10 comments on “Hi it’s snow

  1. Glad you are alive. Although you are searching for a job, I think you should start taking donation as a part time job for the IGE series as it seems this series very good and probably many people’ll start to donate that way you can earn some extra money in your free time.

  2. @hayashimon
    hard to find a job also hard to make self sustaining job like novelist or artist due their lower value lower popularity market.

    their human resources ministry keep complaining about the country lacks of skilled human resources while they are the one who just under apreciate their works in the first place.

  3. also vexing where the country shower praise and being proud of indonesian who succeed in foreign land as if it was their own fruit of labour. they don’t even do anything when they were stow away to foreign land yet later boast about it. and when there was less fortunate people in those foreign lands they shun them.

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