26 comments on “TDADP CHAPTER 82

  1. thanks for your hard work.
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  3. aw yu is being cured from his psicosis? to bad, that’s the charm of this mc, and being a child and ignore those wanting to hump him
    thanks for the chapter!

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  6. thanks !!

    but their favorite spot was resting in-between Nina’s chest.
    –> I would if I could !

    “I’m sorry. They were just too exited because it’s been a while since they’ve seen a human.”
    –> excited

    “Don’t lie, there is nothing tastier than than the sap?”
    –> double than … and the questionmark is strange here

  7. Would have been funnier if they skipped this chapter and just ended it with him closing the door, never to address the fairies and naked woman again.

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