ZM ch 19

Chapter 19 – Discussions with Yu

Takamine took Yu to the second floor of the PC room. The curtain was closed but the lights can still be turned on. Then they are only sitting there in silence with a heavy atmosphere.

Meanwhile Takamine is considering various things. Should he tell the truth to Yu? However he even hid this fact from Anba. And if his ability comes out to the surface, it wasn’t good.

“So,, about that.. Can you keep it a secret from Anba? ”

Takumi said that but Yu only look at him seriously.

” Yu-chan what are you thinking? ”

Takumi is worried if Yu realized his ability.

” That.. Onii-san .. I.. ”

It seemed Yu has realized it.

” You are able to control the zombie? ”

” Yes, at first I wasn’t attacked by them but then I realized I could manipulate the zombies and give them order. ”

Yu eyes were wide open listened to the explanation.

” I realized it by chance but I don’t understand why this is possible. ”

It was half the truth. In fact he knows it was started when Yumi had bitten him.

” After some time examining them and testing my ability, this is where I am. ”

” That is amazing Onii-san. You have an ability to be the saviour of humanity. ”

However these words didn’t make Takumi happy.

” Yu-chan, can you keep this a secret? ”

” Eh? Why? ”

” I don’t want to cause a ruckus. What if my ability dissappears as mysterious as it appear? ”

Yu’s face didn’t look convinced at all.

” For example, if people know about it and Japan tried to take me in an experimented with me, the rest of the world will ask for cooperation however what if they decided to take me by force and caused another world War? They also might experimented by dismembered my body. ”

” What? That is not allowed! ”

” That’s why this should be our secret. ”

” Of course I also want to save humanity but if in the future I will be treated as a lab rat…”

“Onii-san.. ”

” this might be selfish of me but please understand. ”

Takumi is looking at Yu with a serious look.

” Onii-san.. If I were in your shoes too, I would do the same thing. ”

” Are you saying? ”

” Yes, I will keep it a secret. ”

Takumi smiled and thanked Yu however he couldn’t completely trust her either. He just met her recently but there is no other way but to keep her words. There is also a way to kill her easily by ordering a zombie but it was a last resort. And if knowing her friend is killed by a zombie in this situation, it must be hard for Anba to keep up her hope. He could kill her using his enhanced strength but… For now, he will just go with the flow.

“Thank you Yu-chan.. I will he this ability to defend you in the mean time. ”

He put his hand on her shoulder and said it warmly.

” Onii-san.. ”

Now Takumi also is the only one Yu could rely on.

” Shall we tell Anba about it then? That way I could use my ability freely. ”

For a junior high school girl like Yu, in this desperate situation she could only believe in him. For Yu, which is a friend of Azuri that is now a zombie. Her parents are divorced and she was left with her mother that attacked her yesterday. Takumis existence is like a ray of hope. Then she holds his arm and said. “Thank you Onii-san..”

Takumi could feel the sincere feeling from her. Just when he is thinking, she was clinging into his arm.

“Yu, Yu-chan. Don’t do this.. I was just doing my job as an adult. ”

” Then, the thing that you do before.. Is that an adult job too? ”

That was one of the most dangerous blunder he have done. If there is a hole nearby, he would jumped down to it to hide his embarrassment. It resulting in an odd way to put both of his hand on top of his lap.

Yu face also turned red recalling what she saw.

“That is because my sex drive has been increasing when I got this ability. My libido couldn’t be stopped and yesterday is my limit to endure. ”

“.. I don’t know very well but I know some of it based on the woman magazine I read.”

When Yu followed it up, Takumi feels more miserable.

“That.. I have my own reason. In this situation zombies are the only thing I could use. I never had such intentions at first. However thinking of doing it with another girl in this situation isn’t the right thing. ”

Takumi didn’t care about that but Yu didn’t show any disgust that Takumi was doing it with a zombie. Thank God that the zombie doesn’t look like the one in the movies otherwise he wouldn’t want to do it with them too.

“please understand that I have no choice but to do that. ”

Yu face is now like a tomato. Hearing such vulgar thing and reason.

” Please keep it a secret from Anba too. ”

” It’s alright, I understand. I won’t say anything about what I saw tonight. ”

” Really? ”

” Yes! ”

Seeing Yu said that with a straight eyes, Takumi feel relieved. If his sister know that he has been doing it with a zombie, what would she think? How will he face her?

” I’m sorry Yu-chan.. For me to be so pathetic like this. ”

” There is no way I could hate you. ”

This time Yu replied immediately with a loud voice. She seemed to be angry. Really he couldn’t understand her.

” Is that so? I’m glad then.. ”

Because he don’t know what to say anymore he is forcing a smile. Yu also smiled back but it was kind of bland. They are awkwardly staring at each other. After that they waited until Anba wake up.

They tell everything except of what Yu saw that night. Anba was surprised hearing that her brother have such ability, his experiment and his experience until he arrived. However she couldn’t blame him. He is their saviour and thus Takumi could use his ability freely in front of the girls.

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  2. yeah hope it will get better in future…
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  3. Somehow this zombie novel mc reminds me of a character in the webtoon dead days I have read before…

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