Werewolf Chapter 21

Dragon’s Breath
Chapter 21

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Mist enshrouded demon king’s castle, Glenstadt.
As usual I transformed into werewolf, and took a deep breath.
“An excuse, specifically…”
Looking back, I stopped speaking.
Teacher was not there.

It seems teacher teleported me alone.
“Would she do house-watching of Ryun Height ?”
Bewildered I walked towards the castle gate.

Base of the demon army, Glenstadt castle is also the base of every division.
The first division consists of only ryujin elites. Also known as the ‘Imperial Guards’.
Although the total war potential is uncertain, perhaps it is stronger than the second division and the third division combined together. All the ryujins are believers of the demon king.

The second division consists of demons with destructive power like shishioni and giants.
Those guys are mostly belligerent and atrocious, not at all suitable for a conversation with me.
Although they have sufficient war potential, but because everyone is a war freak up to the division commander, there is no considerably influential voice.

The third division has a lot of demons with peculiar traits like werewolves and vampires.
The lower rank soldiers consist of gentle guys, who aren’t a match for the mood of second division.
All the aides are mostly the disciples of the great sage Gomoviroa. That’s why they are also magicians. I am not boasting, but we can be considered the brains of demon army.
However, the insufficient numbers is almost a matter of crying, also it is unfortunate that we can only capture a city with surprise attacks.

Generally, these three divisions are coming and going for training or supply, there is considerable liveliness.
But today the second division is awfully pretentious. Even the soldiers just enlisted are nervously running around wearing shining armors.
“Is there some big operation?”
Mystified, I decided to wait for the demon king in the room where I was guided by a soldier.
Drinking the iron-ore tea popular among ryujins, I picked up a chicken-filled cookie.
Saying this is bad, but the iron-ore tea tasted just like the water of a rusty pipe, and I can think of the chicken-filled cookie as a bad joke.

Even though I was summoned specially, the audience with the demon king didn’t begin right away.
Sometime after I drank two cups of iron-ore tea, and ate all the chicken-filled cookies, finally the door opened.
Thinking that the demon king has come, I immediately stood up, but the one who came in was a ryujin officer.
He is the vice commander of first division. If I remember correctly, his name was Barce. Title was ‘Blue Knight’.
“Barce-dono, it’s been a while.”

When I bowed, the ryujin, with blue scales just like his title, lightly nodded.
“Long time no see. I am very sorry to keep you waiting.”
Since the ryujins have lizard-like faces, their expressions were hard to understand, but it seemed he was sorry. In addition he also seemed worn out.
“His majesty, the demon king had just finished the war council, he is a little tired. Please understand.”
I didn’t get how should I consider it, but somehow the timing did not seem very good.
It can’t be helped, let me be careful in my statements.

Immediately, I was brought into the conference room. This is a special place where only the top executives of division commander class only can enter. I also went for first time.
Entering the room with the vice commander Barce, I promptly bowed respectfully.
“Demon king-sama, this is third division vice commander ‘Demon Wolf’ Vaito.”
“Hmm, it was tiresome.”
Beyond the round table, the demon king nodded to me. Since it is hard to figure out the expression of ryujins, I have no idea about his current emotion.

At the very beginning, the demon king threw a question at me.
“Hey Baito, I have something to enquire.”
To be honest, I don’t like the demon king calling me by name.
Because of the peculiar structure of mouth of ryujins, they can’t pronounce Vaito.
It becomes Baito.
The concerned persons seem to pronounce it correctly, but I couldn’t figure out the difference at all.
Even though vice commander is a somewhat important position, somehow I lost my confidence.

Despite my perplexity, the demon king continued talking.
“You have ordered charcoal, sulphur and saltpetre through the inujin merchants, right?”
“Yes, that is true.”
Ah, it is about gunpowder.
I was thinking of enhancing the war potential of inujin troops by creating matchlock firearms. They are weak, but they are skillful and also fast learners. I think they would make good shooters.
But, is it fine to reveal such a thing.

While I was thinking about that, the conversation took an unexpected turn.
“Where did you learn about the mixing components of the ‘Dragon’s Breath’?”
Does it mean, gunpowder already exist in this world?
While I was bewildered, Barce from the side put in a good word for me.
“The ‘Dragon’s Breath’ is a secret mixture which creates explosion from fire. This is a secret among the secrets of ryujins. Also in the demon army, this belongs to the highest class of military secret.”
“Oh, is that so.”
It became a bigger issue.

Staring at me, the demon king was awaiting my reply. If I can’t give a clever answer quickly, I would be executed over the matter that I came in contact with the highest military secret.
I resolved myself.
“During my apprenticeship, after I read the book collection of my teacher Gomoviroa, I conjectured that these combination might be able to cause explosion.”
“Hmm, Gomoviroa’s library…”

Once the demon king nodded, at that critical moment, I started explaining.
“Planning to increase the war potential of inujins, I just ordered those for research. I didn’t know that it was a top class military secret.”
Although I wasn’t resolute enough to speak honestly, but after I laid the blame on teacher, I decided to apologize later. Even if I say it myself, this is a pitiful excuse, but it is still better than remaining silent.

The demon king generously replied to my desperate excuse.
“As I expect of the favourite pupil of the great sage, you seem to excel not only in strategy, but also in pharmacy. Fine, in light of that discernment, let it remain unquestioned.”
Somehow or other I was forgiven. Every time it is very bad for my heart.
Continuing, the demon king said to me.
“But even you wouldn’t know about the mixing ratio of the ‘Dragon’s Breath’!”
“I don’t.”
This is the truth. At first I was going to mix them in the equal ratio.

Then the demon king did a little headshake.
“Proportional to the weight, for ten portions of saltpetre, two portions of charcoal and one portion of sulphur. Remember this hereafter. Given how dangerous it is, I strictly prohibit the mixing .”
Is it required to have that much of saltpetre… nevertheless, he told me but mixing is prohibited, I didn’t understand the meaning.

As if the demon king read my thoughts, he solemnly said.
“Although a small amount, I’ll specially provide ‘Dragon’s Breath’ to you. Since the handling is difficult, specialists are required, so I will dispatch an engineering division from first division. Add them to the unit you command.”
“Yes, I humbly receive.”
“If the secret is leaked, regardless of the situation you will be severely punished. Is that fine?”
I slightly regretted, but it’s already too late.
I deeply bowed.

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12 comments on “Werewolf Chapter 21

  1. The name is Dragon Breath. I dont think it’s at the level of firearms yet. It’s probabbly either Greek Fire, flameable liquid, or Chinese Firecrackers, ie battle firework rocket.

    • It could just be explosives, like dynamite or something, and they can’t figure out how to not make a massive explosion or contain it.

  2. The ratio is suboptimal. It should be 15:3:2 to 6:1:1 Saltpeter:charcoal:sulfur. To be fair, they are close. What they are using is 15:3:1.5

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