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      • While I also think that he isnt stupid and realizes that Yu is strong, in my opinion he still thinks if they were to fight each other he would win, underestimating Yu by far.

  1. what i smart move, make pseudo rain to clear Spore in air and kill it in instant before he can release another spore, well actually can use wind but the spore will going to other place and no solve the problem

    • Kinda wonder if they can use fire with air control to limit the combustion area which is basically force vacuuming the air around the flame for a temporary ignition? What do you think when you see mushrooms popping up after a long rain?

      • hmm wet climate eh, i hope that guys don’t suddenly going popping up up and mass outbreak :v but for two man team this better since Marifa seem only able to control one Magic at time

        • When do you think a yandere moment will appear again? Mushrooms… Parasites… Don’t wanna think about it, Lotta sad things when parasites are involved unless we are talking about that humanoid one, but I think that Manga got axed or dropped. More op yu soon I hope with another member joining in the near future? What skill do you think yu could deprive from that mushroom and treant? Dryad yet?

          • hmm since the author isnt talking about deprived skill i kinda doubt it, parasite manga ? are you perhaps talking about parasistance Sana (?) yeah a very short manga -_-. another harem member eh well yeah they worth to wait them :v

            • Pretty much, you’re guessing a nekomimi, aren’t you? Well have to see, considering its a rank 4 mob, might have something to prove it’s worth, wonder when his status will reach our kumoko chan where it’s just littered with ridiculous skills all over, except she got most of them from devouring and such. Woe is both of them to be walking in the palm of someone’s hand.

              • waaa why you know what i think….
                of couse it must Nekomimi since they are the best nyaa
                still this one not yet revealed who the higher being is only just shadow and the possibility of Yu to become Maou, i kinda wondering about that mushroom are yu going to deprive spore production :v since tha mushroom only use that after all :v
                and Kumoku already God it’s kinda hard to catch up :v

                • Kumoko kinda had a skill wipe though so she’s doing it all manually rather than reciting them, eventually yu will get there and had his companions. I’d probably be laughing at a crossover should one occur though probably later in the series otherwise it’d be a massacre. Awaiting depriving lvl 10 to upgrade XD. Still hoping on bestowal skill after max so Nina and the others can benefit. Wonder when yu will disclose his secret on skills to Nina and his group, don’t need another sad end with them jot knowing a thing. What do you think of the recent neko in slave Harem? Fishes obsession she has.

                  • lel that will be disaster if Kumoku team up with Yu, bestowal seem kinda hard to level up not many people have it and yeah that skill really good in party battle since buff are the must in RPG like thing :v
                    neko in slave harem eh, i dislike the MC no compromise :v read for roxane alone and now for Loli Neko (forget her name since new chara)

                    • Finished a bism exam, could sworn I saw neko a few times in it or I’m just exhausted with 1.5hrs of sleep. Loli neko is not pettanko like sherry, but easily swayed with fishies. Turning into gourmet stuff lately in the two if you haven’t noticed. BTW what do you think of Gun-Ota? Wow I’m really deviating a lot now.

  2. sucks to hear there won’t be another chapter this week but beggars can’t be choosers. just glad u’re not dropping it. also thx for the update

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  4. ALL of the chapters from chapter 18 to chapter 79 are broken. The comments are visible below the chapter and, curiously, some of the translator’s, editor’s and PR’s notes are also visible, but there is bot even a little bit of chapter on any of the posts for chapters 18 to chapter 79, not one word….! Did something happen with the site layout and such…?
    And I was getting so into the story…..! T^T It is such a shame, so much work seems to have been put into these translations… Would it be possible for them to be fixed? Or otherwise, are the translations available somewhere else I could read them perhaps?!

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