were seeking a way out. Nina arriving was as planned but encountering the wolf man that was calling himself Goria, was not. They were lucky that Yu Sato wasn’t here to make the situation even more complicated so for now they decided to use Nina as their shield.

“Hmm.. I don’t know which one is good or bad. Also, why did you call wolf-san, demi-human?”

“Please believe us! He just killed one of us!”
The captain was desperately pleading and acting while Goria was watching happily.

“I don’t know what is happening but please do finish your business, killing each other or whatever, in another place.”
Hearing Marifa’s words, some of the men were already thinking that Marifa as a dark elf was siding with the wolf-man. After all, dark elves were considered as demi-human by The Holy Church. But Marifa’s behavior was reasonable seeing as she overheard the way the spies had talked to the wolf-man.

Now, it all depended on Nina’s decision. The captain was still continuing his act.
“This demi-human told us that he was here to kill Yu Sato. Please believe me.”

That one sentence, immediately showed its effect.

Lena was already casting her spell. Marifa’s bow was already prepared and armed with bullet ants which dyed the arrow black.

And Nina.

“Is that so~”

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