12 comments on “Master of Dungeon chapter 27

  1. U know that you can try to post your MOD in royal road and have the royal road to have one chapter slower from this website. This way you probably gain more views

      • snow, this is just my opinion. “countless arrow”, when I read I knew that mean many arrows but with word “countless” I think that the arrow is unlimited and that mean the trap will active eternally and Varn only have two choice to move forward, wait or disarm/deactive the trap and for the last trap Varn can dodge the arrow and just need little time.
        I mean, If u use “Countless” = “unlimited” but If u use “many/much” = “the arrows not unlimited”..
        this is just my opinion and u can just ignore it if u still want to use the word of “Countless”.

        btw, thanks for the chapter..

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