Werewolf Chapter 4

Postwar process is arduous (Part I)
Chapter 4

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Ryun Height invasion was over in one hour with successful capture, but the postwar processing was cumbersome.
Well it was unexpected, but there are casualties in battle. Although I say that, they are not from werewolf troops. They are the Ryun Height palace guards.
Mostly the werewolf troops held back while fighting, but still seven place guards were killed in the line of duty.
Given that the number of injured people exceeds a hundred, but had we not hold back, the palace guards would have been annihilated.
I treated this person with inept recovery magic. It is somewhat better than going to hospital in my previous life, but the medical standards of this world are very low. Because it would be troublesome if they die from infection or poor prognosis, with this they should be considerably better.

“Is it gone already?”
I had turned back into human form, and changed into a priest’s robe.
In this world, magicians are more elite than lawyers or doctors compared to my previous life.
Ryun Height is a moderate provincial city, but there isn’t a single magician to rival me. Humans are not that proficient in magic compared to demons.
That’s why even my poor recovery magic seemed dreadfully mysterious to the palace guards. Their wounds have healed, yet their expressions are still stiff.

I inform the palace guards.
“There were only a few to face werewolves without any fear. Much less to say, there is almost no one who survived after fighting werewolves. Even though we held back, you people are still honourable soldiers.”
I guess, they would not be happy to be praised after going easy, but it’s necessary to show the difference in power.
At the same time, to not to hurt the pride of soldiers, a tribute must be sent to them. It is a difficult situation.
“For the seven killed in action, a memorial service in the name of viceroy, Airia, has been arranged. They were the bravest and formidable soldiers.”
In reality, those were the unfortunate people, who died even after going easy, but no one would be happy to see their dead comrades being made fun of. I should flatter here.
I bow to the palace guards, and left the lodging house of palace guards.
It is awkward as expected……

There were a heap of work to be done.
After being troubled over to let inujin troops inside the city or not, I decided to make them camp outside the castle gate.
Inujins are small and weak. If the numbers and weapons are evenly matched, they would lose to the common farmers.
If some large scale uprising happens after letting them inside the city, I would have to dispatch werewolf troops to protect them. Practically that is impossible.
Instead, I ordered them to investigate the castle walls. They, as silverwork artisans, are more suited to be military engineers compared to werewolves. If there is something wrong, they can find it soon.

Inujin troops eat very less, and they have brought food, so it is not a problem for a while, but the same can not be said for werewolf troops. They eat like pro-wrestlers. Even I also.
Fortunately, the numbers are less, so I decided to treat them with viceroy’s pocket money. As long as they get to eat meat, werewolves are obedient.
For lodging, I divided them into two groups for safety reasons. My group, who would reside in viceroy’s mansion and other group to guard the inujins.
Well, the problem is the leader of the group deployed near castle gate. Who should I appoint?

Gaani brothers are out of question. It is dangerous unless they are under my direct supervision, for now, I put them in my group. Because they are fools.
It would be fine to ask elderly werewolves, but when they are in human form, they have stamina appropriate to their age.
They already fought a lot today, I want to let them to take rest.

While I was troubled, a woman little older than me came closer. She is the older girl from my neighborhood, Faan.
She is also my first love in this world. When I was around five years of age, I remember, I said “Marry me!” and she laughed with a reply “Hm, yes”.
“Vaito, won’t you let me be the leader of detachment unit?”
“Is it fine, Faan-oneecha… Faan”
Without realising, my childhood tone came out, so I smoothed over in a hurry.
Then, Faan nodded with a giggle.
“Guarding inujin troops and defense of castle gates are also jobs, right? I am close with the inujin troops, leave it to me.”
Which reminds me, this person was a big dog-lover. During the march also, she has defeated inujins easily.

If it is Faan-oneechan, I have confidence in her personality and ability. As a matter of fact, I can not win against Faan-oneechan without using magic. She is strong to that extent.
She is qualified, so I immediately decided to request her.
“Then, I appoint you as the leader. This is the list of members, but you can make changes.”
“Let me see… Hm. Seems okay. Leave it to me.”
I skipped a beat to the wink of Faan-oneechan.
But I put up a composed appearance, and nodded seriously.
“I entrust you, Faan”
“I accept the appointment, commander-dono”
After respectfully bowing with a smile, Faan left with the list in her hand.
Should I propose to marry her, once again?

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