14 comments on “Master of Dungeon chapter 23

  1. Thanks to you and Kuppy 123 for the chapter ^_^

    Yes, I see that the condition for clearing the dungeon has been clarified good job!

    About the rewards for killing monsters, maybe it should be increased a little? I mean, 1 point for a rabbit, 2 points for a wolf and 3 points for a goblin…. I think it’s a little unreasonable xD

    I want to redirect you to this funny article:
    So, in real life, considering a gestation period of 30 days and that rabbits become adults at 6 months, from a single couple you can have 184,597,433,860 rabbits in seven years.

    If the gestation period is 7 days and that rabbits become adults in 3 days…
    You have the same number (184,597,433,860!! 184 billions!!) in only about 3 months.
    So if you kill them… you have an amazing 184 billion points in 3 months… why bothering killing humans at all?

    One could simply make a hidden dungeon with rabbits, a lot of space and plants… I’m pretty sure you can stay hidden for a year and conquer the world the next one without putting yourself at risk and becoming the most powerful person in the world xD

    I think that using the dungeon for “commerce” is a great thought, but be careful of possible exploits. One should remember that the world is vast and someone – even the MC or the mandragola – could do the math 😉

    Also I think is something like “creating energy from nothing”… something like a cheat xD

    Maybe you could put a limit per day of point a single specie apart from humans can give, even varying from species to species. Something like 100 or 200/day?

    I think even with the “power of growth” of the dungeon maybe you could increase the time a rabbit takes to give birth and grow – if it becomes from 30 days to 7 for gestation and from 6 months to 3 days… apart from being inconsistent with itself (shouldn’t be proportional? like 30 to 7 and 6 months to 45 days?) one could expect that Varn becomes an adult in a couple of months xD

    Well, use my advice as you see fitting, but I hope you make a good story with… well, not realism but “coherence” in mind ^_^

  2. First i think we need give thanks for Kuppy 123 , if not for him this chapter will not be released today.

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