25 comments on “Master of Dungeon Chapter 22

  1. Uh oh, I see a dead flag rising in the future. Seems to me that Flora is a yandere (same as Albedo and lily’s) you are a cruel cruel author snowfallsdown.

    • Albedo isn’t a yandere, Albedo is a crying b*tch that was added cause “needs more boobs”. The Overlord WN without her is way better and has the better plot-lines (like Shalltear adding that adventurer girl to her servants/slaves and then her sisters living in Nazarick instead of being sold as child sex slaves.

  2. Not to insult the boy intelligence, but i’m insulting his Intelligence. He got large number of green food he could feed to the rabbits.

  3. Just found today this story and it’s quite good!
    Only a couple of questions:

    1. Why is he 7 years old?
    I mean, I can’t really imagine such a young boy having thoughts of vengeance and hate, not to talk about all the complex planning that a story about revenge would need. Furthermore, I think his first idea should have been seeking aim of someone… maybe an expert Master Raider who can teach him techniques and how to train. You can’t seriously train at 7 y.o. and I almost laughed at him being able to do one thousand (1000!!) sword swing sequence after only a month of self-taught training… normal adult people need way more xD

    If one insist in building muscles at such a young age one could even ruin his health and future prospects!

    Maybe changing his age to 12 or similar could fix a little this problem, but I’m just doing constructive criticism, I hope there are no hard feelings ^_^

    2. What is the definition of “Dungeon cleared?”
    It says than when Dungeon Raiders “clear” a dungeon, it disappears and all invested points are lost. When is it cleared? When they reach the bottom? If it is so, isn’t it really bad to leave the dungeon (and the castle) without guards?
    Also, how are the 3 levels connected? Stairs?

    Thank you in advance for answering those questions!

    • As explained in recent chapters, the dungeon help excelling the growth of the body..

      Yes, when the deepest level are cleared or the dungeon master are cleared, it will be gone.. And it is connected with stairs yes..

  4. IT’S TOO SHORT(i like the idea behind this but it’s too short, at least make it 3000 words[this is the average number for words in a chapter!] you have less than 900 here!)

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