3 comments on “Earth’s Core B5 C4! I’m A Believer – second song in my 90’s and 00’s route!

  1. TUMP!?
    I am not sure what sound effect you’re looking for? Maybe ‘THUMP!’?
    tump 1 (tŭmp)
    v. tumped, tump·ing, tumps Chiefly Southern US
    To overturn. Often used with over: You’re about to tump that thing over.
    To fall over. Often used with over: Is that wheelbarrow going to tump over?
    [Probably akin to tumble.]
    tump 2 (tŭmp)
    1. A mound.
    2. A clump of trees, shrubs, or grass.

    Heavy hooves stumped stair after stair after stair with a dominating sound that reverberated through the room, to Zax’s head and across every corner of his sea of consciousness.
    stumped –> stomped
    At least I think it’s stomped because I don’t know what sound effects is like with anything.
    Word stumped made me think horse fall down down the stairs lol.
    Or go with ‘clip clop’ or just ‘clop’.

    Incapable of coming with a deceive answer, Zax was stumped. ‘In my level right now I can only speculate’. He sighed inwardly.
    At least word ‘stumped’ here is correct 🙂 unlike the horse 😉 lol

  2. 33. Punctuation outside of quotes
    In American English, quotation marks go inside of quotations,
    but in British English, they go on the outside. For example,
    American: The president said, “The economy is slowly coming
    back to life,” but that citizens might need to wait a few
    more months.
    British: The president said, “The economy is slowly coming
    back to life”, but that citizens might need to wait a few more

    Interesting that you use mixture of both American and British English when it comes to punctuation outside of quotes. I think you learned British English style by mistake but I dunno. I didn’t realize this until I come across this just few minutes ago. Oh well. Lol.

    • Not sure if really from there, but I did read a few book series of British authors. “Artemis Fowl” and “secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel” are two that I remember, thought their authors are Irish, but isn’t Ireland part of the UK? Thus, same writing habits…

      By the way, thanks to the notes, as usual!
      I checked google translate and “stomped” is the right word.

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