11 comments on “Master of Dungeon chapter 28

  1. Yaaaaay! Loving the progress. Keep up the personalisation of the characters, their feelings, their thoughts and reasons for their actions! It’s better to make a grey story than a boring black and white one since no one is truly in the wrong for their actions. Like revenge. Or suicide. *thumbs up!
    Moga2 nanti bisa ketemu itu god of dungeon. Harusnya seru tuh bagian….

  2. I’m the only one who thinks that Varn blaming himself is pretty stupid?
    I mean, yes, he could place the blame on himself for a while on the spurt of the moment, but when he calms down he should realize that it’s irrational (SERIOUSLY irrational) to blame a 7 years old child for being weak. And why should he have been strong if his dream was being a farmer after all?

    Flora should just say “C’mon master, you were simply too young to do anything. It’s not your fault that a psychopath decided to kill a whole village for fun and profit” not “Master, yes, it may be your fault for being weak”.

    Unless in this world is normal that young children are so powerful that they can kill werewolves xD

    So I think the “cure” is simply accepting reality or go to a good psychologist.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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